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Local Online Marketing Skype Group

I’ve been considering putting together a skype group of people who do local online marketing so that we can talk and share ideas.  No cost obviously.  Anyone interested?  Leave your skype id in the comments and i’ll add you.

11/18/2011 Quick Update: The group is on fire.  Lots of interest and lots of members and some good discussions too.

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  1. Interested. SkypeID = ***

  2. Interested. skype – do you mind emailing me please. I don’t want spammers getting my skype id.

  3. Aaron Aaron


    i have expirience in local seo, let’s discuss ideas

  4. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    I’m deleting everyone’s skype ids from the blog almost immediately upon you posting them.

  5. Sean Sean

    I’m interested – “***”

  6. Flavia Flavia

    Interested! 🙂


  7. I’d be interested.

    Skype – ***

  8. Charles Charles

    Great idea!!

    My Skype is ***


  9. Stela Stela

    Sounds great!
    My skype is: ***

    Thank you very much!

  10. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    Wow, lots of interest….good thing to see 🙂

  11. Constantin Constantin



  12. excellent idea.

    skype is ***

  13. Aaron Aaron

    I’m in! Skype is ***

  14. Edgar Edgar

    I’m in! Skype: ***

  15. Alex Alex


  16. patates patates


  17. Arun Arun

    Please add me on skype- ***

  18. Tom Tom

    Is it too late? My skype id is: ***

  19. Aghper Jan Aghper Jan

    skype: ***

  20. Lee Lee

    Include me if you don’t mind – *** on Skype.

  21. Zeal Zeal

    Hope group is still open 🙂

    Skype: ***

  22. Mike (formerly SEO_Mike) Mike (formerly SEO_Mike)

    Skype: ***

  23. Hey I need to be apart of this skype is ***

  24. Very interested! Thanks for offering to put this together skype id is: stevekilberg

  25. kaps kaps

    *** , help u out with landers

  26. sebastian sebastian

    I’m in and i do this add me.
    Thanks and awesome blog

  27. Sebastian Sebastian

    i forgot my skype: ***

    please delete it after u get it

  28. Brent Brent

    Skype ID = ***

  29. sg sg

    This still going on? Couple months without deleting ids…

    skype id: ***

  30. skype: ***

    Hopefully this is still going on!

  31. please add me to the local online skype group ***

  32. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    All of you suckas have been added to my contacts. When you accept, i’ll add you to the group. And yes, it’s still active.

  33. bama bama

    erick.d.griffin add me to the group please

  34. Phillip Phillip

    Add me to the group!

  35. Skype group still open? If so, my Skype ID is ***

  36. Ali Ali


  37. Darryl Darryl

    Skype Group still going? Was referred to this page.

    SkypeID: darryltott

  38. romit sharma romit sharma


  39. Skype : zak718
    Cent wait to make some contacts

  40. MM Secrets MM Secrets

    skype: marketingmafiagroup

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