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Inspiration From Rob Hustle

How long you gonna sit and wait for opportunity’s knock?
If they wont let you in the front door start pickin the lock.
If they wont let you in the back door, just kick it in and break it.
No opportunities? Get the fuck out there and make em!

~From Rob Hustle’s entry into the ShoeMoney Systems theme song contest via

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  1. Best entry IMO, the only other one I have heard is wack.

  2. This song/lyrics is actually sick regardless of the fact its for a contest. I’m really impressed with it.

  3. ClueList ClueList

    Spit hawt fiyah.

  4. Rob Hustle Rob Hustle

    good lookin out ad hustler… hit me up at ad tech if you are goin

  5. @Rob Hustle – I can’t make it to Ad Tech but i’ll see you at ASE – Keep dropping those rhymes.

  6. This entry totally demotivated me to enter. So awesome

  7. Amy Amy

    Spit hawt fiyah.

  8. Ad Hustler, I wanted to get at you but I don’t know how. Peep the new track Life is Epic 🙂

  9. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Rob Hustle – i saw your new track on – i thought it was epic 🙂

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