Banned From Warrior Forum

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  1. Dont worry, You are a better man having been kicked from there.

  2. Ruck, sooo true. I was hustling a service on there in my signature, but to get booted is pretty silly. Warrior Forum is GREAT for one thing though : USELESS THREADS! Just figuring out something to respond in those threads made my head hurt. :)

  3. Bahaha! I got banned for a week once… for a damn signature, just like you.

    I also got warnings for trying to answer php questions from newbies too!

    I can’t stand that forum.

  4. I did not know how to browse that forum anyways. Stick to WF. I like it there and insist that you stick to it ONLY.

  5. What kind of asswipes these people are at warrior forums? They just ban you without a warning in couple of post? Even if you done nothing wrong and just went there nicely. They must the king asswipes of all forums

  6. I just got banned too!

  7. They are tool boxes. No worries.

  8. The Warrior Forum hates free speech. Here’s my experience being banned by those facist cowards: . Of course, I can return to the Warrior Forum at will and I can open as many accounts there as I want. However I, like so many others, have abandoned the WF for good. Their policy of censorship makes it a very unwelcoming forum for all network marketers. I have banned the Warrior Forum from my marketing endeavors. More and more marketers are doing the same every day.

  9. I just got banned, 1 hour after opening the account, must be some sort of record?.
    I wasn’t using a signature or posting spam just commenting on the forum?.
    What a joke

  10. Wow, sure would be nice if I knew what I did to get banned. I barely post on there cause most of the time they won’t allow it because I don’t have enough posts. Go figure.

  11. i got banned for writing a negative review of a product? what gives

  12. Hello

    OK — I was thinking about joining the WF, besides the getting banned problem, do you all think the website/forum is worth paying to join? Why or Why Not?


  13. I was banned to. Guessing cause someone asked for some recommendation of a site and I sent them the link. I only had 26 posts…. lol

  14. Squidoo is banning free speech now. Their recent censorship policy has locked thousands of lenses. In fact my Squidoo Lens about Warrior Forum’s ridiculous banning policy was just locked! It had been in the Squidoo Top 100, received lots of traffic, p1 of Google and contained very useful content. However Seth Godin and his fellow free speech haters at Squidoo saw fit to censor me. Unlike the Warrior Forum and Squidoo, thankfully there are many websites who still welcome and in fact cherish freedom of speech.

  15. I was banned for “bumping old posts.” I have no idea what that means. These asswipes do not have the courtesy to even send me an email telling me I have been banned. I found out by clicking on a forum link that someone sent to me via email. When I clicked it, I got the freakin notice on a WF page that popped up. Said I was banned until Jul 20. I have no idea how long it has been since I have not visited the site for the past 2 weeks.

    Like someone else said, all I do there is read and post. I have no sig file and no one could eer say I was trying to market anything. Most of my posts are quickies.

    Boggles my mind. I find it an insult and highly stupid, so I am likewise through with them and will pass the word along.

    Perhaps I missed it, but if people can get banned so easily, there should be rules plainly listed on the site that inform us what these foolish “banning” rules are.

  16. I have contributed hundreds of positive, constructive posts based on years of experience, and received many thanks, and today got banned for disagreeing with someone, I assume a mod, who follows me around trying to provoke me.

  17. I was a member only about a month when I logged on and said I was banned for life for spamming the forum. That was an absolute lie. I had only 13 posts so how could I spam when I couldn’t have any links or sig files in my posts? I also couldn’t spam the members with PM’s because with my few posts I could only PM the staff.

    I sent them a support ticket to tell them to look at all my posts and tell me how could I be accused of spam? Not too shocking, they have not got back to me.

  18. I get banned too! And I don’t know why! I just signed up as a member few days ago. I have only posted one thread and there wasn’t any link or signature at all in that thread! I was just sharing my experience of how I joined a coaching program and trying to give some values to the rest. I didn’t even promote that site! Ahh~ I was so angry and upset. How can I spammed the forum with only one thread?? Ya and I did send a ticket to ask them too. Not get back to me yet also. Are they really can’t be bother at all because of there are already TOO MANY members in there?
    Any other similar forum you guys recommend by the way?

  19. I just got banned for life.
    What a fcukin joke!! ive posted many good posts on there, helped loads of people, and got thanked many times, and tonight i got banned for “Spamming”..

    I’m a paid up member of the WarRoom also, so unless i get a reply from the helpdesk as to why ive been banned, i’ll be chasing Paypal and my Credit Card company for a refund, and i’ll spend my $37 building a site to warn the world about how crap the WF really is…

  20. WTF???!??!

    I got banned after 1 day –

    I did have a sig, and someone told me it was not kosher (font was too big was all), so I said thanks for letting me know, I changed it – everything was cool, next day – I get the “banned for life” due to spamming message?!?!?

    Oh well, I am glad I came across this page…

    Made me feel better…

    F^$&! em…. :-)

  21. I want to play!

    yep, banned as well. spamming. same case as most here, I wasn’t spamming, just happed to say something a mod didn’t like.

  22. I wanted to add…

    not much of a loss, as far as I can tell the site is mainly targeted at getting newbies to buy their wso pdf’s and videos.

    funny, I was banned by a site for spamming when the people who run the site make a living selling pdf files explaining how to spam other sites for backlinks.

  23. well i got banned yesterday for my signature. and i was a member for over 24 hrs only ! i felt so bad but reading your comments made me feel better . so guys suggest what are the other forums you visit .

  24. They just banned me for 30 days – even accused me of racism and threatened to have my ISP close my acct – my ISP probably laughed at them.

    I am quite pissed at being called a racist – read about it here:

    No wonder so many people have gotten angry at WF – but I still love that forum – just hate the mods

  25. A poster in the copywriting section was looking for a budget priced copywriting deal, I suggested that he might want to look at my WSO which would be coming up shortly.

    A few hours later, I constructed my WSO thread (this morning) – I paid my $20 for it, it appeared on the site — 5 minutes literally pass and I get banned, didn’t even have time to reply to my first interested person.

    Absolutely pathetic.

    The forum is great, the mods are a complete bunch of idiots.

    Stuff em, I ain’t going back there again.

    The internet is a big enough place to make a success in business as long as you maintain a good positive, forward thinking attitude.

    Internet marketing does not revolve solely around the Warrior Forum.

    Just shows how a couple of rotten apples can spoil the whole barrel.

    Oh well, life goes on.

  26. Hey, just found this when searching for “banned warrior forum account.” I “thought” I was doing something legit to spread the word on my new book. Had no clue I did it wrong. Yes, I even read the “forum rules” but so many people paint their business info I thought I was safe. I’m not even sure still how I did it wrong. It says my ban will be lifted “never.” Wow, can’t a girl make a mistake? I was hoping I’d get the chance to ask what I did and that I wouldnt’ do it again and that it was an honest mistake but I can’t even do that! geesh

  27. Hey Guys, I do a lot of Good online and give Lots of stuff Generously, I did my best to help people even at WF, I dont know why I have been banned, no worries, life goes on,,,,,,,,,,,,Hey dudes, all of you should move on and get on with something wonderful, life changes, everything is bound to change, Be Positive, Go ahead, get howie’s stuff and get cash pumping in,,,,,,,,, Im planning to go in for them.
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    Tk, Sweet — LovelylovelyGuy

  28. It is a similar story with me. I was an active member of warrior forum, contributing, commenting, enaging then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I’m banned. No warning, nothing.

    I don’t have a clue as to what I did wrong. Is there any way of getting in touch with these people or person?

    This is insane not to give people a warning or give the benefit of the doubt. If anyone has a clue how to communicate with them, please tell.

    Also, if anyone has had success creating a new account, let me know.


  29. Hi! Got the same situation. Just replied to a post who asked for help and got banned in 6 hours forever. There’s something wrong with those people and as I can see there are more to leave from them coz of it. Sure they keep the traffic and they don’t care about us. So they lose nothing banning us.
    Anyway there are lots more grreat forums we could live in and just spread the word there. So Life goes on.. =)

  30. Hey guys , hope u checked the previous post of howie’s websites, I think that will remove off WF ban from your hearts if you keep reading the sales letters of howie and how much inspiration he gives in those links, do it n see, if possible, subscribe to him so u get 36 niches free pdf and free 15 web 2 properties in 3 pdf’s which google loves, experiment on them, it will be great and u can check u rankings soar up !
    P.S: Today I searched and found another power of howie for just $47 and it has a line which says that u can show ur ad 70 million times on utube — it is called howie’s bathroom bonanza, I plan to get it and rock!

