Official Dance Of Affiliate Summit East 2011?

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Big Pimpin' | Posted on 27-04-2011

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A BO.LT of Genius

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Affiliate Marketing | Posted on 25-04-2011

I was on Techcrunch last week and read an article about a startup called BO.LT – At first I thought it was just another URL shortener but it has a feature that may be a game changer for affiliate marketing.

You are able to give BO.LT a webpage.  It then makes a real-time mirror of the page and allows you to edit the page on the fly.  Imagine you see an affiliate offer that has a pretty decent offer page but you want to make a landing page with some more persuasive language on it.  Many affiliates already make landing pages that look similar to the offer page.  This would allow you to strip out all of the text and images you don’t like, add the text that you know will convert and then redirect them to the offer page.

It’s basically an on the fly landing page builder.  The only feedback that would make it better is if they would allow you to host the created landing page on your own domain.

Figured i’d share so you can check it out.  It’s currently a closed system that you need to apply to but I got in quickly.

Disclosure: Ad Hustler received ZERO compensation for this post.

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What Local Businesses Want

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Local Online Advertising | Posted on 21-04-2011

I’d venture to say that a large percentage of local & small businesses have tried online marketing in one way or another at this point.  Whether it be through a phone book company, search engine company, newspaper or social network most small businesses have tried SOMETHING online to get them more business.  Unfortunately for them, most have failed and they’ve decided that the internet doesn’t work for their type of business.  Why do so many fail?  It’s because they always buy the sizzle and never buy the steak.

I’ve dealt with a lot of local businesses and the people running the show typically have a few traits in common:

  • Ignorant: They are typically ignorant to technology and to learning anything new.  They know all.
  • Super Type A: Don’t want to listen, just want to bark orders and think you should listen to them.
  • Cheap: Think they should get an original Picasso at Dollar Store prices.
  • Unreasonable: Have completely unreasonable expectations.

Having these traits leads to them buying into the biggest loads of crap that salespeople come in selling to them.  In their minds a fast talking, ass kissing, wheeler dealer salesperson who is promising the world, MUST be selling a superior product.  “Hey these guys are from the local newspaper they must know what their doing.”  “Wow these guys came from the phone book company, they must know the internet.” “These guys are telling me they have a special relationship with the top 750 search engines that gets them clicks at half the price, it’s a no lose situation.”

Local businesses don’t want to be educated, they don’t want to see the results….they want to be lied to!

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