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Why I Don’t Run Traffic With You

AIM Conversation:

Ad Hustler: hey {AM NAME} where in the system is {OFFER NAME} i dont see it and i may try something with it
Affiliate Manager: hey
Affiliate Manager: i have to get your own link set up for you
Affiliate Manager: what kind of traffic
Ad Hustler: thinkin of {TRAFFIC TYPE}
Ad Hustler: anyone doin well with that?
Affiliate Manager: ahh
Affiliate Manager: can’t run in {TRAFFIC TYPE}
Ad Hustler: ahh ok

Listen, if an offer doesn’t accept a certain traffic type, that’s cool, and I respect the advertisers wishes.  Doesn’t sales 101 say that you would suggest to me a similar offer that DOES accept my traffic type to try to get me to run SOMETHING with you?  I haven’t ran with this network since my old AM left so you would think they would try to get me to run again.  This was the end of the conversation.  Some affiliate managers take their affiliate relationships for granted and it can bite them in the ass.  Your job as an affiliate manager isn’t to just answer a simple question, it’s to try to solve the affiliates problem as best you can.  That’s what differentiates an average affiliate manager from a GREAT affiliate manager.

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  1. Rhawn Rhawn


  2. Eric Schwarzer Eric Schwarzer

    Agreed, 110% – this kind of exchange is far too common, not only in this space, but also in basic sales and customer service interactions. Just answer the question… Would be fine, what’s more painful IMHO is hearing “I’ll look into that” and no follow up.. Makes me move on every time.

  3. Mike Guida Mike Guida

    Your always on point. Strong.

  4. Lazy ass AMs.

    I also hate when you ask for a specific thing like, mmm, top offers for X niche and your AM sends a list of every effing offer in their network for that niche. WAJ!

    Understand my value c**k smokes.

  5. AD AD

    Well, I am amused – cause it seems like a small thing really. I mean, not like he was rude or somethin…

    Cuase for small affs like me, we fuckin don’t even get accepted to networks (even though we want to spend OUR MONET and OUR TIME to promote THEIR products, they won’t even let us give it a shot)…

  6. To me it is relationship building, and this is a poor example of it. Affiliate Managers, if you are slippin’ there is someone hungrier than you right behind you.

  7. This is where the AM’s that have some experience as affiliates can make all the difference.

    Makes me really appreciate the fact that I’m working with some very solid AM’s at the moment

  8. Sounds like the responses I get from Todd @Ads4dough. Guys an EPIC DOUCHE. Mike Navarini FTW

  9. GG GG

    I completely agree. I remember when I had the right affiliate manager at Hydra i was banking. Then I got a crappy affiliate manager and the whole thing went downhill including the company.

  10. So true… I hate when they give no help or don’t offer anything. On the complete opposite side, I hate it even more when they tell you to run something that has nothing to do with what you were talking about or something that is totally blowing it and they just want to make money off you…

  11. Hi AdHustler,

    I know i’m not likely to receive a reply, but i’ll give it a shot – it’s also an off-topic question, but i know you definitely won’t reply to a 2 year old post.

    In your auto lead generation post in 2009, i noticed you done a great job of selling leads – the question i have is how do you market a auto dealership that has lots of different cars? Get information and pictures about each car and add them to the site? Seems like a lot of work, i’m sure there is an easier way just don’t know how.

    Thanks in advance, regardless if you reply or not. This website is a good source for information.

  12. haha. Great conversation you have there with your affiliate manager. lol. But seriously, consider hiring another manager, eh.

  13. Most of the AMs in the industry are rather clueless and in it for the wrong reasons. They do not take the time to truly understand what the campaign is, where it converts, what traffic is open to it, etc. I would be curious to find out what the life span is of a newbie AM.

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