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Opportunity Does Not = GOOD Opportunity

Every day I see opportunity.  Every day I am offered a new opportunity.

As affiliate marketers i’m sure that you are offered a lot of new & exciting opportunities on a regular basis.  A new offer hits the network, you hear some guy is making $10,000/mo on some obscure offer, someone wants you to build them a website, an up and coming affiliate network wants you to be a partner, some guy with an idea wants you to execute it for half the revenue.  The opportunities are endless.

What I notice is that a lot of people I know chase opportunities, not necessarily GOOD opportunities.  Just because an opportunity presents itself it doesn’t mean you need to jump on it.  Stop chasing the short term dollars and start thinking about the long term picture.  You’re not going to be successful doing a million different things all of which take a significant amount of your time.  The truly successful people typically concentrate on ONE thing and become GREAT at it.

At the end of the day your profitability may be based on the opportunities you DIDN’T take rather than the ones you did.  Learn to say no.

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  1. Gregg_Sugerman Gregg_Sugerman

    so for the those still relatively new/starting out/looking for their way- you would recommend sticking with ONE traffic source and ONE vertical (just as an example) until you really mastered that or is that too myopic?

  2. Very true indeed, I see this every day and have wasted time doing these very things.

  3. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    Ive done it too, i speak from experience 😉

  4. “Some guy with an idea wants you to execute it for half the revenue”

    That really spoke to me. Thanks for reminding to learn to say no !
    No, Nein, non !

  5. Very well said. It’s something I’ve been thinking about all these “local business marketing” offers that are being promoted currently. Sure, local businesses represent an income opportunity, but do you really want to run a webdesign and -optimization company? Getting into something like that in the hopes of making a few quick bucks seems a bit silly to me.

  6. Amen brother. This is one of the things I actually suffer the most, and glad to hear that I am the only one. The difference though is not you only recognize the problem, but is discipline enough to know what to focus on. So again… Right on!

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