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Never Trust Your Clients

Seriously….whatever they say, just ignore.  Formulate your own data and make decisions based on YOUR data.  I have clients tell me left and right that no one reads the fine print.  They just look at the big number and decide if they are interested or not.  Not true my friends.  Eye tracking technology says differently.

Fine Print

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  1. Your wrong… salesmen / dealership Gm’s clients don’t lie…..

  2. Or maybe the title should be, “Never Trust Your Clients, Especially If He’s A Used Car Dealer”

    Would love a CrazyEgg for real people … it would be great to see the eye tracking on those used car salesmen when a hot woman walks by.

  3. Haha that’s a way to prove a point. I normally thought that the consumer would look at the number and decide but now if I think about it they probably want to know what the money is worth so they see what the cars include.


  4. Shawn Shawn

    I’m in the Car Business(sales) new to the advertising world. What are some great ways to make ads that generate great quality leads and being very inexpensive(cheap) to do. Please share your wisdom.

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