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Brainstorm: Things That Still Need Advertising In A Down Economy

This has been spoken about time and time again.  Just because it’s a bad economy out there, doesn’t meen that as an advertiser you just close up shop.  There are plenty of industries/products that still need advertising and that the general public is still “buying.”  I will throw out some ideas, if any readers can contribute, please do so in the comments:

Weight Loss – People are always going to be overweight and overweight people are always looking for a magic bullet.  Sell them some weight loss pills.

Dating – Guys are always going to be horny.  Play on that male need/fantasy and get them to sign up for dating websites.

Mobile Offers – Let’s face it.  These are just about the sketchiest offers on the net.  Since most people don’t even realize they are subscribing to these services, the economy doesn’t effect it.

Email & Zip Submits – Everyone loves free.  Getting someone to enter an email address or a zip code is really not hard.  Also, if you think there’s no money in these because the payout is only $1-$2, think again.

Insurance – Although insurance is a financial product, it’s a needed product.  If you drive, you NEED auto insurance and if you have a home, you NEED homeowners insurance.  Fill that need and make some bank in the process.

Debt Relief – After these retards buy their weight loss pills, subscribe to adult friend finder and get duped into a mobile offer, they will find out they don’t have the money to pay their credit card bills.  Not a problem, get them to sign up for debt relief offers.  These usually pay out really good and its just a short form.  Just make sure you get them at least 10k in debt first since thats the minimum on most of the offers.

Any other ideas?  Please share…

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  1. You actually made me think of something funny. We should just start making a with everything laid out…sign up for these offers, weight loss, free ringtones, etc and in about a month when you get your CC bill, we’ll send you to a debt relief offer which after that you can go and check your free credit score to see just how fucked you are.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    After they get their credit score in the 700’s its time to do some mortgage lead generation.

  3. The economy’s shift can actually help affiliates, so thank you for pointing out some great verticals! Of course, there are going to be negatives, but look at it as a new opportunity. You can increase your earnings by trying a new offer or vertical you wouldn’t normally promote.

  4. @Dina – Precisely. Keep Hustlin’ and you’ll keep makin bank.

  5. Vinny Lingo Vinny Lingo

    There’s a phrase coined by Leonard Lauder… The “lipstick effect.” He said women load up on affordable luxuries in a recession. So stuff that isn’t a need, but isn’t extravagant should do well.

  6. @Vinny – Good point. One thing I should add to my initial list is:

    Value – CPA offers are not the only game in town. Affiliates can look towards sales based affiliate networks like CJ, Linkshare and Shareasale. If there are merchants that are blowing out items like TV’s, Computers or anything for that matter at ridiculously low prices, thats an opportunity to bank. If an economy is down it doesn’t mean people don’t buy ANYTHING. Walk into your hometown mall and you are still going to see tons of people in the mall buying things. If there is an excellent value proposition, like a TV, reduced $1,000, there is a very good chance that item is still an easy sale.

    If you use your head, its pretty easy to figure out what sells, in any economic time.

  7. I would add in BIZ OPP with a big !

  8. You could also mention Foreclosure offers / loan modification offers.

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