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LOLZERZ About Local Lead Gen

Let’s face it.  I was one of the first guys in this space giving solid information about local lead generation.  When I started my local online advertising series I made a post called The Ugly Side of Local Online Advertising.  I was being very honest about my experiences and people seemed to blow off all negative points about local online advertising in lieu of trying to make a quick buck.  You cannot make a quick buck in local online advertising.  You either form a business model and stick with it or you burn out quick.

I’m starting to see a lot of blog posts, forum posts and tweets about how much harder local online advertising/lead gen is then the writer thought it would be.  Since Shoemoney & Ad Hustler probably spawned 75% of all the affiliates that are trying to get into local lead gen, i can say, I told you so.

This post isn’t to say stay away from local lead gen.  It can work.  It just isn’t an overnight get rich quick scheme.  If you have the skills and stick with it, there is money to be made.

I’ve seen a lot of products hit the interwebs lately regarding local.  Don’t waste your money on most of them.  It’s all rehashed crap or common sense.  I will however put in 2 thumbs up for Chad from CDFNetworks Local Lead Plan (Not an Affiliate Link).  I’ve read a decent portion of his ebook/plan and it is super solid information.  I do a lot of local lead gen & I even learned things that I didn’t know from the book.  I’m actually surprised he put it all out there.  Regardless, if your going to buy ANY product, that’s the only one you should drop any cash on.

(I was not paid to say nice things about Chad’s Local Lead Plan – If I think somethings good I’ll recommend it, if i think it sucks, I’ll tell you.  My opinion cannot be bought)

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  1. I agree 100% on Chad’s product, it is solid. It really shouldn’t even be called an eBook because it is not the norm.

  2. I appreciate the honesty. Like you said, it appears that local lead gen is easy with how many people talk about it. I read through most of the Local Lead Plan already and it is absolutely tremendous, I agree with that!

  3. Local lead gen is such a pain in the ass. Dealing with small business owners instead of aff networks stinks!

  4. newjersey newjersey

    good review on local lead plan. i have 2 friends getting into local lead gen who are not current affiliates, and both purchased this and i told them don’t buy additional products.

    It is tempting to buy guru coaching shit instead of doing actual marketing and work. I’ve bought plenty of crap myself that sucked.

  5. “Let’s face it”… Shoemoney blew up the space, not you. Chad posted about local lead generation 6 months before you did, and Shoemoney posted 6 months before that.

    Grouping yourself with Shoemoney and saying that together, you “spawned 75% of all the affiliates that are trying to get into local lead gen”… don’t flatter yourself.

    However, you and everybody else is correct, Chad’s Local Lead Plan is awesome, and the forum is pretty solid as well.

    Like you said, LLG is also a pain in the ass… but that’s the beauty of it. “Barrier to entry”… something I have grown to love in this industry of bandwagoning retards jumping from one hot thing to the other, leaving a wake of inflated advertising costs, dismal ROI and forced regulations wherever they go.

    LLG is a great opportunity for anyone with the social and professional skills to make a deal, and the technical ability to deliver. It’s not easy, but that’s the beauty of it. It takes real work, but the return is there.

  6. @Kyle – Your right, Chad needs to be added to that list.

  7. “…this industry of bandwagoning retards jumping from one hot thing to the other, leaving a wake of inflated advertising costs, dismal ROI and forced regulations wherever they go.”

    …well said.

  8. Benko Benko

    “Local lead gen is such a pain in the ass. Dealing with small business owners instead of aff networks stinks!”

    You’ll never know what its like being a shark, if you keep thinking like the fish.

    Sure its a pain in the ass but youre putting yourself at the top of the food chain. We have clients that come to us pissed off sometimes sure. Its simple, ‘you dont like the leads, ill take them to Joe Schmo down the street’

    You dont want to listen to our advice? Fine we’ll work with someone who does.

    Once the business owner realizes they are replaceable (and if your business model is tight they should be) youll stop getting headaches from them and they start paying the bills I guarantee you.