  31. Yup, same thing here, for no reason said it was due to “spamming” uh, what? Crazy…only had about 10 posts…all helping others…wow!!! BANNED FOR LIFE…BwaaaHAaaaHAaa…I think they like the power trip, personally…but great things are happening to me since NOT spending hours daily there…like they say “everything happens for a reason!”

  32. Yup Greg, everything happens for a reason and some people come for a season.
    If we were out from there it may be because we helped someone and someelse marked us as spam, n because a forum is a closed space, the reason may be a personal one too, may be the owners did not like the marketer of whose program we were an affiliate ( I may be wrong here, but it is my judgement, ) anyways we can make this place a wonderful one , wat do ya say?

  33. I posted a message asking about a certain internet marketer. This person was already the subject of the thread I was posting in. I gave my experience, and asked if others had had the same. I said nothing negative, except that I had decided not to go into business with that person (no reason given).

    I gave no links, no signature, and not even my surname. But I was banned for life for spamming. Crikey! No warnings, no contact details given, no nothing.

    I am wondering whether the person that was being discussed, or his MANY business associates, is in control of that forum.

  34. The Warrior Forum is falling apart. Many years ago Allen Says made money dishonestly…he hasn’t made a dime online since…except for the scam money he makes as owner of the Warrior Forum.

  35. Can someone welcome me to the club?

    I just got banned …again… and I have tried to go round it by creating other emails and setting up other accounts.. problem is they seem to find me and just ban me like that..

    And the reasons are not provided… and if it is what i think it is, then the reason is ultra stupid.

    anyway… is there a huge market of people out there who’ve been banned from WF?

    If I wanna do a JV to create another forum like WF, for IM’ers…anyone keen on this with me?

    If yes…email me at to discuss

  36. Hi Bryan, Great Idea man! Infact the Jv method is a great way to grow. Will keep in touch soon, as of now, check and u can take a jv software there n setup a
    minijv event straightaway. Advanced Jv software is jv manager 2, the best. Even I have plans to do such a Jv. Will let u know.
    There are many other forums, WF is not the end, also if you want to have the services of the WF members, u can contact them from outside and take their services. No one can say anything. He he !

  37. I am in the final stages of setting up an alternative to the WF. I am very keen to get helpers/moderators/jv’ers on board with me.

    Please email me privately on if you would like to discuss this further. Let me know what your proposal is, because right now my nose is too close to the proverbial grindstone of setting this thing up, to be able to think of partnership ideas!

    I’ll let you all know the URL when it is set up, because I am trying to, um, observe (grin) as much as I can of the WF before my one goes live. You never know what might change on WF after this!


  38. Oh yes. One more thing. If you want to get back onto WF, this is what worked for me.

    Use another browser.

    I was originally banned when I was on Explorer. So I installed Google Chrome and could get back on. I created a new userid, of course.

    I have now been banned four times, and thank goodness there are plenty of browsers out there!

    I can also get in using my iPhone, if I delete cookies first. I use this for browsing only, because it is tedious to type with.

    But every time I have posted I have been banned, for life. So I don’t know what the heck these people are on, but it certainly doesn’t encourage participation.

    In my new forum, I won’t be having any “War Room” type of setup, because I think that is just plain rude. Sure, it might be necessary to suspend or ban members sometimes, but I think if someone has paid a membership then gets banned from using it, there should be some sort of legal action taken for not providing the service that was paid for.

    Just my 2 cents worth!


  39. Hi fellow WF Haters 😀

    Let me tell you all my story too. This is the 13th time i got Banned by WF for no reason. Those idiots just put that note saying i was Spamming. LOL how can i spam with just 10-15 posts. Anyway, i opened a new Thread in the Programming section asking them to check why my Link Building Services site did not fit properly in 1400×900 monitors.
    Too bad, WF members cant be able to Buy the 10000 Permanent Backlinks package i wanted to promote it via Signature. Others, just check my site if you like quick and permanent Backlinks.

  40. OK, what do you think?


  41. Fair enough – I posted a link to my new forum but it is awaiting moderation.

    If you want to know where it is, email me – .


  42. Hi Christine,,

    I have sent u an email

  43. OK, I’m a member of the club, too, as of 11 Nov, spamming. didn’t & never have. After reading comments here, I suspect I said something that someone didn’t like and spamming just an excuse. I have all the complaints expressed above, of course.

    Have you seen Allan Says squeeze page for the War Room? Almost 4000 words and the biggest load of hype I’ve ever seen. Dec 1st we might get our revenge by way of the FTC.

    He’s offering a money back guarantee, and I don’t remember seeing that offered to the existing members of the forum; can’t get back on to check, of course. While I was still a member, I wasn’t even aware that the squeeze page had been put up, and I doubt that most of the other members were, either. I only found it when googling while trying to find out what the #$@% had happened.

  44. I just found another way to get back onto the WF after having been banned. I don’t quite understand how this works, so I am hoping someone else can check it for me and see if it works for them too…

    Go to Google, and do a search on something (anything) that includes the words Warrior Forum. I used Warrior Forum Scam.

    Some of the links you are given will be to pages in the WF that have been “archived”. Click on one of these, and then you get a link near the top of the page to the WF home page. Voila! Click on that and you’re in!

    Of course, you would then have to re-register a new username with a new email address so you aren’t recognised as the previous, banned, visitor.

    Or you can just join my new forum instead (grin). I’m still looking for moderators!


  45. Hey Guys, Guess what, i just read that I am banned forever for spamming the forum.

    You know what? I did 1 post.ONE fucken post overall, Ive been there since a week.

    They can KISS MY ASS

  46. If youre a paid member of the War Room and you get banned, just open a ticket with PayPal and you will get your money back. worked for me anyway… :)

  47. @Joe. That’s good to know. PayPal is probably pretty busy these days. lol

    @Christine. I haven’t been able to get back in with anything I’ve tried; I would like to look around and see if I can pinpoint the post that probably got me banned.

    I suspect that I did get into the OLD forum (I wasn’t a member then) by using the ‘archived’ tim you mentioned. I didn’t notice at the time whether or not it was archived. Getting in wasn’t helpful, but it was interesting. I looked around quite a bit, and I saw only one name that I recognized as a current member.

  48. For those trying to get back in, just use Google Chrome’s “Incognito mode”.. when you get back into the forum, you will find all your posts have been deleted…

  49. I hope I’m not going to get myself banned from another forum, this one, because I mentioned some other one. There is a long (4 pages) and oldish thread at,813.0.html that has a lot of ‘insider information’ about how WF forum works. Look for posts by Terry Crim, a moderator (off and on, he says) there.

    However, there is discussion about there no longer being a moderator system in place; instead, the members are doing it. Enthusiastically, I would say.

    From reading that thread, I’m pretty sure about what post got me banned, and it didn’t have anything to do with SPAM! I responded *in support* of someone complaining about deterioration of the War Room since it was opened to the public by subscription. I’d love to know if the entire thread was deleted and/or if the OP was banned, too.

  50. Whoa…lots of action going on here the last few days. Feel free to talk, no one is getting banned :) – Tell your friends to subscribe to

  51. @Ad Hustler. Thanks for that. I didn’t really think I would be banned, but after all you never know and I am new here. That thread I recommended talked about WF moderators banning you just because they didn’t like you or didn’t like what you said.

    I WILL be recommending this forum to my blog readers. Not only am I looking for a new forum home, I am ‘researching’ for a post on my blog about my banning and will be removing WF from recommendation, replacing it with this one and one or two others.

  52. This is a blog, not a forum but enjoy nonetheless 😉

  53. SORRY! So why didn’t you fix it? I don’t see any way to get in and edit, and I really don’t like that kind of sloppy writing–whether it has my name on it or someone else’s.

