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Why I Like And Use AffBuzz

AffBuzz came onto the scene not that long ago and has made major waves.  The concept is simple.  Aggregate all affiliate marketing news (blogs, news sources, forums etc.) into one centralized location and then show the most popular stories.  Although you can make your own news feed by using an RSS reader, I actually prefer AffBuzz for my affiliate marketing related news.  A quick glance can show me what the most popular stories of the day are.

One major thing that I use AffBuzz for is skiming through news sources I don’t subscribe to in my RSS.  Stuff like new bloggers on the scene, network news and bloggers I don’t particularly like.  The little “new” icon makes it easy to see what’s up in the affiliate world.

If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a whirl.  If you have, share what you think about it.

Note: This is NOT a paid post!

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  1. I like affbuzz cause i’m at the top

  2. Google Search Sux Google Search Sux

    Hell yeah AffBuzz is the shit.

    To this day I haven’t found a good RSS reader… and frankly I don’t have time to scan all the crap thats in there anyway.

  3. Lorenzo Lorenzo

    I like affbuzz, but I think Justin is a bit of nutcase.

  4. Silver Silver

    Affbuzz is great but not really sure what’s up with Justin…j/k

  5. what about my creation

    Top stories on the front page, newest on the upcoming page updated hourly, and soon to be more.


    btw, I found this post from there 😉

  6. Main reason I get hits, baby.

  7. PS PS a buddy of mine build this a while ago – looks like same idea or copied. let me know what you think about it

  8. – i see volk at the top.
    I guess if you use yr imagination, any site can be on top…

  9. – awwww snap, we’re neighbors! – That’s a pretty cool site too. I think it needs to emphasize more though….just sayin’

    @Finch – Your blog’s been rocking.

    @Mr. Wee – You are always causing trouble 🙂

  10. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @PS – AffBuzz says ay the bottom that it’s a PopURLs clone so I think they are pretty open about it.

  11. That’s sweet! I never knew about this website. Do you know how I could get my blog listed there? This is definitely going to help me network a good deal 🙂

  12. I get some duplicate content from AffBuzz but the bloggers I don’t follow have some good articles from time to time.

  13. I think for everyone associated with affiliate marketing niche would definitely stand to gain with one point of reference.

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