Say Goodbye To Google Places

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As we all know Google exists to make the lives of marketers everywhere more difficult.  In their latest move, Google has decided to get rid of Google Places and use Google+ Local as a replacement.  What does this mean?  Who the heck knows, but SearchEngineLand wrote a great article about it today.  My Hustler-like brain makes me wonder why they are doing this.  What I came up with is that it’s a way to force people to use Google+.  You know what they say….”if you can’t grow a social network because people love it, grow it by forcing people to use it.”  I’m not sure who says that but it’s the obvious plan.  The more Google makes their much used services revolve around Google+, the more active users they will get.  The more businesses that jump on the Google+ bandwagon (which will be every local business), the more businesses start promoting Google+ to their customers (ie leave us a review on Google+).  It’s a diabolical marketing scheme and a major pain in the ass for all of the local businesses who spent time building up and optimizing their Google Places pages.

Your Thoughts?

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What do the Beastie Boys, Ice-T & 2,500 Industry Folk Have In Common?

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Affiliate Ball NYC 2012 at Affiliate Summit!

Darren Blatt, Promotor & Organizer of Affiliate Ball contacted with the inside scoop.  Here is the press release!

Affiliate Ball New York ASE signs a Beastie Boy, Ice-T & Coco

There is big news and a lot of hype swirling around the Affiliate Ball.  Neverblue stepped up their marketing game by securing the “title” sponsorship for this event and will now have the appropriate nomenclature of “Neverblue Presents The Affiliate Ball”.

Team Neverblue released the following statement, “Neverblue is very excited to announce that we are the Title Sponsor for Affiliate Ball happening on August 13th. This will be THE best party in town and Ice & Coco with Mix Master Mike will be a huge hit! We look forward to entertaining the massive affiliate base that is attending Affiliate Summit East and look forward to meeting all of you at this legendary party. “

Darren Blatt, promoter and organizer of the Affiliate Ball, says he wanted the perfect New York party.  This year’s party is expected to have over 2,500 invited guests of the Affiliate Summit, as it is THE official party on Monday night.  Blatt changed venues so that the VIP’s can experience an outdoor, rooftop VIP area which can support over 500 of the industry’s movers and shakers.  The VIP area will have a “hipster orchestra” featuring the music of:

Nirvana, The Strokes, Black Keys and more.

Keeping the New York vibe in tact again this year, the Affiliate Ball has retained MixMaster Mike, the legendary DJ of the Beastie Boys to perform over a 90 minute set.  As always you can be assured that the Ball will have lots of surprise guests. Last years party was featured on TMZ  when hip hop legends Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Caz and Dougie Fresh jumped on stage to perform.

Ice T and Coco have one of the biggest shows on cable TV right now.  Ice T is also currently starring in another show on NBC, “Law And Order”.

“Ice has hosted a couple of my events years ago.  Not only is he a consummate professional, he’s a very cool person. We plan on having Ice and his beautiful wife, Coco, walking around the crowd to shake hands, take pictures with our guests, and host the entire night on stage. Not only are they hosting the party, but they will be PARTYING with us all night long!”

You can RSVP now for this legendary event on their website,

This Affiliate Ball is always happy to welcome more sponsors on board.  If interested, please email

Other early bird sponsors include:  PeerFly, SellHealth, EDK Innovations, ProfitKingsMedia, Scrubkit &

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