  54. @Joe Are you sure all of your posts are deleted when you’ve been banned? Not on WF, I don’t think, but I know I have seen an avatar with ‘banned’ underneath. I assumed posts weren’t removed because it would disrupt threads, i.e., if a banned person posted (not as OP) and others responded to his post, their posts would probably be meaningless and confusing to readers who didn’t know what had happened.

    I’d be delighted if all of my posts were deleted. The truly upsetting thing about all of this to me is the humiliation and embarrassment of being branded a wrongdoer. Human nature being what it is, people will believe I was guilty–and probably of something worse than what I was actually banned for (although I can’t think of anything more damning than spamming at the moment).

    I do and have used the same username and avatar everywhere, so this would be following me. I work hard at maintaining my integrity in every aspect of my life, so this has been a real blow to me.

  55. @jo pretty sure my posts were deleted. when i managed to get back in to the forum i did a search and was unable to find my posts.

    Dont worry about being banned, the web is a big place, and if youre into internet marketing your customers are likely to be people way less ‘internet savy’ than you and I, so dont worry about being banned from WF, its not going to have any impact on your ability to make cash from the web, infact start blogging about it and you can make money from the situation :)

  56. @Joe. You are so kind to offer that reassurance. I’ve been trying to write some posts about it but am still too bent out of shape to to be coherent.

    I’m not big on forums and never have been particularly active on WF, but I actually don’t remember ever having seen any name or avatar marked banned there. Since there seem to be so many of us, it seems like I would have if the posts were left up. I do hope you’re right, and thanks again for your input.

  57. @Jo. A thick skin comes in handy for online marketing pursuits, hey?

    You haven’t arrived until you’ve been unfairly banned somewhere online.

    I’ve been banned on the Warrior Forum plus Squidoo (lenses blocked). I’ve been kicked out of YouTube so many times I have the YouTube logo permanently imprinted on my ass.

    Without cause, WF will ban anyone. The inmates are running the asylum over there. Squidoo didn’t like my lens (made Top 100) criticizing WF, so they blocked it (along with all my lenses), then allowed a Warrior Forum sycophant to steal my lens url, erase my article and publish some drivel praising WF. Seth Godin is a Purple Cow Coward!

    My YouTube videos dominated page 1 of all the keywords I worked on. This caused jealousy among some of my competitors so they dishonestly flagged my videos. Not one video violated YouTube TOS but that doesn’t matter. Anyone can lose his YouTube channel due to false flagging and contrary to what YouTube says, there isn’t a damn thing one can do about it. (I just open new channels).

    Did I ever feel humiliated or embarrassed being branded a “wrongdoer”? Hell no! I turned these unfair attacks upside down and used the experiences to go after the real “wrongdoers”. Controversy = traffic. Try it you’ll like it.

    Groucho Marx sent this telegram to the Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills, to which he belonged:



  58. free to download, gives you another IP address, easily switch between your original IP address and the proxy IP address. Sign in as a new user and you are good to go again.

  59. @Warrior Forum Sucks. Guess you wonder where I’ve been, huh, Chuck? Had a look at your forum, thanked you for the kudos, read a couple of things, wound up on Digital Point…I’ve been all over the place, and it all started right here with your comment. LOL

    I’ve been waiting for someone to tell me that an IMer’s best asset his his thick skin. My wanderings have not only toughened me up, but I’ve collected lots of lemons on the way with which to make lemonade. Collected lots of laughs too, especially on that Digital Point thread.

    It’s Dec 1st already here in New Zealand. Gotta start monitoring Allen Says almost-4000-word squeeze page to see if the FTC zaps him tomorrow…and start writing some posts and posting some links. 😉

    Thanks for the encouraging words and for sharing your experiences with me.

  60. WF is so stupid I just got banned and they said because of breaking forum rules – sorry but in my opinion that’s lame. I was being very careful. No warning just “poooof” and I’m gone not even an infraction. I thought I was adding value to WF, people were thanking me for every 2 posts I was making.

    I got Banned!!!! I feel cheated and I think it’s a bad idea to have ohter WF members have a choice to ban you…So stupid

  61. WF has a lot of explaining to do. . banning members for unclear reasons, no warnings, no explanations, and not an opportunity to explain your side.. not a good forum for me..

  62. @Poster. I’m not seeing much support for expectations of change from the Warrior Forum, but I suspect something is going on – maybe a lot of turmoil caused by opening the War Room to the public.

    I bought an e-book from one of the WF big names, someone I admire and respect for his quality products at modest prices – among other things. On two or three occasions in that publication he referred readers to the WF, not inappropriately, but in no other of the several books by him that I own has he done that.

    On that same day, I received a subscribed newsletter pitching a product with the link ‘blah, blah tool – sold like crazy at the Warrior Forum.’ Nothing definitive there, but that’s not a common pitch as far as I have seen, and I kind of got the idea that that person might have been banned and can no longer do WSOs there.

  63. I was not only banned but had my internet account shut down.

  64. @JG How could WF be instrumental in getting your internet account shut down?

    @ALL. There’s a handsome new forum called the New Warrior Forum (Hope this is OK here-I’ll omit the link) that isn’t getting much attention but could easily be a candidate for a WF replacement. There’s a special section where you are invited to tell your banning story.

  65. well looks like im in good company.. i cant recall EVER making a post on WF, but when i logged in tonite.. big message..

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    Breaking the Forum Rules!

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    wow.. do i have backlinks to Alkaida that i dont know about?

    what a joke.. actually its cruel really.. I just found out about warriors for hire.. I was gonna outsource some stuff.. ut hey.. they can go jump..

    So whats the alternative forums.. any suggestions??

  66. @Gary.As Christine posted above, her new forum at is up, so we need to promote and publicize it to help it grow into a really useful forum.

    In the meantime, I’ve found to be excellent, and a lot of WF-banned people are migrating there.

  67. Just a quick note to thank you all for your support of . However, to avoid the possibility of the elusive Allen actually having to emerge from hiding in order to sue me, I have decided to change the name to .

    Today (30 Dec 2009) I will be doing the transfer to the new name. Pardon my dust while I renovate!

    I will let you all know when it is up and running again.

    Oh, and does anyone have any idea how FTC regulations can be applied to anyone outside the USA? I have had it suggested to me that naming my new forum so closely to the old (crap) one could be in breach of FTC regulations. But as an Australian I don’t really care about FTC regulations any more than an American should care about ACCC regulations. Should I?


  68. hi All
    Though I have found some work from the warrior forum, and find 30 percent of the people very decent, I don’t visit there anymore.
    I tried posting a link to totally FREE resources, as in no sign up, no mailing list, no nothing, just download..and I was attacked by several on there, and told I had to pay ($20 per post) to offer anything.
    what a crock. total rip-off and delusions of grandeur over there. total.
    Happy to help anyone wanting to develop a new forum, just drop me a note.

  69. Just got banned today for life. I was a relatively new member, had no links in there whatsoever. No sig link, no bio link, no links in any post.

    My guess? Well, I paid $37 for an offering there called the Niche Diagram. The people who ran Niche Diagram almost abandoned the project. I got my refund then gave a scathing negative review of the product in the WF.

    All the senior members in that forum are always stroking each others products (usually “how to make money online” products or “how to get backlink” products).

    I guess the lesson here is always give a WSO a positive review, after all, it may be some senior members only bread and butter.

    Big babies!

  70. Yeah, Like all of you out there. Warrior Forum I guess banned me because I told customers to go to my Warrior Special Offer. Then some guy and girl asked my what my Language was! Their are some rude people and they said I was banned till the January 27 for no reason, no warning, no nothing. After paying 37.00 for the membership and 20.00 for the listed, I was banned after being on there 2 days. If this is the way they treat customers, I will not be back there anymore.

    I think the internet is big enough that I don’t feel I have to spend money and lose it without being told why I was banned or not even being warned. I think this is bad business.

    Anyway, I have created a forum and I need new members, Anyway feel free to post and I will give you a Free Gift For Joining.

    It just pisses me off to no end that Forums treat people like Garbage!

  71. I own the domain name if anyone wants to buy it. I was going to do the anti-warrio forum thing as well, but I have no time at all, just drop me a note with an offer. Its on
    Happy Trails!

  72. Good on you Ray, for starting up another forum! Mine is still up (haven’t been kicked off the internet by Allen the God like some people thought I might be – lol). It is at .

