VIDEO: Local Lead Generation — Heaven & Hell From Affiliate Summit West 2011

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This was a session in which myself and Amanda Orson spoke about local lead gen at Affiliate Summit West 2011.  Hope it helps some of you.


  1. Good talk guys, having never done any local I have more desire to try some out now.

  2. It’s really a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. thanks for making this video available.

  4. can you post your slides from this presentation too?

  5. Slides are here:

    I also did a follow-up post on it after the session here:

    Ad Hustler is the man in local lead gen, btw. Ask him loads of questions.

  6. @Amanda – Doesn’t it feel like we did this session FOREVER ago?

  7. Yes. SO much has changed. Especially on the Local SEO side of things. And there are so many more opportunities in the world of local display or local PPC. Or maybe I’ve just figured more out? Not sure. But yes, this whole session feels… archaic.

  8. Thanks for getting this up. I’d been hoping it would get posted.

    I’ve also found working with some of these local business owners frustrating at times. I’ve seen HORRIBLE management of phone calls, customers cancel contracts when I was getting them outstanding ROIs, customers offer me $5/lead on services whose avg customer value is $1000 profit, and all kinds of other headaches. Its not a perfect model but if you’re not afraid to network, work the phone, and get in front of people (basically if you have some offline as well as online sales skills) it can be very profitable.

    Also regarding local SEO on Google and all of its bugs, changing policies, and inconsistencies: Good luck bros ;>

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