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Google Adwords Feature Request – Real Time Stats

Does anyone else notice that Google has been just about stagnent with their Google Adwords system?  Yea yea they are releasing a new interface and if making our lives harder every day wih stupid quality score changes is considered an upgrade to their system, then I guess they are doing that too.

I have a feature request.  I want real time stats!  If not real time stats, at least stats that are somewhat close to real time.  I can launch a new campaign and see tons and tons of traffic flowing through my “spy” on prosper202 but not see an update to my cost data on Google for over an hour.  That is a ridiculously long time to wait.  Even Facebook gets you faster stats then that.

This is the big G here.  They expect an awful lot of their advertisers.  Why shouldn’t their advertisers be able to expect a semi-simple thing like knowing how much they’ve spent when they look at their stats?

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  1. jdog jdog

    Ya stats and advertising spend differs if you look at account snapshot and campaign spend

  2. > It’s a great way to waste shit-tons of cash

    Which may explain why it is the way it is…

  3. > Which may explain why it is the way it is…

    Well look at it this way, $1k quicky in the bush versus 10k or more in a long nice solid campaign. Now what’s in their interest?

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