    You know, it has been interesting having this forum up. I wrote to quite a lot of the “gurus” to invite them to join the forum. But you know what? There were a number of big names who are active on WF who wrote back saying they won’t join the new one because they are loyal to Allen and they are his friends.

    Some said I was breaking FTC regulations (whatever they are – I am in Australia, so should I care?). Some said he would get my IP banned from the Internet. Can one person actually DO that? I don’t think so, not unless your name is Obama or Gates or Rudd or someone powerful like that!

    It was interesting too, to note that the wording of some of the replies was nearly identical. Just like these were not really emails written by the people they came from, but rather by puppets with someone else pulling the strings (I wonder who?? lol)

    Anyway, my forum is still there. I haven’t done much publicity on it yet (I know, I keep saying that, but I am supposed to be on holiday!). But come and see, and let me know what you think.


    PS I know – some of you are wondering. Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia. lol

  73. Hey, Christine, Pretty Cool Forum You Got, Check Mine Out. I think you should create some articles and videos for your website. If you need your article written and submitted I provide this service. Otherwise you should just create some videos on YouTube , Google, Daily Motion etc. and get some traffic to your forum.

    good luck,

  74. I did check yours out Ray – well done. Still needs dome tweaking, but you’ll get it right. I have registered, but I can’t find where I go to change my signature. Is there a Profile button (or equivalent)?

    A video is a good idea. Thanks! You have got my mind ticking over with ideas. I’ll let you all know here when it is up.

    And I am already a pretty good writer, so I might just write an article. Hmmm…


  75. OK, I made a video. What do you think?

    It’s just a quickie, but I might tidy it up a bit if I get time…


  76. Hey, Thanks For Letting Me Know That! I will leave a comment here later after I check out the Profile Button or the signature file you sent. I haven’t been in my Admin area in a while. Just goes to show you always have to edit your websites.

    As far as your video, when I have some time I will review it and let you know,

    Take Care,

  77. Hi Lisa,

    Yes, the “elusive” Allen Says could slap you with trademark infringements and get the FTC, ICANN, etc after you anywhere on the planet. Remember that it’s a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT they want to ensnare and enslave people in.


    Floods & Earthquakes can happen.

    Are you part of the problem or the solution? Will you agree to help these people?

    Give assistance to kids!

  79. hi all ,
    Nice posts , sounds like a bunch of very clever ppl.
    Am promoting something does not cost an arm n leg and can make you a stable income, anyone interested plz email me,thanks.

  80. I’ve just got banned from Warrior Forum for 6 months!! The reason this has happened is because I purchased a WSO. This marketers course turned out to be a load of thrown together garbage and her visoes were all about how to use subliminal message to hike up sales!…..very dodgy!

    So, I asked her questions about her course, one of which was a direct question asking her if she had used a subliminal message on her sales video on the Warrior Forum. She refused to answer. I pulled up quotes of her telling one warrior that she would have no problem refunding then another quote telling another that ‘sales are final’

    I at no point said ‘you’re a scam artist’ which wouldn’t have been wrong. I posted carefully and backed my comments with evidence.

    As an ethical marketer I felt that was fair in order to stop others being scammed.

    How ironic that the ethical marketer that is trying to save others from losing their money gets banned and the scam artist is still selling her garbage.

    I understand that Allen Says used to earn his money unethically – looks like he hasn’t changed, just preaches that he’s a new man!

    I can’t even find an admin email so that I can email to plead my case.

    All my posts have been about helping others without gain and yet the retard who banned me obviously didn’t take any notice. They took notice of the $37 I paid to join the War Room though. A fee that the great Allen Says puts in place to keep out scammers lol – not a profit seeking venture I’m sure !!!!

    I’m so angry my blood is like magma lol

    When the ban is lifted I will use the place purely to post WSO’s (ethical ones) the rest of the time Warrior Forum can take a running jump.

    I though about making a Squidoo lens but to be honest they all p*ss in the same pot so would probably get banned there too if I used freedom of speech.

    I am however going to blog about it – I own that domain so catch me if you can!

    You’re not alone,


    (sorry for the rant)

  81. if you paid for War Room – demand a refund from Paypal… youve paid for “Lifetime membership” which is now not being permitted… refund in order – worked for me! :)

  82. @Nicola. What rant? Your post is just what we need to be effective against the Warrior Forum…calm, rational, well documented.

    I’m glad to hear that you intend to blog about it, and I’m confident that your posts will be of equal quality (I took a peek at your site )

  83. Hey Nicola, Rant all you like, that’s what this great place is for! That forum takes advantage of those desperate to make money online b/c of lost wages or whatever.
    I saw it over and over again, empty promises, really poor products, basically regurgitated content.
    I would set a complaint via paypal against warrior, hit them where it hurts.

  84. I’ve decided to take my domain name: and develop a free forum.. free as in monitored so it isn’t full of garbage and ads from outer mongolia!
    if anyone has the time and desire to help out, let me know I will do all the setting up work and design, but would need help with topics and so on.
    drop me an email!

  85. Seems like there are a lot of mad people lingering around here. Thanks for chillen at Make sure you subscribe to RSS and tell everyone you know. No censorship here! :)

  86. @ Joe Thanks for the tip but how do I request a refund when I can’t even get onto the Warrior Forum as they’ve blocked my IP address?

    I could open it as a dispute at Paypal’s resolution centre but it isn’t really a dispute as they haven’t refused to refund me, I just can’t get to them to ask!

    It’s a catch 22 lol

    Thanks Joe

  87. @Jo

    Thank you for that kind comment about my blog Jo. Don’t forget to check back and see my blog post about this fiasco. I’ve got to do a bit of the old keyword research first. Although, by the looks of it, the words Warrior Forum and banned should do the trick.

    There are so many people that have been treated like this…’s scandelous!

    Oh, by the way, I’m going to publish the actual post that got me banned on my blog as well. That way it’s more unbias as readers can see both sides.

    Warmest wishes,


  88. It’s sad but not surprising to read all these woeful tales of being banned by the Warrior Forum.

    Thanks to those, Nicola and Jo and others, who have left comments on my blog

    Nicola, you should just ask PayPal for a refund because, by banning you, the WF has prevented you from accessing that which you paid them for in the first place.

    I invite any and all of you to relate your horror stories about the Warrior Forum on my blog. You can leave a comment or even better write an article as my guest blogger. I will publish it on “Warrior Forum Sucks”. Feel free to include links back to your blogs and websites.

    Contact me using the “contact” button on the top right section of “Warrior Forum Sucks”.

    Also please follow and subscribe to Ad Hustler’s rss feed.

  89. Your ATTENTION pls : The only colour that matters is GREEN, beat that in your mind !
    Firstly I have no differences of such color or whatever, only ideas matter. Ive posted something very valuable from a famous internet marketer and that marketer was not a “white man” , so after I made the post I was banned, ——– who cares anyway! ha ha we dont care, 2012 is also near, so all these dont matter, we will see who wins, there are many more lovely forums of im and many ideas, so remember, nothing is permanent, dont take the ban of WF too personally, the internet is oceanic, u can have many colours and sail smoothly!

  90. @LovelyLovelyGuy Your ban was totally outrageous! I have a pretty good idea which famous marketer you are refering to – could it be Willie Crawford (Top guy)? If it is then they are totaly hypocrites as he has contributed heavily in that forum and they use his name as a selling point to get you to pay over your $37 for War Room membership.

    Being a bit dense here so please excuse me but what is happening in 2012?

    I know I’ve taken it personally. My pride has taken a tumble and it’s the injustice that stings. The scammer will be laughing her socks off and I can’t reach through my computer screen to give her a darn good kicking lol…..a woman scorned lol

    Emotionally, I feel like telling WF to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine…sideways, when the ban is lifted. But emotional decisions usually end up hurting you so I’ll probably just give a few lame replies and use it for *ethical* WSO’s, you know – the ones that actually work and have value lol

    All the best to you,


  91. Hi nicola, I felt it wouldnt be nice on my part to post the name of that marketer , so I did not post it , n because such names dont crave for name and fame, they have gone beyond that long ago , such names have even dined with the biggest celebrites and did not care much and still look to everyone with the same view, thats to say the least,
    u may feel shy, but big marketers will always help u if you approach them, go to such guys and see the difference
    hey nothing bad will happen to anyone good in 2012 be rest assured,
    I can feel and understand the emotion, let it take some time, emotions can be replaced and they fade away with time, as the saying goes, if u r depressed and gloomy, look at the face of the worst sufferer and count ur blessings, ………….write a journal of gratitude,,,, all the best to u too nicola

  92. @LovelyLovelyGuy

    You really have picked a apt username….if only everyone could strive to take a leaf out of your book, life would be so good :)

    I did hesitate before mentioning the marketers name but on thinking about it I decided that it would be fine as he really is a top marketer and we are only using his name in praise – he has my respect.

