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Looking For Sponsors…

No not me…  My buddy Darren is looking for Sponsors for his kick ass marketing parties.  The reason I promote these parties like Affiliate Ball, Marketers Ball etc is because the parties are actually GOOD & FUN!  There’s no sales crap, everyone is invited and you get to see big name acts perform.  Affiliate Ball and some of Darren’s other parties are looking for sponsors.  I’ve seen how he treats his sponsors and the kind of exposure they get so jumping on board could be a good thing for your company.

So here’s the official scoop

CPAWAY Presents Xposure 2011 during Ad Tech

Sponsors include: CPAWAY, AdscendMedia, Rushcard and Payvment

RSVP here

Looking for a last second great deal on a sponsorship or a reserved table in the VIP with a great view of the stage? VIP’s are included with all packages, hit up

The Las Vegas Affiliate Summit 2012 Affiliate Ball is also in the works. CPAWAY already locked in the title sponsorship but they are looking for other sponsors as well. A HUGE artist is in negotiations with Affiliate Ball. As soon as I can drop who that is, I will do so here on

This is NOT a paid post.

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  1. Good information on sponsoring parties. Thanks

  2. Steve White Steve White

    But they are not good and fun.

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