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  1. Amit Amit

    This just became my favorite video, I was having dull day up to now and not anymore. LOL

  2. Hurrdurrr Hurrdurrr

    OMFG, that was hilarious.

  3. Lorenzo Lorenzo

    hahahah the googles!

  4. benevolentforce benevolentforce

    SE0 is so passe. SE1 is much better for the Bing.


  5. I almost pissed myself…. “are you familiar with ninja optimization”…

  6. aw snap… shane dollas gettin’ on the c2m grind!!

  7. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    A really funny video for sure.

  8. What a sad bunch of assvipes!!!!! Public humiliation is not funny.

  9. Who gives a fuck about who gets exepted into your little network.Hundreds of good ones with the same offers. If i meet your sorry ass on an affiliate summit i might smack you bitch.

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