Google Adwords Account Limits

Posted by Ad Hustler | Posted in Search Engines | Posted on 24-09-2008

I just got the most dreaded of all Google Adwords Editor messages:

I loathe error number 17.  I happen to get it a lot because I launch a ton of campaigns.  The most common way to get this error is to have more then 25 active campaigns.  I loathe this message because it means more work for me.  I would much rather manage all of my campaigns in one Adwords account but of course Google has to make it difficult.  At this point I have 8 Adwords accounts.  Pulling data from 8 Adwords accounts and loading it into my tracker becomes cumbersome because I need to create and upload 8 different reports.

My plea to Google is this: Let the people spending money with you, spend their money easily.  There is no need to make our lives a royal pain in the you know what.  Let us run unlimited (or at least a realistic) number of campaigns in one account.

That is all for now.

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  1. Hear, hear! (Or is it “here, here”?) I AGREE!!! Lift the limits! I used “brute force” software to create 1000s of keywords, bids and ads, thinking I was going to make a killing, and hit Error 17 the first time out!

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  3. All you have to do is ask your account rep to raise the limits. If you ask them to maximize your limits, you can have 100 campaigns & 1 million kws.

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