    When I was growing up and I grumbled about something, as we all do at times, my mom used to point out (not literally) another child that was less fortunate, maybe in a wheelchair unable to walk, run or have the same things I took for granted.

    This ban has made me wary of approaching big names as I feel it has smirched my name and credibility.

    Thanks for the reality check. And all the best to you too.



  93. At LovelyLovelyGuy and @Nicola: ‘u may feel shy, but big marketers will always help u if you approach them, go to such guys and see the difference’.

    I have read comments on several occasions and in several places that those ‘big guys’ who are on WF are the very ones who do or support the banning when their own WSOs are perceived to be threatened.

    I can’t speak for all of them, but when I was banned I wrote to one of them whose ‘many-times-a-customer’ I am and with whom I have corresponded in the past, and he has never answered me. I’ve always thought of him as a really good person and am disappointed to now have to think less of him. I really didn’t expect him to do anything except just give me a little support, but in any case, I thought he would show ANYONE the courtesy of a reply, if only to say I’m sorry but I can’t help you.

    Please note that I wasn’t asking for help to get readmitted; I would be ashamed to be a part of such a group, and I’m sorry that I have to think less of all of those big names who continue to chase the $$ there, even if they are dishonoring themselves by remaining members.

  94. @Jo, I understand your situation was a hard one, but remember ultimately, all the help that comes, comes from within, you hold the keys, people can only show the way, u may discover something by urself, thats ur way, thats the best way to follow, regarding the big ones, I meant the really big marketers who have crossed the wf or even wso’s such people are really nice to go for guidance. I meant nice people and valuable advice like this :

  95. @Nicola Wamest Regards to u too and Thank u so much for the compliments , life is beautiful, enjoy it, life is a game, play it………..enjoy the fun!

  96. Hey Guys, I can teach you how to be funny and hit back at the warrior forum, but im not doing it because I dont want to stoop down to that level , u have something wonderful…………… Something else higher……………. I believe that in the infinite creation always there are endless opportunities, so there is a place that beats the warrior forum left and right and easily takes it over, because it has more free speech, rules exist, yet there is more to know, more to learn and many tricks n tactics , the mods are helpful, may teach u new things on request, if something is not good on ur part, you may be given a warning but not banned without notice or proper info like wf . Please see : the most happening place : and if u like what u see, join it !

  97. i was banned because i asked a question bout a writer/contributer that i am gonna to buy their product(ebook) so that my hard earn money waste for nothing…so i attacthed the website/saleletter and bang, i banned…i ask for help but get banned…

  98. I am a computer dummy, so I was thinking of joining WF to learn something. Thanks for the warning.
    If some of you start up something similar to WF I’ll join that instead. Just let me know when and where.
    Would someone PLEASE tell me what WSO means!!!!!!!

  99. Hi Bonny,

    WSO stands for Warrior Special Offer. It’s a forum where Warriors can promote products at a reduced rate for the members. Some are good, but beware, some are simply scams. I got banned for asking questions that if the seller had answered, would have exposed it as a scam.

    Good luck,


  100. Well I did ask to be kept up to date with this thread.. its a long tale of woe for sure..Looks like WF don’t care 2 hoots about opinion.. I found WF was ok for learning a few things, but I quickly realized its a business run by the War Room Elite, who use the forum as a constant supply of Cannon Fodder.. Newbies.. Lure them in with WSO’s that are just basic stuff.. keep em on the hook as long as possible.. well Im glad Im out.. cuz I looked around and found other pastures..

    You might want to see if the grass is greener here..

    The top one is an Indian forum.. there is piles of stuff here way better than any WSO ive seen on WF, and its all FREE.. and BHF.. also lots of helpful info, and feedback.. go for it…


  101. ?????????????? ?????? ?? ???? ? ??? ?????????? ?????????? ????? ???-?? ??????? ?????? :) ? ??? ??????

  102. Just now my about banned permanently. I don’t know for what purpose they banned my account. I lost posted 3 new threads one by one.

  103. Funny, I was going to do business with someone, when I noticed they were recently banned. Wondering what that meant and if that indicated I should stay away from doing business with that person, I googled “warrior forum banned” and found this page. Now I see that I should not put too much weight on the “banned” status, and rely on my normal due diligence in deciding if someone seems safe enough to do business with. BTW, there are several good IM forums around and more popping up, I wouldn’t lament WF too much.

  104. Yep Same here I was just banned for life for some BS reason…I just blogged about it as well come Comment

  105. Wow, all I can say is all of you IMO are a bunch of losers. I have been a member of the WF for quite some time and you don’t just get banned for being nice. The rules are in plain site for anyone to read and if you adhere to them you have no problem.

    It’s interesting to read some of your comments which are not only negative in nature but obviously demonstrate what kind of people you are in general. With the attitudes displayed which are basically blaming others (in this case, the Warrior Forum) for your IM ineptness it is easy to see why you will never go anywhere in life.

    As far as I am concerned, good riddance to all of you.

  106. @Jack P — Spoken like a true Warrior!

  107. @Jack P. It seems news of Warrior Forum dishonestly banning members has gotten under poor Jack P’s skin. This WF sycophant took time away from his Allen Say boot licking duties to post a lie on Ad Hustler.

    By not revealing his identity Jack P does reveal his cowardice.

    The facts are indisputable. Warrior Forum rules are violated every day by Warrior Forum moderators. Honest, decent folks are frequently banned from WF for no reason whatsoever, except that they have inadvertently exposed another WF scam.

    Freedom of speech is also banned on the Warrior Forum. It does not exist there.

    One significant benefit to being fraudulently banned by the WF is that the innocent marketer quickly discovers that the WF is a complete waste of time anyway. It’s a WSO scam site with inept, corrupt moderators, no free speech and tired, useless, rehashed IM advice.

    Each day, in greater and greater numbers, internet marketers are happily saying good riddance to the Warrior Forum.

    Chuck Rosseel,
    Publisher of Warrior Forum Sucks

  108. Just two weeks ago I got into the offline niche. I have dedicated the last two weeks to talking to as many business owners as possible. It has been a great experience and I have already picked up two clients this week and have about 4-5 appointments next week. These are high quality clients like attorneys, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, etc. I have three state farm agents that want to meet me next week along with a magician and DUI lawyer. I can’t even keep track of all the leads/contacts I have made. It is really amazing and the best part of it all is what happened Thurs.

    I was talking to some President of a College or something. Didn’t really give it a thought because I have gotten really good at explaining what I do in only two weeks. We were also on a equal level and I talk to people as though they are my friends even though they may be really important. After talking with him for about 30 mins in a social setting you could tell he was really impressed with what I knew and then he said “I want you to be the marketing professor at my college”. I was shocked and thought maybe the guy was just talking like a big shot. So I was like OK I would be interested in that, but I am really busy with my business right now.

    So the next day he sends me an email saying “I really want to bring you next week for a quick chalk and talk with my staff. If all goes well we will bring you on.” I couldn’t believe it and it was incredible thinking I went from nothing to being offered a position at a college in less than two weeks. So I have to send over my transcripts from my Masters Degree, resume and the application. His secretary will be contacting me early next week for the appointment. All I can say is just go out there and DO IT. Talk to as many people as possible and gain the confidence and leverage to nail big clients everyday.

    I don’t even know if I will accept the position because my business is really starting to take off and I have a goal of 100 clients in 6 months. I want to acheive this goal because it will give me about $50,000 a month in residual income as well. I have so many great stories of how I leveraged my skill and talent that it is crazy. People are starting to chase me and contact me and it has only be a few weeks.



