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Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story – Book Review

Yea Yea, I know some of you hate ShoeMoney…but I don’t!  In fact i’ve been friendly with him for quite some time.  About 2 weeks ago he asked me if i’d read the book he just wrote about himself.  I didn’t even know he was writing a book but I told him of course I would.  I’ve seen him speak at conferences and it’s never boring so what the heck.  He sent it over to me and with off and on reading, I finished it in about a week.

This is not a learn how to make money book.  This is the story of Jeremy Schoemaker.  The story is told honestly.  We learn about the ugly times, and there seemed to be a lot of them.  He doesn’t seem to hold things back in an effort to sound cool because there are a lot of stories in the book that are very uncool and might make you think differently about Jeremy.  I personally find his story inspirational.  He changed his life around for the better and I think that reading it teaches you a few lessons about yourself.

Seeing the transformation that he’s made makes you realize that ShoeMoney is no flash in the pan.  This guy is going to be around for a long while, making money in internet marketing.

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  1. Shoe finally got it done ! He has been talking about it for years . I am going to check it out! thanks bro.

  2. john john

    i cannot respect shoemoney one bit. he sells overhyped get rich quick products that offer no value, and associates himself with the bottom of the barrel boiler room marketers (frank kern, mike filsamei whatever, and so on). His reputation is ill-gotten and he takes advantage of people in bad situations who cannot afford to waste money on his worthless products.

    no – i have never purchased anything from him or any other make money from home systems, i just see how he operates and i do not respect him.

    id love for him to provide one example of someone making 6 figs a year consistently following the “SHOE MONEY SYSTEM”. please.

  3. The problem with people like this guy is not only do they pimp up HYPE after HYPE get rich quick products, they also want the fame to feel better about themselves.

    I don’t normally judge people, but guys like this are just flakes to me. (I wouldnt even associate with anyone like this.) I am a very succesful affililiate, so this is not wrote from a “being jealous persective” In fact, I make more than enough for myself. You just get sick of these people wanting to be on stage, going for fame and fortune and pimping there get rich crap.

    I really don’t understand why someone would want all that fame. People need to learn to be content with peace and the blessings of who they are deep down. Why seek the constant attention?

  4. Hi Ad, I am glad that you’ve posted this interesting post about Jeremy aka Shoemoney because I agree that his story is very inspirational and uplifting especially for those who now might be struggling not only to make money online but in life in general. By the way, I have lately watched a little bit of his interview with Andrew Warner and I really enjoyed learning about how he was finding his own way out of challenging situations in life and business.
    Funnily enough, watching around his website and seeing those sexy hostesses wearing the Shoemoney T-shirts, I’ve been wondering what it would look like if I partner with Jeremy around promoting my dream vision of a luxury playboy lifestyle that would cover not only some glamorous beach parties but also the personal growth and online marketing resources for empowering and transforming the lives of both these hot looking women and the rest of the folks who truly desire to reach and fully enjoy that dream luxury playboy lifestyle or perhaps the kind of lifestyle the Shoemoney is now enjoying.

    Furthermore I might be onto something that might turn out to be a big idea when it comes to implementing some simple personal growth strategy that leads to a total liberation from those frustrating anxieties that normally prevent us from being able to focus on our actions and performance in both dating and business life.

    Well, knowing how difficult it is to get in contact with Jeremy in person, I’d be extremely grateful to you if you could somehow introduce me to him.

    Thank you very much.

    Bruno Babic

  5. Yes, its really make me to change a little bit my thinking. Goodpost

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