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What Works On The Google Content Network

The Google Content Network is NOT the highest quality traffic on the planet, it is however profitable.  This post contains a few tips to making the Google Content Network work for you.

What Type Of Offers Work?

I am by no means the authoritative expert on the Google Content Network but I have had a good deal of success.  I find that offers that DO NOT REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD work well.  Some offers that don’t require a credit card would be lead generation, email submits, zip submits and any other type of 1 field offer.  You have to keep in mind WHO is seeing your ad on the Google Content Network.  Typically your prospects are seeing your ad while entertaining themselves online or viewing informational websites.  They are not always going to be as far into the decision making or buying process as someone performing a search on the Google Search Network.  Using this reasoning, arbitrarge tactics tend to work well.  Here is a definition of arbitrage:

n.   The purchase of securities on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy.

A simpler definition of this in internet marketing terms would be to purchase cheap traffic for immediate resale in another form to take advantage of the price discrepancy and turn a profit.  In the early days this was accomplished by buying cheap traffic and sending that traffic to a page loaded with Google Adsense ads in hopes someone would click one of those ads and make more money then they spent for the traffic.  That method tends not to work as well these days (although I’m sure someone is still doing this and making a killing) due to crackdowns on Google Adsense policy as well as increased competition.

In the present other types of arbitrage activities are working quite well.  As mentioned in the previous post, polls, quizzes and other types of “entertainment” type gateway work well in the current climate.  Email submits and zip submits tend to be used as the backend offer on these types of pages.  At the end of the day you are simply trying to turn cheap traffic into a lead and make a profit off of the activity.  The Google Content Network is an excellent traffic source for this activity because the traffic tends to be a lot cheaper then search traffic and quality score is not as huge of an issue on the Content Network.

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