  109. Hi,

    This is stupidity. i got banned within half an hour and i dont even know why?
    This is such stupid site “warriorforum”..

  110. Hey guys,

    I wanted to share a new internet explorer 9 blog that I have found. It has real great information and also an awesome skin!

    Not only does it have internet explorer news, but it also has the latest scoop of its competitors and the release dates!

    You can find just about anything here!


  111. I got booted today. :( I think it was because of ‘spam”. I was telling other warriors about this really high paying PPI affiliate program, and did put it in my signature, but they banned me anyway. That forum has been really helpful to me, and I wanted to share this find with everyone, because there were a lot of people who were struggling to find good affiliate programs. The one thing I don’t get is that there are people who put offers to their info products or other people’s info products, but they’re not banned? How does that work? Their offers are completely unsolicited, and mine was something that people were actually LOOKING for. :(

  112. [QUOTE] Jack P said…

    Wow, all I can say is all of you IMO are a bunch of losers. I have been a member of the WF for quite some time and you don’t just get banned for being nice. The rules are in plain site for anyone to read and if you adhere to them you have no problem.

    It’s interesting to read some of your comments which are not only negative in nature but obviously demonstrate what kind of people you are in general. With the attitudes displayed which are basically blaming others (in this case, the Warrior Forum) for your IM ineptness it is easy to see why you will never go anywhere in life.

    As far as I am concerned, good riddance to all of you.[/QUOTE]

    Wow…..someone has their knickers in a twist lol

  113. No doubt! 😛 Definitely suggest how mature Jack P is. I’m still gonna lurk. I like their WSO Forum…you can get some great ideas for SEO.

  114. Listen up all of you whiners and moaners.

    You got banned because you broke our forum rules, if you got banned for life, you well deserve the action taken against you.

    We don’t want your type on our forum.

    Do you think we’ve got nothing better to do all day than to pamper to you lot, bitching and moaning all day long?

    Cut the crap out of your lives and you might actually get somewhere.

    Paul Myers – Warrior Forum Moderator

  115. @ Paul Meyers and we have the right to expose exactly how the Warrior Forum is run…

    Warrior Forum is known for giving pass to the “Guru’s” and long time forum members who consistenly break the rules. Yet the moderators arbitraitly make up rules as you go along for the “unwashed masses” of the rest of the forum that get banned without warning just because a moderator subjectively interpreted a rule to fit their own justification to ban someone because they had a problem personally with the member..

    We can talk about it all we want Paul it’s called Freedom of Speech… You should try it over at the Warrior Forum you may be enlightened to waht is really going on in the rest of the world right around you instead of just what is in your little box…

    Gavin Lively

  116. That’s really big of you Paulie.

  117. Listen up Paul Meyers.

    Honest folks are sick of your lies. There is nothing lower than a Warrior Forum moderator.

    Read my opinion of Paul Meyers:

  118. @ Paul Myers

    It’s interesting to note that the owner of Ad Hustler has not censored you and allowed you your freedom of speech and to express your opinion albeit a subjective paragraph of insults and sweeping assumptions.

    @ To everyone else

    I ask you these questions.

    What successful and ethical business model that knows that it’s customers are unhappy about the way they’ve been treated, responds by telling them to basically sod off?

    If you walked into Walmart and bought faulty goods, would you be happy if their staff told you that “we don’t want your type” in our shop and throw a bag of insults at you? Would you shop their again and more to the point how long would Walmart last?

    What if you took a flight with Virgin Atlantic and the stewardress decided not to give you service as he/she simply didn’t like the look of you? Would Richard Branson be where he is today on a broken business model?

    Choose your role models carefully. Do you really want to be part of a forum where the owner openly admits that he used to earn his money dishonestly. I notice that Paul is an avid Gary Halbert fan. Gary Halbert was a very talented copy writer and is said to have turned the marketing world on it’s head, but that wasn’t before he spent several years in Boron Federal Prison Camp for fraud!

    If you really want to get on in life and business then steer well clear of business models like the Warrior Forum as it will only serve to make you feel bad. Feeling bad is not a good recipe for success – positive thinking and feeling good is. Conducting yourself honestly and ethically will ensure a good nights sleep and a higher self.

    The irony of Pauls’ post of course is that by taking his valuable time to hurl some insults and tell us that the poor loves are overworked, he has himself, become a “whiner and moaner”.

    P.S. Still waiting for the email stating that I have been banned as it states in the Warrior Forums’ Terms of Service. Please don’t tell us you break the rules that are of your own making?

  119. @Nicola awesome response to Paul



  120. I just caught word that the person who posted here as “Paul Meyers” may in fact be an imposter having fun at our expense…

    If it is true that is definitely NOT cool!

  121. @ Gavin

    Thanks Gavin,

    I peeped at your blog and I think the post you did on this subject is excellent and very well written :)

    All the best,


  122. Been reading at the WF for quite some time but have
    very rarely posted.

    Yes, the mods have a history of banning people at
    their whim and being “control freaks.”

    If you’re not part of the “good ole’ boys’ ” clique
    and aren’t prepared to kiss a boatload of arse, then
    you won’t be welcome there.

    And the emphasis on number of posts, etc. is really
    ridiculous. Some people at the WF make it their
    whole life and REALLY need to get out more!

  123. Well said Nicola. The moderator Paul Myers can speak here and not get banned but Paul Myers would ban anyone who spoke freely on his forum. That shows how genuine the forum is run.

    You do not provide proper service scamming loads of money and say that you are not eligible to be in my forum. Why don’t you test the members before they sign up, conduct interviews if you do not want people like “us”.

    If you don’t want people like us and if you want people like…… what? Fill it up with what rhymes with “us”. Then go l*** it. I mean go “love” it. And what you rhyme with “us” is at your sole discretion and not mine.

    Mr. Myers, you keep banning people. One day you and your forum will be banned. I am awaiting such a day and see the law forces rip you off your “ass”ets.


    I have just confirmed that that was not the real Paul Myers. The real one is aware of fake posts using his name, and I had an email from him (I’m on one of his lists) suggesting that if you have doubts you can email him at for confirmation.

    I queried that email, not by replying to it but by using the address I have for him in my contacts list, and he replied that it was genuine.

    I hope that all of you who replied to the fake post will delete your posts, regardless of what you may think about the real Paul Myers. We could easily lose our own credibility if we aren’t careful of such scams.

    And I certainly hope that Ad Hustler will delete the fake post…after confirming at that the real Paul Myers did not post it. I did not confirm that, but I suspected it immediately because the real Paul Myers does not splutter as did that poster.

  125. I hate Warrior SCAM Offers. Most of them are scams

  126. One wonders if Steven “The Wagmeister General”
    pooped himself when he got banned from the WF
    for 7 days?! And this was for defending Michael
    Jackson (imagine: the creepy defending the creepy).

    So, Wags…you’re a Michael Jackson sympathizer, eh?
    Interesting indeed………

    One of the “seasoned” female posters over there claims
    to be a ghostwriter, yet she can’t compose a proper


  127. @Cosmo Kramer: “One” probably does wonder what Steven Wagenheim did when he was banned. “One” could have no idea what a gentleman WOULD do.

    You, not surprisingly, can’t read. He wasn’t defending Michael Jackson; he was defending everyone’s right to privacy at times of family crisis.

    Steven Wagenheim, a gentleman and a fine person, was wrong because he indulged in name-calling when he rebuked the people who were showing lack of consideration for his family by attacking someone they loved. He admitted that he was wrong, apologized, and got on with it.

    OTOH, “One” and the rest of his ilk are behaving like school yard bullies, for which they are earning the contempt they deserve.

    Posting anonymously is a dead giveaway that a coward lurks behind those words.

  128. @Jo

    It looks as though Mr Myers has an enemy hot on his tail! Unfortunately, when moderators behave as badly as they do on WF it can bring out the worst in people although I’m not condoning this bogus posters tactics. I prefer up front freedom of speech to surreptitious damage tactics.

    I have no problem deleting my response although the points I made were more on the WF being a broken business model. I can’t see how to do this from my end though. If the site owner wants to delete then thats cool with me.

    Thanks for letting us know Jo,


  129. @Nicola. Now that you mention it, I don’t see any way to alter posts, either. At least your post above softens things a bit.

