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Google Adwords Account Limits

I just got the most dreaded of all Google Adwords Editor messages:

I loathe error number 17.  I happen to get it a lot because I launch a ton of campaigns.  The most common way to get this error is to have more then 25 active campaigns.  I loathe this message because it means more work for me.  I would much rather manage all of my campaigns in one Adwords account but of course Google has to make it difficult.  At this point I have 8 Adwords accounts.  Pulling data from 8 Adwords accounts and loading it into my tracker becomes cumbersome because I need to create and upload 8 different reports.

My plea to Google is this: Let the people spending money with you, spend their money easily.  There is no need to make our lives a royal pain in the you know what.  Let us run unlimited (or at least a realistic) number of campaigns in one account.

That is all for now.

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  1. Hear, hear! (Or is it “here, here”?) I AGREE!!! Lift the limits! I used “brute force” software to create 1000s of keywords, bids and ads, thinking I was going to make a killing, and hit Error 17 the first time out!

  2. Sarah Sarah

    All you have to do is ask your account rep to raise the limits. If you ask them to maximize your limits, you can have 100 campaigns & 1 million kws.

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