Adobe Photoshop CS5 Will Blow Your Mind

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Your thoughts?

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Inspiration From Rob Hustle

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How long you gonna sit and wait for opportunity’s knock?
If they wont let you in the front door start pickin the lock.
If they wont let you in the back door, just kick it in and break it.
No opportunities? Get the fuck out there and make em!

~From Rob Hustle’s entry into the ShoeMoney Systems theme song contest via

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Landing Page Rotation Script

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There are a lot of situations where you need to rotate landing pages (or links) to see which are performing best. I was searching around for a script better than the one I was using and found one provided by Xentech on Wickedfire. This script also works if you need to rotate prosper202 landing pages. I thought this could help some people so i’m posting it here.

PHP Code For The Rotator

$k = $_GET['sub'];

$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';
$aff[] = '';

srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000);
$random_number = rand(0,count($aff)-1);

$lol = ($aff[$random_number]);
$lal = $lol.$k;

header("Location: $lal");

Add or Remove These Lines To Add or Remove Links From Rotator

$aff[] = '';

Append ?sub=test to your final link to pass subid values to the links within the rotator

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What Does “Connecting” Really Mean?

Posted by Kim Ann Curtin | Posted in Doing Business | Posted on 23-03-2010

This is a Guest Post By Ad Hustler Contributor: Kim Ann Curtin, Life Coach

“They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”
–Carl W. Buechner

The word “networking” has so many connotations, and everybody is talking about the importance, of it especially during our difficult economy.  I personally dislike the word and the concept because most times the energy around it is more “I want something from you.”  However you can turn that around by simply approaching everyone you meet with an attitude of “How can I help you?” When you approach people this way you facilitate an ease into true “connection” that’s not only authentic but truly satisfying for the both of you.

The key is making it about them. When you receive people as human beings and not as prospective clients then you create the opportunity to connect on a level that the majority of people don’t.  Yes it’s natural to hope that you will do business together, but be sure that when they walk away they feel better because of having met you regardless. By now you know how awful it feels when someone approaches you at a networking event and for some reason after a few minutes or so they seem to get bored with you. Even if they did have a service you were in need of you sure as heck wouldn’t be interested in purchasing it from them after that experience.

Try to remember everyone in the room is in the same boat. Everyone wants more clients.  By just being “over there” with the person in front of you instead of in your head worried about how you look or what you say or what you will get, you have already done something unique. Make it about them from start to finish and watch how this impacts them and dissolves your own insecurities.

Want more hands on help? I highly recommend Toastmasters. This non-profit forum is great at teaching people to speak, not only in front of other people, but how to meet and greet new people in a genuinely relaxed way. It’s invaluable and there are countless chapters all over the US with meetings almost every day of the week. Second read, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi.  I’ve spoken about this book before but it bears repeating because it gives tangible examples of what to do and not do. Additionally Keith Ferrazzi is launching this April his first Relationship Masters Academy, an eight week online course that delivers a complete strategic relationship building system. This program has been delivered to Fortune 500 teams and this year’s Stanford & Harvard MBAs. Look for it on  I‘m actually one of the coaches for RMA and I’m enthusiastic to be a part of a forum which helps people learn how to connect in a meaningful and powerful way.

Some additional tips on how to connect with authenticity:

* Ask people not what they do, but what they care about. This was a recent tweet by the Jonathan Fields, the author of Career Renegade.

* Ask permission before you offer help/guidance/advice. Individuals are so willing to share their expertise and experience with us, and it’s wonderful when they do.  At the same time, it can get old really fast too.  I often (but not always) ask permission before I share unsolicited words of advice.  It goes a long way to show someone that you respect them and their own abilities.

* Be a connector. Act as a resource for people you know. It is amazing to put people together who will benefit from one another. Neither party will ever forget who introduced them.

* Reach out to those you normally wouldn’t. Step out of your comfort zone. I try at every event to speak to someone that I think I won’t have anything in common with and am usually surprised at what we do share in common. Or I force myself to meet new people by choosing a color prior to entering an event, say red, and then go up to everyone who is wearing red, telling them that I had to introduce myself to them since I promised myself that I would meet everyone who was wearing that color. It’s a great conversation starter!

* Show Vulnerability. Perhaps you and your husband argued over the phone prior to walking into the event. Or you’re worried about your father who is ill. Maybe you’re not sure how much longer your position in your company will continue. When you share something real that you are struggling with, with another person then they have a chance to see you not just as another “networker” but as a human being. You don’t want to over do it and give them the whole story but sharing a little about what is real for you allows them in. And in turn they will usually share a little about themselves as well.

It really comes down to the basic golden rule, treat others as you would like them to treat you –if you do this then all your connections will be authentic and everyone will walk away from you remembering how great you made them feel. The best calling card one can leave behind.

Kim Ann Curtin – Website | Blog | Twitter | Youtube

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Get Out Of My Affiliate Network

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Ad Networks | Posted on 15-03-2010

There seems to be this new trend going around where affiliate networks want to be exclusive.

Former affiliate networks that took just about anyone, are trying to make this big push to get rid of any affiliates who are currently non-performing (ie. haven’t produced $x,xxx in the last x months).

This makes ZERO sense to me.

Pruning low QUALITY affiliates makes sense.  Affiliate networks can’t afford fraudulent affiliates.  It ruins their relationships with advertisers.  Having some kind of quality metric makes sense.

I think that some affiliate networks are losing site of the fact that they need affiliates.  Just because an affiliate hasn’t performed in the last x number of months or ever for that matter doesn’t mean anything.  An affiliate can be doing $100,000/month with one affiliate network and $0/month with another (numbers for demonstration purposes only).  Does that mean they aren’t a big affiliate?  Realizing that they are, why wouldn’t you want them to have an account at your network?  Just because they aren’t working with you now, doesn’t mean they aren’t ever going to.

Now, you can argue that having crap loads of non-performing affiliates takes up too many resources.  If an affiliate is taking up an excessive amount of an affiliate managers time AND not sending any traffic then you have an argument.  In that case getting rid of the affiliate makes sense.  I doubt this is the case in most instances, since I don’t think most affiliates doing no business with an affiliate manager are going to be wasting much of their time.

I personally am signed up with quite a few affiliate networks that I do no business with.  I like to have an account so that if I need an offer or see something I like, I can be ready to run with them.  I’m guessing that other affiliates do the same thing.

Unless it’s based on a quality issue, I think that affiliate networks that are booting affiliates for non performance are making a really bad business move.

What do you think?

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