    Paul Myers and Steven Wagenheim seem to be getting the brunt of the abuse, and to the best of my knowledge, neither of them ever did anything but help in overabundance. Either will occasionally put someone down a bit who oversteps bounds or posts less than expert advice, but in my opinion both are great guys. In fact, theirs are the only two names I can even recall from the WF.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that neither of those two has ever banned someone, but if either did, you can bet that someone deserved it in spades!

  130. If Paul Myers didn’t make the above comment let him come here and deny it. Even if an impostor made that comment it doesn’t change my opinion of Paul Myers one bit.

    Here are the facts:

    Paul Myers supports the censorship of free speech on the Warrior Forum. Let me be crystal clear about this. If a WF member is scammed on that forum, he is prohibited from revealing the WF member who ripped him off. He cannot fight back or even warn other WF members of the scam artist. Should he do so, the victim will be banned while the scam artist will be allowed to continue stealing on the WF. Obviously this censorship policy, which Paul Myers wholeheartedly supports, encourages and fosters a climate of deceit, deception, cheating and swindling on the Warrior Forum.

    Myers was directly involved in attacking my posts on the Warrior Forum. The threads have all been killed but I remember Paul wanting me silenced just because I spoke the truth. I never violated a single policy on the WF, yet thanks to Paul Myers and others, I was banned for life.

    After I penned a critical article about Paul Myers, I received a death threat email and comment. There is an ongoing investigation into this.

    It’s no secret I write a blog called Warrior Forum Sucks. In it I tell the truth about the WF while warning folks to stay away. Over the past several months I have been repeatedly attacked. I have had websites hijacked, email accounts phished, death threats, keylogger encroachments and just a few hours ago my WFS blog and several other sites were wiped off the internet ( I just got them all back online).

    I don’t know if Myers sent the death threat but I do know that all the BS I’ve experienced only came after I started writing about the Warrior Forum.

    I’m thick skinned, knowledgeable about computers, have everything backed up securely, know how to protect my data and myself and know how to locate an IP even if a proxy were used. I will continue to write about the WF.

    I’ll end by stating I’m no fan of Steven Wagenheim. My beef with him isn’t just that he’s one of the creepiest and weirdest characters online but that he also was directly involved in censoring me on the Warrior Forum. He’s an oddball occultist and serial forum poster who like Myers, completely supports the Warrior Forum censorship policy that fosters so many scams (WSO and others) on the WF.

  131. Jo/”Jody”…you’re quite the whining crybaby. Quite
    throwing your rattle out of the pram and whining
    about getting banned from WF.

    Why the obsession with Wags and Myers?

    Yes, both are good people. Steve has his
    quirks (who doesn’t?) and Paul sometimes
    gets a but up his arse about this and that.

    Let it go, and go find yourself a new hobby.

    Mr. Allen Says shall continue to make a fortune
    off WF whether you’re a member or not.

    Actually, they don’t like NZ marketers over there.
    That’s a joke, Jody…don’t sweat it. Now go make
    some $$$ and quite whining.

    Don’t worry about Paul and Wagsy…they’ll be just

  132. @From the WF. Ho hum. Yet one more anonymous comment. Is the WF a harbor for cowards?

    You’re right that Paul Myers and Steven Wagenheim don’t need me to defend them, but the bullies who attack them need me… and the others who are fair people… to tell them how trashy their behavior is.

    Those attacks on decent people say a helluva lot more about the attackers than about those attacked.

    FYI, I’m an American, not a New Zealander; I just live here.

  133. I still do not understand if “Jo” (personally requesting to not take offence) is in support of the forum and the moderators or if he is against them.

    I do understand that Steven Wagenheim was pretty decent who responded to my post with criticisms that would put me down but when I responded and explained, he seemed to understand whatever I said. He understood the truth behind my words.

    His words grew softer afterwards. But I do not know Paul Myers. I just want to clarify from “Jo”, if he is with the forum and the moderators or if he is not with them.

    His reply on my blog also suggested me otherwise. Here is it

  134. But here the backlash on an anonymous poster by “Jo” is different from his dispelling of common and shared opinions of those who hate Warrior Forum.

    He often dispels opinions but also speaks of the warrior forum’s ways. I am not indicating at anything like double standards of my dear friend “Jo”. But this has been confusing me. I do not also figure out if his sarcasms are so good.

    If that is the case, then I appreciate his ability:))

  135. But here the backlash on an anonymous poster by “Jo” is different from his dispelling of common and shared opinions of those who hate Warrior Forum.

    He often dispels opinions but also speaks of the warrior forum’s ways. I am not indicating at anything like double standards of my dear friend “Jo”. But this has been confusing me. I do not also figure out if his sarcasms are so good.

    If that is the case, then I appreciate his unique ability:))

  136. hi folks,

    this is Dez here from, LOL.

    warriorforum sucks. it can kiss my ass and suck my boobs. oh no, i won’t give them that privilege. alexa smith – she can suck my cock. she’s hot.

    they ban for crazy reasons. was in thailand recently n a friend got banned, amazing. i just use them for wsos coz theres some good money there. i literally made all my money selling warrior scammy offers to gullible newbs. n photoschopped sum screenshots 2, easy money there.

    once john taylor the asshole pmmed me asking to pay him 50% of my wso sales or get my ass blocked from the wf. since then i am paying him 50%. crazy shit. but whatever.

    a couple folks there are cool tho. kelsall for one. i lol at ppl like therichjerksnet who dusnt knw a fuck n will say he hs tested everything… as if he’s some sort of a newbee god. damn him. he can’t get an erection so spitting out crap.

    i luv the imraan nassem dude keepps on pushin whore scam opportunities (WSO) every day. i love how martin luxton n dennis gaskill will kill gases every day.

    most of them all… i love mark andrews im copywriting who commented above …

    “The forum is great, the mods are a complete bunch of idiots.

    Stuff em, I ain’t going back there again.”

    so let me get this straight u asshole fag

    u aint goin thr but u will post wsos

    yea yea yea ur fuckin usual crap

    fuck off n get a life mr. andrews. u can make more flippin burgers thn writing shitty copy

    – d

  137. @Dinesh Babu. Sorry I’ve not made myself clear, Dinesh. Poor writing on my part; a good writer would be clear even to those for whom English is a second language.

    But, I think I can clarify for you now. (And, BTW, I’m a ‘she,’ not a ‘he.’)

    Being ‘for’ or ‘against’ is often not black and white. I try to see both sides of any question, including disputes, and to acknowledge the positive things on both sides as well as to condemn the negative on both.

    Also, readers should remember that comments and facts are two different things. Comments are a writer’s personal opinions and should be recognized as such. They can be disputed.

    Facts, assuming that the person stating them knows what he or she is talking about, are not to be disputed.

    With those things in mind, I am against the Warrior Forum’s arbitrary banning policies and the moderating policy that makes them possible; I am against Allen Says for not having more foresight about what would happen as the result of those policies; and, I am against Allen Says for not taking action to correct this situation–particularly if his reason is “I don’t care; just give me the money.”

    I am NOT against the reasonable and decent members of the Warrior Forum who genuinely and generously give help to others. These are the people who would not ban a member on a whim and would take no pleasure in banning even when it needed to be done.

    Paul Myers and Steven Wagenheim fall into that last category. In addition, I have bought their products and found them to be of exceptional value and, IMO, under priced. I’ll stick my neck out and say that I don’t think Steven Wagenheim ever offered a WSO that wasn’t worth far more than his price.

    Although I rarely looked at the WSOs (I learned about them by way of the author’s newsletter), I don’t believe Paul Myers was using that marketing strategy much, if at all, during the couple of years that I was a member.

    So what is my true position in the controversy? I hate bullying, small mindedness, unjustified criticism, and the damage that those things do to innocent people.

    They do (usually irreparable) damage to people’s reputations, their careers, their businesses, and, sadly, to their personal lives.

    I find that intolerable, and my conscience compels me to speak up on behalf of anyone whom I think is being bullied and/or falsely accused. I confess to having an overdeveloped sense of justice, but in my almost 80 years of life, I’ve never been able to keep it in check.

