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Apple TV Is The Future of TV

I’m no Apple Fanboy (although I do think iOS is the best mobile operating system on the market). I use a PC and I’m die hard anti-Apple when it comes to computers. When it comes to set top boxes I’ve thought that their Apple TV interface has been better than everyone else’s but I thought that it’s lacked in functionality…..until now!

The new Apple TV is what I always thought Apple TV should be….a platform for a “TV App Store.” I have no doubt in my mind that the future of “TV” is internet video streaming. Where that stream comes from is anyone’s guess but it really wouldn’t surprise me if the stream came from Apps. Apple didn’t invent a TV app store. Roku had one first. Apple is just going to make it way better with better quality control and a better interface.

Right now if you want a channel on TV you need some kind of deal with the Cable company to carry that channel. In the future all you’ll need is an app and a dream and you can broadcast to anyone who downloads your app. This creates more fragmentation and further diminishes cable’s role in the distribution of television. As app stores proliferate it also gives channels the opportunity to break ties with cable companies and broadcast directly to the consumer. Imagine CNN getting into a fight with cable companies over dollars and then just going direct to consumer and taking all ad dollars for themselves instead of sharing the revenue with the Cable companies.

Another hint at the future is in QVC’s new Apple TV app. They stream live to the consumer and by pressing a button on your remote you can order what they’re selling. Imagine a day when you are watching your favorite football team and the announcer says “this game brought to you by Gillette, order the new 80 blade razor by clicking the buy button on your remote control.” This could and probably will happen at sometime.

The internet is going to distribute TV and the technology the internet provides will make TV better for consumers and better for advertisers. I fully expect a day where most TV ad buying is done programatically and traditional media buying companies are put out of business unless they adapt.

The future is here, go check out Apple TV.

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