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Call Me Reverend…

I recently became an ordained minister.  I am being told that I now have these rights:

  • Perform marriages, funerals, baptisms, ceremonial rites, and last rites.
  • Start your own church, be it brick & mortar or online.
  • Absolve others of their sins.
  • Use the title Reverend, Minister, Healer, Educator etc

I figured I would share this fantastic news with all of you.  If you are getting married or need your sins absolved, Ad Hustler is here for you!

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  1. Starting a church has amazing tax breaks.

  2. I thought only peasants believe in religion? God bless us all 😉

  3. Ed Ed

    Universal life church? or like me, a subgenius….

  4. “There will soon be no more priests… They may wait awhile, perhaps a generation or two, dropping off by degrees. A superior breed shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and every man shall be his own priest.” -Walt Whitman (1819 – 1892) Leaves of Grass

  5. brian brian

    Testimonials from Reverends on LPs increase CVRs by 10-20%. Good work!

  6. Matt Matt

    Don’t keep us in suspense. What is the background story for pursuing this?

  7. Nimble Digit Nimble Digit

    You have officially jump the shark Fonzi

  8. Online sin absolution could be big business! Especially if there was an iPhone app that would keep track of your sins in a database, and then you just upload that data each month to your ordained minister’s website. And get a receipt with your penance.

  9. Steve Steve

    Now if you can figure a way to get an auctioneer’s license online, you’d be COLONEL Reverend Ad Hustler.

    Or, if your real last name is ‘Angus’, you could choose instead to be called Minister Colonel Angus… which would result in an awesome pickup line.

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