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Tracking202, Prosper202, Donate202 Oh My…

I can argue the point that my boys Wes &  Steven from Tracking202 have changed the affiliate marketing industry.  There is a lot going on over at 202, so here are some updates:

Tracking202 PRO

Tracking202 PRO is a long time in the making.  It is a fully functional search engine management software for affiliate marketers and search engine management (SEMs).  In the past, software like this was called bid management software and put out by companies like Marin Software, Inceptor Bidcenter, Acquisio & KeywordMax.  Although T202Pro doesn’t automatically change your bids, it gives you more information then you could possibly imagine about your campaigns.  One of the coolest features of this new release is that you can see the actual bidded keyword side by side with the searched keyword.  This allows you to make much more intelligent determinations about which keywords are profitable to your campaign.

Tracking202Pro also does not require you to set up custom links for each campaign like Prosper202 does.  It uses the API’s of Google, Yaoo & MSN to automatically import data.  This means that you are no longer relying on your server or Tracking202’s server to redirect links which is a huge advantage if your or their server ever went down.

T202Pro is also extremely reasonably priced.  I remember days when this type of software cost $1,000+ per month which kept it far out of the reach of the every day affiliate.  T202Pro is very reasonably priced and any affiliate can afford it.

True to form Tracking202 Pro is willing to prove themselves before you have to spend any money.  They are currently offering a 7 day risk free trial so you can try it before you buy.

DISCOUNT FOR AD HUSTLER READERS: Tracking202Pro set up a custom coupon for all of us.  Simply use coupon code ADHUSTLER to save 10% off your first 3 months of service.


For one reason or another, not everyone wants to use Tracking202 or Tracking202Pro.  If this is your case then you will be happy to hear that Prosper202 will be doing another release.  In the new release they will be adding requested features and upgrades to the software.  To request a feature leave a comment on the Prosper202 Blog.  I’m personally very excited to see what they put out in the new release.


The tracking202 team have done a lot for affiliates without asking for anything in return.  They never charged for prosper202 or tracking202 and never plan to.  The only problem is that they have immense server and development costs that they are paying out of their own pockets.  They are not a venture funded company.  Donations are completely voluntary but if you can spare a little bit of money, and use their software, send them a few bucks and help the cause.  Donations are accepted at Donate202.


If you still have not tried any of these services, it’s time to.  Your competition is using it and with more data, they are probably making more profit then you are.

This is NOT a paid post, nor am I making ANY commissions if you buy any of these products!

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