Ad Hustler Attacked

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This has been a crappy week. Earlier in the week (thanks to you loyal readers) I discovered that had been hacked. Since then, i’ve been working on getting it fixed and at this point it seems like all is well. I wanted to send some thanks out to people that helped in gettng this fixed.

  • SolarVPS – These guys host and went well above and beyond to help get the site up and safe again
  • VoloMike – Mike is a great developer. He sent me some helpful advice to try to get the site back & safe. If you need a web developer he’s the man, i’ve personally used him.
  • Local Skype Group – All of you guys were helpful in diagnosing & fixing the problem
  • Ad Hustler Readers – I appreciate all of your support & patience

To a Hack Free 2012

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Ad Hustler Affiliate Summit West 2012 Party & Meetup List

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It’s that time of the year again and people are already asking “When the hell are you going to put up your Affiliate Summit Party List?” Well the answer is i’m going to start it up right now. Their is always a ton of fun to be had and a ton of people to meet. Although this list might be sparce now, it will grow as we get closer to the event.

If you have an event you’d like to add please email it to partylist {at} adhustler (dot) com

Saturday January 7, 2012

ASW12 TweetUp at Gilley’s
When & Where: Gilleys Party Pit @ Treasure Island @ 7:30pm-10:30pm
Who’s Invited: Everyone
RSVP: Facebook
Ad Hustler Commentary: Wow, someone had the insight to make their event Saturday night instead of Sunday night?  You win a creativity award!

Sunday January 8, 2012

Football Mailer Meetup
When & Where: The Palazzo Hotel @ Legasse’s Stadium – 1:45pm
Who’s Invited: Mailers
Ad Hustler Commentary: Their RSVP site says that the guest list will be verified by security at the door.  Seems like they are trying to make it sound super duper exclusive.  I’m not really sure.

Affiliate Meet Up Of The Year – Stackthatmoney, Adsimilis, Affbuzz
When & Where: 4pm @ The Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace
Who’s Invited: Affiliate Marketeers
RSVP: RSVP on Facebook
Ad Hustler Commentary: There should be a lot of cool people at this and hopefully some good discussion so be there. The suite number will be posted once Adsimilis checks in to their suite.

Mailer Meetup Sponsored By XY7 Elite, Digital Bulldogs, RTK Media, VoloMP, Impressionwise
Where & When: 7pm @ The Kingpin Suite at The Palms
Who’s Invited: Email Marketers but since all email marketers seem to be secretive who know who’s gonna show up.
Ad Hustler Commentary: Will probably be your typical Affiliate Summit sausage party. Kingpin Suite is kind of cool if you’ve never seen it.

Aff Playbook / Ads4Dough / Dream Marriage / Beyond Hosting
When & Where: 7:30-10:30pm,  Sunday at the Palms Place – Penthouse #57304
Who’s Invited: All affiliates/traffic sources plus any advertisers or networks who actively participate in the AffPlaybook forums
Ad Hustler Commentary: Wow, a lot of Sunday Parties….

ShareaSale Under The Stars Party
Where & When: 8pm-12am @ Chateau Nightclub at the Paris Hotel
Who’s Invited: Everyone
RSVP: Get your ticket at the Meet Market on Sunday from my boy Jason Rubacky.
Ad Hustler Commentary: ShareaSale always puts a lot of work into these parties. In New York they had a western theme party and had a whole western facade setup and bull riding. They do a really good job and invite everyone. I find the demo of this party tends to be a bit on the more mature side. It’s a good change to other parties and is a good opportunity to network with the veterans of CPS affiliate marketing. I always like to stop by ShareaSale’s party even if only for a little while.

MUNDOmedia Presents: Affiliate Summit Party at the Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge
When & Where: 7 to 10pm @ at the ARIA Hotel
Who’s Invited: Guest-list of Affiliates. Contact your Mundo Affiliate Manager or register online.
Ad Hustler Commentary: I’ve been to Mundo events in Vegas and they tend to be a good time so check this one out if they deem you worthy enough.

Badger Ball 2012
When & Where: 10PM @ The Palms Penthouse B
Who’s Invited: I have no clue, but I would guess lot’s of men
RSVP: Supposedly Closed At This Time
Ad Hustler Commentary: All I know is that Wickedfire & Aaron Kelly Law are involved. I will try to make it to this as it will probably be a Wickedfire sausage fest.

Affiliate Summit Tip Off Party III
When & Where: 10pm @ The Hardwood Suite at The Palms
Who’s Invited: Not sure, they did turn me away one year.
Ad Hustler Commentary: Good opportunity to brag to your friends that you saw the Hardwood Suite at the Palms.

