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  1. nice nice I got one too! I thought it was a bit disrespect when I got 2.02 cents. then it hit me 202 haha – your hella baller now

  2. Just think… that’s equal to 10 PPC clicks, assuming your max CPC is $0.20 cents each.

  3. Heya ballers,
    Living large.

    Don’t spend it all at one place now.

  4. Google Search Sux Google Search Sux

    Dumb Comment #1 (Per PPC.BZ )

    I wonder how many Indian accounts it will take to pay a month of rent.

  5. DXL DXL

    Clever PR by Revolution202: a dedicated blog post and link for just over two bucks.

  6. stumpyb stumpyb

    wtf, I only got $2.01 .. I’m serious too. I really didn’t get it, now it makes more sense.

  7. Haha, that’s an awesome marketing tactic… congrats on your big earnings 😉

  8. My grandmother used to give out the $2 bills for birthdays. They were cool until I heard about the $3 bill and being queer.

  9. @Stumpy – That’s hilarious, I’m glad I could help make sense of it for you. I’m imagining your face opening the envelope getting $2.01 and saying “What The F@#K”?

  10. Amyrhiz Amyrhiz

    I made $2 in an half hour..You’re lucky because you get that in just second. 😀

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