Official Ad Hustler Affiliate Summit East 2012 NYC Party List

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To keep up the fine tradition of maintaining the most comprehensive Affiliate Summit Party List here is my collection of parties for ASE 2012.  If you have a party to add to the list please email me at partylist at this


No Parties Yet – Ballers be Penny Pinchin’


Aff Playbook & Ads4Dough Meetup
6:00pm-9:00pm @ Chambers Hotel
RSVP: Facebook
Ad Hustler Commentary: What can I say?  I’m sure this will be a great mix of people!

Ian Fernando Dinner & Party Bus
7:00pm @ Undisclosed Location
RSVP: Invite Only
Ad Hustler Commentary: Always a fun time with good people.

Badger Ball NYC: Bottles & Badgers
10:00pm-2:00am @ Hudson Terrace (621 W 46 St)
RSVP: Link (I Have No Idea What The Password Is)
Ad Hustler Commentary: Super Duper Exclusive.

ShareaSale Under The Stars Party
8:00pm-12:00pm @ The Hilton
RSVP: Pick Up Your Pass At ShareaSale’s Meet Market Table
Ad Hustler Commentary: The ShareaSale parties always SOUND like their going to be lame because of the themes but in reality, every time I go to one I have a good time because the people who attend tend to be fun.  It’s admerable of them to have put this party on for such a long time at this point.


Adsimilis + Stack That Money Happy Hour
4:00-6:00pm @ The Luxury Sky Apartment Suite (The London NYC 151 West 54th St, NYC)
RSVP: Ask Your AM

Affiliate Dinner
5:30pm-??? @ Maison NYC
RSVP: Facebook
Ad Hustler Commentary: This is usually a good mix of Wickedfire type affiliates.  Lot’s of CPA talk, drinking and internet memes.

Affiliate Karaoke
9:00pm-12:00am @ Nassau Suite Hilton
RSVP: No Need, Just Show Up
Ad Hustler Commentary: Excellent opportunity to watch John Chow make a fool of himself.


Affiliate Ball Featuring Ice-T & Coco With MixMaster Mike of The Beastie Boys (Sponsored by
9:00pm-??? @ Location TBA | PROMO VIDEO
Ad Hustler Commentary: We all know that I think AffiliateBall is the best put together party in the industry.  This year, in addition to the musical acts, they are hosting the first every AFFY Awards.  Basically, it’s an award ceremony with winners from within the industry presented by Ice-T & Coco.  It sounds kind of fun so I hope some good people win the awards.  Affiliate Ball is the one party that EVERYONE has to go to.


Ads4Dough & Engage:BDR Present DJ Skribble
9:00pm-??? @ Griffin Lounge @ 50 Gansevoort St., Manhattan, NY, 10014
RSVP: Private/Contact Your AM
Ad Hustler Commentary: DJ Skribble brings back memories of old MTV days, should be a fun time.

Clickbooth Empire Party Featuring Juvenile
9:00pm-2:00am @ Hudson Terrace Rooftop Garden Lounge
RSVP: Website
Ad Hustler Commentary: If I was on the party planning committee I would have moved this party to another night because it’s hard to go head to head with Affiliate Ball.

Xposure12 NYC Sponsored by CPAWAY & AdKnowledge Featuring Vanilla Ice & Bubba Sparx
9:00pm-??? @ LQ Club
RSVP: Website
Ad Hustler Commentary: This actually has an awesome lineup.  Vanilla Ice sounds stupid but he’s an awesome performer especially if he’s doing his metal style.  I’ve seen it and it’s GREAT!  Why is every freakin’ party always on the same day?


Affiliate Summit Speakers Yankee Game Field Trip
7:05pm-Game End @ Yankee Stadium
Ad Hustler Commentary: I love that Shawn & Missy do nice things like this for their speakers.  Great people.

More To Come!

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Being Disrespectful To Clients Gets You More Business

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I read an interesting post on Wickedfire yesterday titled How I make £50K+ every month.  He claims that by treating his clients like crap, he can command more money and close sales more easily.  Chances are, the guy who wrote it is just a troll but I found the post intriguing.  Here’s why:

Common sense dictates that you should kiss your clients’ ass, make sure their happy and offer excellent service.  What if common sense is wrong?  What if being so helpful and accommodating actually resulted in you making LESS money?

I obviously take care of my clients.  However, i’ve seen a lot of situations where the more accommodating you are to a client, the more they take advantage of you and the less they seem to respect you or want to pay for anything.  Maybe it’s because you seem desperate to them.  Maybe, by being LESS accommodating you’d lose that client, but on the flip side pick up another one that’s a lot less needy.

I’d love to see a real case study on this.  One salesperson goes in and treats 5 clients like gold and 5 clients like crap and then compares how the manageability of each account changes.

Who’s up for this?  What are you’re thoughts on it?

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