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Why I Don’t Write Every Day

You might notice that a lot of bloggers try to write every single day.  I don’t! The reason for this is if I have nothing of importance I want to talk about, why waste your time?  For me, blogging is not about having a huge ego and making sure that you give me your attention every single day so that I can sell you stuff.  It’s a creative outlet for me to share my thoughts and ideas.  I appreciate every one of you who subscribes to Ad Hustler for giving me that outlet.

That being said, I have some posts in the works.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Exactly man. I think a lot of people fail to realize the point of creating a community with their blog and it becomes a bunch of sales pitches.

    I’m with you; provide useful, money-making content every week or two (maybe less).

  2. Well said. I’d rather read one pertinent post from someone every week or so than to read their latest sales pitch every single day. And some post multiple times a day. I just don’t have the time…

  3. Exactly. Also I’m too busy making money to post useless crap. I don’t even keep up with most peoples blogs as it is these days, there are just too many useless posts.

  4. Open Open

    Worse is one particular offender that will take the contents of one very thin blog post and split it up over a 5 part series.

  5. Well said! And I agree with Bryn too – making teh monies keeps me waay busy these days and I will work on some draft posts when I take breaks from work or whatever, but it can’t be a priority if I want to maximize productivity.

    I haven’t even blogged much in a couple of months but I do have some posts in the works – and they will be ready when they’re ready. Not rushed just for the sake of posting something. 🙂

    The blogs I enjoy reading the most are the ones that focus on quality over quantity. And I do <3 AdHustler. 😉

  6. Exactly man. TOO MANY useless posts maybe considered to be a spam.

  7. Thats true, but I’ve seen the people who post everyday usually are the ones that make more money with their blog than the other ones…

  8. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Dino – I don’t care. Does it look like i’m trying to make money off this? If I was, wouldn’t I have ads plastered all over the place like your blog?

  9. Temple Temple

    @ Ad Hustler – completely agree, im sick of checking affbuzz to find new link baiting thin posts when their only purpose is to sell me shit. I don’t think Dino meant it in that way, I think he was trying to say was that these bloggers who post *every day* (sometimes more than once), treat their blog as a revenue stream rather than a place to post useful information.

    I intentionally stay clear of most affbuzz blogs, with the exceptions being AdHustler, Mr.Green, FinchSells, PPVPlaybook & on occasion

  10. Agreed, when a blog becomes a damn exit pop up/content gateway/email submit looking offer with mindless dribble drabble about how you “could” make money, I file that away in my idontgiveashit part of my brain. Hustla, thanks for keeping it real.

  11. I guess its also who your target audiences are
    affiliate marketers are a smart crowd and could spot a sales pitch from 100 miles far

    personally I’m guilty of writing just for the sake of writing sometimes (and sometimes good come out of it); but would definitely vote for quality over quantity

  12. A post about not posting to get a new post up? Genius!

  13. I hear ya man. Even my DAILY Conversions blog, I can’t literally post EVERY day, I usually post 4-5 times a week.

    I give out good ideas, cool stories, whatever and then if they want more they can jump on one of my sites list List Playbook where I focus a lot more of my time.

    I don’t know anyone that posts EVERY single day that has awesome stuff consistently. haha, that would be tough.

  14. MAtt MAtt

    Hustler ftw – Dino’s blog has too many ads.. His blog is for noobies to come by ebooks or bullshit.

  15. Pao Pao

    Awesome post

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