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  1. …. Coming from an expert panel of specialists…. hahah

  2. Yeah I saw that. Hilarious dude. They were clueless even for that time.

  3. I love it. That’s amazing . It shows how the world has changed.Wow Wow

    Thanks for that video:-)

  4. Chris Chris

    Dont you just wish you could go back to that time with just some of the knowledge & ideas you have now 😉

  5. nimbledigit nimbledigit

    I am dating myself here, but it goes to show that as long as you can keep the curiosity alive it doesn’t matter what age you are:

    -My first computer was a Commodore64 with an external floppy disk drive larger than a shoe box. I learned BASIC on it.
    -The first time I used a GPS it was LCD greenscreen and larger than a portable cc reader with an antenna that was almost phallic in size.
    -my first laptop was an IBM so thick you could break a toe if you dropped it on your foot. Of course, then it would be completely useless. And battery life? 3 hours if lucky.
    -my first cool cellphone was the Motorola StarTAC. James Tiberius Kirk had nothing on me, biatch! Oh yeah, battery life and talk time were next to nothing there as well.

    Ah, the memories. So 15 years from now, what will we look back and laugh about in tech?

  6. WOW! That wasn’t that long ago. I wasn’t even using a computer in 1994. I didn’t start using the web until 1989. Man….whats is gonna be in the next 10 years????

  7. Hard to believe that was 1994. Maybe if it was 1990…

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