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Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Online Pep Rally | Posted on 19-11-2008

Barmans Hot Dog Story

Ad Hustler


  1. I will begin the discussion. Although is usually straight up gangsta, this story hits home for me. Turn off the news, stop looking at whats going on around you and concentrate on what you do best. We can all thrive in a down economy.

  2. I’d try to participate in the discussion, but I’ve been recessed since before the recession even started looking like it was going to proceed with the receding…or something…

  3. @Marc – Huh? Either way LOL :)

  4. Good story. I guess the takeaway is that you shouldn’t listen too much to what others say about what works or what doesn’t. Test it for yourself!

  5. @Hock – Exactly my friend. Just because the economy is bad doesnt mean you should get down and make decisions based on it. Now get out and sell some weiners.

  6. I saw the stock market had been dropping, so I took down my acai blog. I figured if stocks were down no one has money to buy acai anymore.

  7. @Brandon – Good call :)

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