Monday January 9, 2012

MaxBounty Presents Affiliate Ball
When & Where: 9:30pm @ The Rio Crown Theater
Who’s Invited: Everyone
RSVP: Affiliate Ball
Ad Hustler Commentary: My favorite parties are thrown by Darren who is in charge of Affiliate Ball. This party features Nelly as the headliner. These aren’t parties they are full fledged concerts and well done concerts at that. Don’t miss this! has been given VIP tickets to give to some of our loyal readers so stay tuned for that.

Ads4Dough Presents Dough4Hoes
When & Where: 7pm-??? @ Spearmint Rhino (Off The Strip, Transportation Is Usually Provided)
Who’s Invited: Usually Pretty Open
RSVP: Contact Your Affiliate Manager
Ad Hustler Commentary: Jason & Ads4Dough are all about community and they always throw a good party. These are great/honest people to work with. I’ve been to Dough4Hoes before and it’s a nice casual atmosphere. Open Bar, need I say more you alchies?

Affiliate Karaoke Presented By Affiliate Summit
Where & When: 9pm-12am @ Caesars Palace (Neopolitan III-IV)
Who’s Invited: Everyone
RSVP: No Need To – Just Show Up
Ad Hustler Commentary: Perfect opportunity to see John Chow make a fool of himself. Bring your cameras.

Affiliate Fight Night
When & Where: 10pm @ Xtreme Couture MMA (Off The Strip)
Whos Invited: I dunno, I guess you are!
RSVP: RSVP on Facebook
Ad Hustler Commentary: It sounds kind of cool but it’s up against Affiliate Ball which means i’m probably not going to it.

Tuesday January 10, 2012

{Nothin Yet}

…More To Come…

Which parties will you be at? Lemme know in the comments!

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Ad Hustler Top 3 Favorite Services From 2011

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Looking back on 2011 i’ve decided that 3 services that you may or may not have ever heard of deserve recognition. I consider all 3 of these solid companies who’s service & offerings I am impressed by.

#3 WYSIWYG Web Builder

WYSIWYG Web Builder is the SICKEST website editor/designer you will ever use. DreamWeaver is nice but it’s nowhere near as easy and quick to use as WYSIWYG Web Builder. WYSIWYG Web Builder is the fist website builder i’ve ever seen where when you place something somewhere, everything correctly lines up in the browser without using an ounce of code. I know how to code HTML/CSS but for landing pages and things that need a lot of changes/testing done to them, I can’t imagine a quicker or more efficient way then using WYSIWYG Web Builder. They have a free trial and once you try this you will buy it. I can almost guarantee it.

#2 SolarVPS

SolarVPS is just what it sounds like, a hosting company. After I had some issues with StormOnDemand, I decided to consult a friend of mine about where would be best to host some SEO sites I had that were sucking up a decent amount of bandwidth. I was introduced to SolarVPS by this friend and I now personally know the owners of the company at this point and believe that they are SERIOUS about hosting. No, SolarVPS is not cloud hosting but what they are is a serious VPS provider who’s VPS’s perform better then cloud offerings (in my opinion at least).

I initially purchased a VPS for 1 set of my sites. I’ve been very happy with that VPS and it’s performance. Since then SolarVPS has given me a couple of other free VPS’s to try out their other datacenters and every datacenter has been solid as a rock. I’ve also been bringing clients over to SolarVPS for their hosting needs. They currently have datacenters in Clifton, NJ, Los Angeles, CA & Dallas, TX.

I know that pricing is everything and these guys have their act together on pricing. Check out what you get for $50/month

SolarVPS’s support has been really good. They have gone above & beyond to fix problems. Their VPS’s are FULLY MANAGED and that’s no joke. So far i’ve found these guys to be better then any other host i’ve been on and I plan to continue hosting with them. is currently hosted with SolarVPS.

#1 Prosperent

Prosperent (<---affiliate link) is an affiliate network that you probably have never heard of. Prosperent is essentially an affiliate network who get's datafeeds from all of the major CPS affiliate networks and organizes them in a useable way. If you've ever dealt with merchant's datafeeds you know they are hard to work with, formatted like crap and inconsistent across different merchants. Creating sites using this data is difficult when the data sucks. Prosperent cleans this data up into 1 usable database and then provides tools/APIs to access the data. They have several products including an adsense like offering for showing products related to your content and and API that can be used in a multitude of ways. Prosperent has recently built a really nice reporting system so that you can see what products sold and where the sales came from and they are working on making that even better. You're probably asking "how do these guys make money?" The answer is that they share the revenue you generate taking a percentage for themselves and giving you a percentage. Yes you lose some of your money, but they also make the process of handling datafeeds and creating apps using those datafeeds a whole lot easier. Have you used any of these? What are YOUR thoughts? Disclosure: This is NOT a paid post. Everything written here is the true and uninfluenced opinion of Ad Hustler. WYSIWYG Web Builder has given me zero compensation ever. SolarVPS has given me a couple of comp VPS’s but only after I already had a VPS with them that I paid for and still do pay for. Prosperent has given me zero compensation but there is an affiliate/referral link embedded in the post.

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