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Positive Business Relationships

When you work for yourself or have your own businesses, some people (myself included) begin to take on the attitude that they don’t NEED anyone else.  You get so used to working alone on your own projects that the only one you ever depend on is yourself.  This can stifle you in many ways.  Imagine your having a problem with an important script on your web server.  The script keeps crashing and now it’s taking the entire server down with it.  If you have the same mentality as me, you jump in and try to sort out the problem.  You spend 6 hours tweaking and fiddling and it’s finally fixed.  Go you!

In the 6 hours you fiddled with your script what else could you have done?  How many campaigns could you have launched?  How many ideas could you have come up with?  Time is money in this business.  Having someone you can rely on or just an associate to bounce ideas off of can sometimes save you from wasting huge amounts of time on stupid ideas or time consuming projects.

Just last week I had one of my oscommerce based sites go completely whacky.  I have no idea what caused the problem.  Rather then trying to fiddle with it I emailed someone I have worked with on OsCommerce sites; Lauren Billings.  Lauren is an OsCommerce expert, took a look at it, and in minutes had it fixed.  This same fix could have cost me lots of time.  This is a great example of a postitive business relationship.

If your currently a loner, find some people who know what they are doing and get to know them a bit.  It may save your butt down the line.

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  1. Good plan. Eventually you realize, the harder you work alone, the more its like you’re working a regular job. Real business is delegation.

  2. travis travis

    Take the money it would cost you to do it (don’t forget how you time can compound), and subtract the money it costs them to do it. pay which ever is better.

    me doing it vs. Professional
    10hr x $50 =$500 – 250 = 250 in the black!

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