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Roller Derby

If you know me, you know I like weird things.  I’m weird myself so it’s quite fitting.  A typical weekend in the life of Ad Hustler isn’t table service at the hottest club in NYC.  More likely it’s a freak show on the boardwalk in Coney Island.

A couple of years ago a friend introduced me to Roller Derby.  She got us track side tickets and it was pretty unreal.  If you weren’t paying attention a girl could very well end up in your lap (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

Fast forward some time and another friend told me that her boyfriend was in a local roller derby league and that I should come see the game.  Having enjoyed the last game that I went to, My wife, My Dad & Myself went to see the game.  Again, it was a blast and we went to see a few games after that.  At some point my wife mentioned or alluded to the fact that it would probably be fun to be in the roller derby.  In all the time I’ve known her she never really indicated interest in any particular hobby.  For a couple of weeks after that statement I encouraged her and told her I thought she could do it if she wanted to.  Eventually she grew the balls to show up at a Mans Ruin Roller Derby practice and they were encouraging to her as well.  One girl let her borrow skates and another girl let her borrow a helmet.  She came home really excited that the girls were nice to her because I think she expected to not be accepted.

She then joined the rookie program and for the next 3 months learned the basic skills and rules needed to play roller derby.

Along the way I mentioned to my wife that it would probably be fun to be the announcer for a Roller Derby.  The announcer is kind of like the MC and helps people know what’s going on in the game plus their job is to entertain when there is a lull in the excitement.  Apparently the team was looking for a co-announcer and when my wife heard, she told them that I may want to do it.  Since they knew me and knew my personality they asked me to do it and I agreed.

So, I am now a roller derby announcer.  I announced my first game on March 20th.  It was a pretty blehh performance on my part.  It started off super shaky but I improved as the night went on (you can’t just be good at something the first time you do it I suppose).  I am announcing another game this Sunday April 3rd.  It should be fun and hopefully better then my first time.  Then games are about once per month throughout the rest of the year.  If you’re ever in the area and want to make fun of my announcing skills come on down.

So what the hell is the point of this post?

  • Roller Derby has been a positive thing in my families life.
  • It’s good to have hobbies & interests outside of making money.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new.

If you’ve never been to a Roller Derby, do a search to see if you have a local team.  If you do, make some time to go watch a game.  It’s a fun time!

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  1. Can i make da monies with roller derbies?

  2. My wife and I went to a Roller Derby match in Denver, it’s pretty big here. It was awesome! We’ve been meaning to go back.

  3. EDRizZle EDRizZle

    Now u can write an ebook on how to do Roller Derby and millions of affiliatez will promote on teh clicK Banks..

    U can make a roller derby out fit for the wife made uv currentcy. that wuld be baller.

    U gotta post pics of this tho.

  4. Congrats on the announcing gig Hustler! It is always great to try new things. Worst case scenario, you end up with some great stories to tell. Best case, you find some new things you really enjoy.

  5. Nothing wrong with having a good time at a Roller Derby!

  6. I used to watch roller derby in the 70’s. Never even knew it was still around.

  7. Roller Deeeerby FTW!

    I’ve been going to see these things since I was a kid, soo much fun!

  8. hdjdjdudjdjdjdhjdjd hdjdjdudjdjdjdhjdjd

    what the fuck is rollerderby

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