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1 Google Adwords Tip 2 Save Your A$$

When building out a campaign for Google Adwords there’s often a lot to do.  Not many other online ad platforms have a Quality Score in which the page that traffic is sent to is judged as harshly as Google Adwords.  Between worrying about site structure, relevant content, click through rate and more it’s easy to overlook the simple things.

If you are collecting lead information on your landing page DO NOT FORGET the privacy policy.  I have noticed a trend of Google marking all ads as “Site Suspended” if the site is collecting user information and does not have a clear privacy policy.  Once the site get’s suspended it’s impossible to run any ads.  You can get a “Site Suspended” account reversed but why go through the trouble and time?  Don’t Forget The Privacy Policy!  If you need a free place to create a privacy policy visit

Anyone else seeing this trend more and more?

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  1. Jax Jax


    We just starting using Adwords again, after a lengthy absence, and our very first campaign was suspended for this very reason.

    Another tip: include any and ALL applicable disclaimers. Google have become a bit overzealous with their policing, so make sure that your overzealous with transparency.

  2. Great tip! It’s important for anyone who has a website to include a privacy policy, espcially if one of your sources of income is Google Ads.

  3. So crazy about how they “pick and choose” what they want marketers to do.

    I have an example where our competitors do not have a certain disclosure outside the privacy policy yet we have had one of our sites suspended because we need to make the disclosure that they aren’t enforcing otherwise (outside the PP).

    Just seems like BS to me.

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