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Welcome To Ad Hustler

Who Am I?

I am the Ad Hustler.  I live, breathe & sleep, internet advertising & business.  I am passionate about affiliate marketing.  It’s the only business where you can make the kind of money that people only dream of.  I am a straight shooting, honest (sometimes blunt), down to earth guy who wants to share his thoughts and opinions with whoever wants to take the time to read them.

Why Am I Starting A Blog?

There are a lot of blogs out there.  Especially in the affiliate marketing, internet advertising & business sectors.  I am not starting this blog to start any kind of popularity contest.  I want to write whats on my mind and chronicle my journeys through business and what I see going on, on the internet.  I want to have something to be able to look back on when I lose focus.

Who Has Inspired Me?

Everyone has the blogs & sites they like to read and the people they respect in this industry.  As a prelude to this blog I want to mention a few:

WayneDog & Ian Fernando – 2 super smart guys who I have a great deal of respect for both personally & professionally.  Affiliate Masterminds Unite.

Nickycakes – Funny guy who shoots straight from the hip and doesn’t care who he offends.  One of the sharpest minds Ive seen on the net.

UberAffiliate – People like to bash Uber but I used to find his blog uber helpful.  Lately the gems have been overtaken by a lot of crap such as his UberCamp idea but still mad respect for this guy.

PPC-Coach – I don’t care that this is a paid service.  I’ve seen too many people that were struggling with success join this service and reap huge returns.

Wickedfire – Wickedfire is the industry hub for successful affiliates.  Without that forum I would DEFINETLY not be where I’m at today.

John Battelle – Read his book “The Search.”  Enough said.

I’m sure i’ve left some people/sites out but it’s a blog, I’ll deal with it later.

Ad Hustler

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