    Another tip is not to work with pain in the ass clients. Id say we’ve fired a couple of guys every month this year, not because we couldnt bring them results but because they just werent worth our time.

  9. Great information! local lead gen just isn’t an overnight get rich quick scheme. Chad is the man!

  10. @capelinks I saw that Google query. That is disturbing. What product leaves that much of a fingerprint?

  11. @KenSavage that would be M@in St. M@rketing M@chines.

  12. Wallace Wallace

    That is why I started with people that I know or know thru others, so that they won’t be a gigantic pain in my ass from the get go. Some of these guys that are cold calling and shit don’t know anybody whatsoever? I mean come on your family and friends has got to know people.

  13. @Wallace – I think friends and family are WAYYYY worse then strangers. They expect even more.

  14. Everyone fails because everyone thinks it’s all just an overnight thing that you flip a switch and get rich at. They find out that that’s not true and move on to the next thing they can fail at.

  15. Local Lead Gen = LOL. Too niche for me to waste any time on it.

  16. Chad has solid info – biggest issue with local lead gen is to get to the major players & sustainable markets is a solid plan to get in front of the person w/ the buying decision. Most fly-by-night affs won’t do it since they’re brokering clicks, but the serious business-makers will do so.

    It isn’t easy for example to get in front of a medical professional – try it. If a person is willing to “crack the code” and get a few connections, this makes for an excellent self-owned lead gen opportunity provided you are going to scale it – and planning this to scale is key.

  17. Jonathan Jonathan

    I bought Chad’s product a couple months back. Best learning I have bought to date.

    Local businesses in my area are a pain in the ass. I often call and leave a message or send an email. I am lucky if I get a response back. It is quite a bit of work but I like the work.

  18. To continue with the “Lead Generation” theme: (Nice blog spot here by the way)

    I don’t know if the rest of you agree but, the obvious difference between a lead generation program and an appointment setting campaign is that a lead generation program stops one step short of setting a qualified appointment. Some clients, involved in a complex sale that requires a vast knowledge of the industry or strong knowledge capital, prefer us to qualify the lead and then hand it over to the client to have an in-depth business discussion and qualify the lead more thoroughly before they actually set a qualified appointment.

    What you have to do is Select Target Campaigns: Some of our clients (Tech Company Lead Generation) request that we focus our cold calling to set qualified appointments on a short list of select targets. The Select Target campaign involves calling multiple times collecting information and escalating the qualification process until we set a qualified appointment. For enterprise targets involving a complex sale we can contact multiple decision makers and influencers to schedule a qualified appointment with each executive. All B2B appointment setting campaigns are customized to meet your needs.

    The Bottom Line. Would sales increase if your salespeople and agents spent more time with qualified prospects and less time trying to find them? Appointment setting isn’t just a necessity – it’s an essential resource to help capture market share, build your business and achieve your revenue goals.

    Here is what we offer, what do you people think in here about this?

    * Decision Maker appointments
    * You receive every email and communication with prospects (audio recordings)
    * (No Shows for you = 0%)
    * We have lists of over 25,000 potential prospects in the U.S.
    * We can use your CRM list if requested
    * Unlike most Lead Gen firms, you can directly call our Bus. Dev. people anytime
    * Your account status is done DAILY by Phone not email like our competition
    * Fast turnaround of your project
    * Cost savings and revenue increase
    * Significant improvement in the quality and productivity of your business

    Honestly, every post that you see on the web describes the next BIG methodology when it comes to B2B Lead Generation. At my company Partner Source, which is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we approach the Lead Generation subject with science, as it is our business.

    You have to have values that you stand by as an organization, Partner Source Values: Our principles define us. We stand for: Qualified appointments, results, performance and quality above all else. Outstanding Client Service is our dedication to responsiveness, consistent and effective communication with no surprises, and always meeting deadlines. Absolute honesty and integrity. Continuous Self-Improvement – the spirit of mastery. Making a difference with each person, every minute, every call, every day. We are dedicated to our client’s total satisfaction.

    Glenn Wright
    Partner Source Minnesota (B2B Lead Generation)

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