This Is Genius

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Online Pep Rally | Posted on 18-05-2010

First saw this on Jonathan Volk’s blog but this is so genius I just had to share

I wonder how his quality score was…

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  1. Realistically it was probably a 8/10 if he passed a kw subid through and pulled it in his content. Either way competition was so low he was probably paying $.25 a click max…unless he did geo targeting.

    Either way I agree, brilliant idea.

  2. Smart hustle there. I’ve seen this on FB too, targeting by workplace. Shit like that will separate you from the rest of the class. Any edge these days will surely help…

  3. Another reason that the internet is replacing the resume as a way to get hired.

  4. Yep, absolutely amazing idea.

  5. Thanks for the link :D. I’ve watched the video like 5-6 times now… just because it’s that awesome. Haha

  6. I saw this last week, fucking brilliant.

  7. I really enjoyed that. Hats off to him.

  8. That video was awesome.I watched 4 times.Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Any idea how he got the execs to Google themselves?

  10. Love seeing smart marketing like this. Way out of the box!

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