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Ever Get Stuck In Form Building Hell?

The cornerstone of lead generation campaigns is the form on the page.  Forms tend to be a pain in the ass to create from scratch and an even bigger pain to get them to look exactly how you want.  For instance if you have a really intricately designed landing page with a specific weird shaped area for the form.  I prefer form builders to build the form itself outside of the landing page and then import it later.  Other specifications I need is the ability for the form to

  • Log the form inputs to a database or csv file
  • Validation
  • Custom output emails to deliver the leads in different formats
  • Drag and Drop design for intricate landing pages
  • Lots and lots of options
  • Ability to post to 3rd party form processors
  • Ability to design the form to an exact pixel height/width

There are 2 main form builder programs that i’m using right now:

CoffeeCup Form Builder – I like this app but it’s not currently my favorite.  It’s cheap and it works great.  It’s biggest negative has always been that the forms are in flash.  This causes issues with some browsers and mobile devices.  It’s a good starting point if your getting started with forms.  Free demo available.

Simfatic Forms – I just found this program a few days ago.  A free demo was available and I ended up buying the full version within a few minutes of trying the program.  It does everything Coffeecup does and more.  The forms are also NOT IN FLASH which solves the flash issue.  Simfatic has TONS of options and is really easy to use.  I just did a landing page with it and it made the form aspect a snap.

Forms are such an important aspect to internet marketing yet not often discussed.  What form building and processing utilities do you like?  Let’s discuss!

This was NOT a paid post.  All opinions are the opinion of Ad Hustler and no compensation was received for mentioning the above products.

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  1. Have you checked out Gravity Forms for WordPress?
    Don’t have templates though but its great for doing forms. They even have an upcoming add on that connects the forms with PayPal.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Andreas – Yea i’ve checked it out and I hear a lot of people saying good things but it hasn’t quite suited my needs. My understanding is that they also charge a per-site fee. The above solutions you buy once and that’s it.

  3. Open Open

    I don’t consider myself a hard core coder but a little php, sql, css goes a long way. I have a handful of templates derived from previous landers I made. With a little bit of tweaking the new form once again becomes unique and fits my current theme.

    Agree about CoffeCup. Used a couple years back. Very quick n easy and you end up with a good looking form. Ran into a problem with the Flash rendering for a particular client so had to put it down.

    Will check out Simfatic Forms.

  4. I like Freedback – for quick forms. All of the results land in a database they host (you can export any time), plus you can get each submission by email if you want.

    And it enables you to include a CAPTCHA and confirmation email to the person submitting.

  5. Dan Dan

    I like formstack – super easy to use, stores all the data, can send the forms to multiple places and I think if you are a CSS whiz you can make them a bit prettier.

  6. Yeah, it can be a pain in the . . .

    I try to make them look simple so I can reuse them easily.

  7. brian brian

    Very timely post for me. I’ve got a developer in India that does my forms and this could save me some money…

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