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Affiliate Marketing Brings Unlikely People Together

Cars, Clothes, Money, Hoes…. That might be the mission statement for a lot of affiliate marketers out there.  I think that many affiliates overlook the friendships they’ve developed because of this industry.  More interestingly yet, I find that the affiliate marketing industry breaks down social groups and brings together weird mixes of people.

Case In Point:

Eric Nagel & Jason Rubacky

There are probably tons of unlikely friendships within the affiliate marketing space but I always find it funny to observe Jason Rubacky & Eric Nagel.  Jason is a tattooed, crazy, hip-hop loving maniac who lives & breathes being ShareaSale’s well known affiliate manager.  Eric is more like that nerdy kid who loved computers in high school and got straight A’s in  every class.  Yet, these 2 guys are like peas in a pod and you see them hanging out at every affiliate conference.  I’m not knocking either one of them.  In fact, they are awesome people and i’m friends with both of them.  My point here is when did you ever see the tattooed maniac & the kid getting straight A’s hang out in high school?  You didn’t!

That’s the beautiful thing about this industry.  People don’t just judge each other based on appearance or lifestyle.  Their mutual interest and love of internet marketing bring them together.  I’m friends with tons of people who are nothing like me and at first glance I may not have thought i’d get along with.

Next time you are at an affiliate conference and you see some guy/girl who seems to be a loner, walk over and ask them to grab a bite to eat.  Maybe you’ll find a new friend who can also help you in your business.

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  1. “Next time you are at an affiliate conference and you see some guy/girl who seems to be a loner, walk over and ask them to grab a bite to eat. Maybe you’ll find a new friend who can also help you in your business.”

    True that, do it every time. Worth every cent and second invested.

  2. Two peas in a pod, eh? That must be quite a pod…..

    Both of them are tremendous individuals, and I’m honored to know them both.

  3. Let’s just be happy they didn’t get those matching tattoos they were talking about in Vegas.

    Great post!

  4. It’s the Affiliate Marketing industry’s favorite Bromosexuals.

    This post makes a great point. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, especially in this industry.

  5. Just like Laverne and Shirley these too! #GetSome

  6. Great writeup homie!!! It is amazing the relationships that you make in this industry. I have made many life long friends from my time in the game and hope to make many more.


  7. Ha! I couldn’t agree more. I think when most people saw us up on stage they were like, ‘eh?’. But all it takes is splitting a street meat meal curbside in NYC to realize that different people bring different things to the table and all of it is valuable.

    I’m really grateful for the friendships I’ve made in this industry, but I especially value the unique perspective my industry friends have because we all come from such different walks of life.

  8. True true – Another example: Adhustler and DK. Hahaha!

  9. There are so many people in this industry that I consider my friends that I probably wouldn’t run into in my “normal” life. Amazing how all the different circles of people can intercet in great ways like this.

  10. groomez groomez

    Perfectly said. I have made more awesome friends in this industry than I could have ever dreamed.

  11. Great post! And you Ad Hustler are walking the talk! Because you did just that walking up to me a life coach no less back in 09 and chatting me up! I’m still in awe of the open-minded and generous people I’ve met in this industry. May I suggest that one does this everywhere – not just at ASE/W. I’ve an amazing group of friends that have my back personally and professionally and they come from ALL walks of life. Some are CEO’s in suits -some are ink slingers. Some are Catholic priests and some are Wiccian priestesses. Mix it up and your biz will prosper. Plus you will never be bored.

  12. Tyone eagle Tyone eagle

    Word adhustler a crazy guy with a bandana on even when he sleeps and DK a doctor of bones?

    Shiiiiit son

  13. I stumbled on your post and wanted to Thank You. I’ve only been doing this about a year and it’s been interesting to say the least. I’ve found many friendly people interested in sharing tips and advice. I’ve also come across the opposite. I like that this post is reminding people to keep an open mind. Even someone less experienced can bring a fresh new perspective, energy & drive it takes to succeed.

  14. I like the podcast on with these guys, both sides of the track. Eric has a good affiliate tip almost every show.

  15. Tee Tee

    Wow! All because of affiliate marketing!

  16. Yes, it’s true! It’s somehow a cool thing because you can even create friends… out of being affiliates. For me, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me because I met my best bud ever through an affiliate program we both applied for on the same day. I think affiliate marketing can also help create business partners. 😀

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