Stop Being So Selfish

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Affiliates tend to be a selfish bunch.  Many are in it to make a quick buck with no real regard as to what the advertisers needs are.  In it’s simplest form an affiliate is a salesperson.

Put your magical imagination caps on:

You are a life insurance broker with a successful local business.  In hopes of taking your business to the next level you decide to rent a kiosk in the local mall.  You figure that the high foot traffic will get you some exposure and you can generate sales leads from your kiosk.  You have clients to deal with so you decide to hire someone to work that booth.  You tell them that you can’t pay them a salary but you can pay them a nice fat commission for every lead they generate.  You figure it’s fair because why pay someone for doing nothing and you have no problem paying someone for generating the results you desire.  You find a young go-getter to work the booth.  Leads start flying in and in good-faith you cut checks to the guy working the booth for you.  You close one lead early on but can’t contact a lot of the leads.  Regardless, you know that the sales process can take months and you add all of the leads to your CRM system to follow up on later.  Since your young go-getter has been getting you so many leads you decide to swing by the mall and buy him lunch.  As you approach the kiosk you see him hunched over in the chair taking a nap.  This pisses you off as it reflects badly on your company, but doesn’t bother you as much as the sign you spot on your kiosk.  It reads: “1 Million Dollars Worth of Life Insurance as low as $5/month – Fill out the form to be entered to win a Free Laptop.” No wonder you couldn’t contact the leads.  They were crap.  They just wanted the laptop.  You’ve been paying your salesperson for THIS?  You fire the fool.  2 weeks later you see him working at another kiosk generating sales leads for the local home alarm system installer.  You shake your head in disbelief.

This happens every day in affiliate marketing.  Affiliates have to realize that they are a salesperson representing a company.  That company wants more then just the form filled out on their website.  They want a LEAD.  A lead and getting a form filled out are NOT the same thing.  Yes, they are commissioning you on getting the form filled out (and should pay you if the action is completed without any shenanigans) but when marketing their business you need to keep THEM in mind.  When creating a campaign, put your own motives aside for a minute and try thinking about only the advertiser.

What are their goals?
What are they selling?
How can I generate a QUALITY lead for them?

Thinking about these questions before thinking about the question “How can I bank hard on this with little effort?” can change a lot of things in your life.  Rather then always having to think about your next money making scheme you can start thinking about how to build a business of value.  Rather then being kicked off of offer after offer, you can actually develop positive relationships with the advertisers which make EVERYONE more money.

Stop thinking about the short term and try thinking about the long term.

That is all…

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Why I Don’t Write Every Day

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You might notice that a lot of bloggers try to write every single day.  I don’t! The reason for this is if I have nothing of importance I want to talk about, why waste your time?  For me, blogging is not about having a huge ego and making sure that you give me your attention every single day so that I can sell you stuff.  It’s a creative outlet for me to share my thoughts and ideas.  I appreciate every one of you who subscribes to Ad Hustler for giving me that outlet.

That being said, I have some posts in the works.  Stay tuned.

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Which Are You?

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