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How’s Everyone Doing?

Hey, wanted to pop in and see how everyone’s doing…I know i’ve been quiet.  Working on a ton of projects at once takes a lot out of me and I haven’t been inspired to write.  Are there any topics you all would like to read about?  Leave me a comment, try to inspire me!

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  1. Rob Rob

    Busy as always! What about a post on general business practices or something related to the business side of things that aren’t normally talked about? How to price something, how to manage something, etc?

  2. Pricing strategy would be cool. Or perhaps something on researching your market and developing a target customer profile.

  3. +1 for pricing strategy here too. One of the biggest problems I have when creating a service is knowing how much I should charge.

  4. aghper aghper

    maybe share about your “Working on a ton of projects at once” how you manage your time are you doing offline,seo,ppc…

  5. More case studies! The local car dealership one was great.

  6. Aghper Jan Aghper Jan

    yes car dealership is good idea.

  7. temple temple

    How about a post on talking women into threesomes?

  8. post about free ways to make money with cpa offers.

  9. Trust93 Trust93

    Any helpful info about how to prolong the life of your Facebook ads account or how to make new Facebook accounts without getting them banned the second you add your funding source.

    That would be GOLD

  10. I’m trying to identify photos that don’t even please help that’s question of my life becoz m blocked and my cute friends or family members lost m so cry plz help open my fb account …

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