  138. They using new tactics now instead of a ban they are doing a redirect … See the video – – No rules at all broken, none of us was even on the WF when we got our “Ban/Redirect” …

  139. @Jo I see your personal comments to me as a bit of a racist remark. They seem to me as racial and they hurt me right from where your target is on me.

    I see your comment on my blog as one too.

    That is my opinion and I have felt that on more than one occasion. And if you say that you do not take the irreparable damage comments make to people, I would request you to stop referring to me as such as well. If your comments are going to be more stronger than I “requested”, then I would not be able to bear it nor be able to take it and that would prevent me from an act called posting comments.

    I say that you dispel beliefs. You know, I thought I was replying to a guy who was just out of college or university and who had taken to IM. Then, when you said, you were a “she” and not a “he”, I was thrilled with the thought of having myself acquainted with a “mid 30s” woman who took to “internet marketing” working from home, a single mother or, more interestingly, a single woman:-(

    But I could not even imagine you have lived for 80 years or more. Probably, it is to do with your language and writing. I still find it hard to believe you are 80 years old.

    Your writing is more youthful which led me to assume different things about you. And I have been telling you that English is not the most difficult thing to learn. It is one of the easiest languages to learn. We have a language every 300 kms with several dialects and accents on each. So it is not difficult for us to learn any language and we do learn multiple languages for we need them to travel within our own country.

    My Native language is Tamil which has survived for more than 5000 years (the longest surviving language in history) and if I am to travel just 100 kms north from my city, I have to speak Telugu. If it is 200 kms west, I have to speak Kannada. If I travel 300 kms south west, I have to speak Malayalam. If I travel a thousand kms, I have to speak Hindi.

    I do like your sense of justice but I cannot be so patiently righteous as you are. And as you have once replied to Chuck I am not as thick-skinned as you are. Please don’t lead anybody to disputes, conflicts or emotional hurt. Or at least people must not adapt such tones just because they are being abused with such tones.

    I do not want to be self-centered on this blog. All I want to do is talk about Warrior Forum. I do not want to be personally attacked nor do I want to personally attack you or anybody. Don’t provoke me to such extents. I am led to speak just because I sense a personal attack in your replies not for the first time but for the second time.

    I do not feel anything superior in knowing or learning English. In fact, English has become the “Global Lingua Franca” which has been part of the problem for us. I do not know how to conclude and I do not know whether I have been right in stating things openly.

    I also apologize personally to “Jo” if I have gone a little or a lot overboard. I want to show my apologies as well to show for she may not have intended it. I also feel that I am not thick-skinned enough to survive criticisms.

    However, I would like to continue the conversation regarding this, if I have gone wrong somewhere. Thank you for clarifying yourself though you did not need to. Thank you very much for your patient reply. And I feel sorry if my statements are more personal on you.

  140. @Dinesh Babu. I cannot think how to reply to you; I am stunned to learn that I have offended and hurt you, and you have my most profound apologies for that. Nothing that I have said, either here or on your own blog, was meant to be unkind.

    Since this terrible misunderstanding has occurred, I feel that it might be best if you and I don’t engage in any further conversation. Clearly, we are just two people who simply don’t understand each other, and anything further almost surely would lead to yet more misunderstanding. Let’s don’t perpetuate this. At the very least, it is out of place on this thread and on someone else’s blog.

    Once more, please allow me to beg your pardon most sincerely and ask you to abandon your hurt feelings. Not one word I have said to you, anywhere and at any time, was meant to cause you any discomfort.

  141. Jo:

    I am very much grateful to Mr. Wagenheim for his
    helpful attitude and thoughtfulness. I have learned
    alot from him!

    Take a look at his fan site. Oh, he does have many



  142. Check out Steven Wagenheim’s fansite!

  143. No, probably I was wrong in having misunderstood you. I know I was. I misinterpreted your stressing on language. I am a writer and it is a kind of writer’s pride. Not only do I write in English but also in Tamil.

    So I believe the stress on language is not necessary and it is expression that is important. Besides, no language is superior than the other. Every language has its own good and bad things.

    Let us say Tamil has no commercial value but has a vast history but English has commercial value and more followers. That is the difference.

    Perhaps you are too outspoken and henceforth, as I understand you, I would only want to debate with you on any topic in a friendly manner than to find you wrong on any occasion. In fact I didn’t. I have been actually comprehending you through your posts and thought (whether or not to) several times before replying.

    I would not also want to drag this on a common place or somebody else’s. I feel more and more guilty talking about it or about hinting that you have been hurting.

    We will put an end to this. Even if you want to post a reply, you may do so on my blog. Now that I come to know you have not intended to hurt, my conscience is getting the better off me.

    I am deeply disgusted with myself of having assumed things that were not intended. Thank you Jo. Your experiences and your age are all valuable. Yesterday, I saw the movie “Up”.

    There was something good about the movie – something good about having an old man protagonist. The character is loved though he has his own limitations on socializing with others and his moving with others.

    Just thought of telling you this. No more of “Jo” and “Dinesh Babu”, let “Warrior Forum” and the banned stories continue.

  144. Hey Just wanted all of you to know that we have now started a “Banned from the Warrior Forum” facebook page… Come join it invite all you friends and let truth about the warrior forum go viral on facebook…. Thx


  145. Have you heard the latest? Seems all the pressure is getting to Allen Says. Here’s an article claiming the Warrior Forum is FOR SALE!

  146. @Fatima and @Wag Fan: You’re too late, folks. Been there, done that. Spammed at least twice in my banned from the WF post. Filthy, disgusting, repulsive by someone to whom those same words apply.

    I wonder why Steven Wagenheim hasn’t retaliated. Wait, no I don’t…but you don’t, do you?

  147. @Jo .. Yes I was wondering the same … I also was going to notify you of the facebook fan page but looks like Gavin already done that …lol

  148. Steve Wagenheim is a quirky turkey but basically
    an OK guy.

    That fansite of his……hilarious!

    Jo, you sure do jump to Wags’ defense at every
    given opportunity. You gettin’ busy with guy
    or somethin’? LOL!

  149. I’d come to YOUR defense if you were being bullied by a bunch of dolts cowering behind anonymity. THAT would be funny, one anonymous dolt bullying another.

    BTW, that ‘fan’ site isn’t hilarious; it’s sick – very sick.

  150. @Gavin. I tried to join the Facebook thing, but when Facebook came back at me with “Welcome, Harold,” I decided it wasn’t for me. LOL

  151. @Jo Who’s “Harold” lol

  152. Hi Guys,

    Just thought I’d update you on where you stand on refunds with the Warrior Forum.

    I decided to open a dispute with Paypal last night as I have no intention of going back to the Warrior Forum even after my ban has been lifted.

    I looked up my payment details and tried to contact Allen Says via the ‘support’ email address that was given when I forked out my $37. Surprise, surprise……the email doesn’t exist anymore!

    Can’t open a dispute as it’s over 45 days and Paypal don’t want to know after that time.

    Only purchased in mid January this year.

    What a total scam! I can’t access the goods I’ve paid for AND can’t get my money back.

    Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware!

    If I ever have the misfortune to meet Mr Clifton Allen Says JR I will offer to buy him a drink……then tip over the scam artists head!!!

  153. The WSO (Warrior Special Offers) section of the Warrior Forum, whilst sleazy and cheesy, provides
    Clifton “Allen” Says a tidy income and keeps him in
    Cuban cigars and yerba mate quite adequately.

    Thanks to Mr. Chuck Rosseel et al., word of the
    Warrior Forum’s sleaziness and chessiness is
    propagating through the cybersphere quite nicely.
    Kudos to these folks.

  154. @ Another Warrior – Amen to that!

    As for Mr Says’ Cuban cigars all I can say is that I would like to offer him one Monica Lewinsky style only I’d keep the buggar lit!!!

    Laugh in the face of adversity lol

  155. @ Gavin Lively “@Jo Who’s “Harold” lol”

    Darned if I know. Do you suppose they think I’m a cross dresser or…and should have two names? LOL

  156. I just got an email (subscription) saying that the Warrior Forum has been off line most of today and questioning what is going on. I couldn’t see any sales ploy in the email, so I’m wondering if anything serious has happened.

  157. @Jo Karma! Maybe? 😉

  158. Maybe the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has caught up with them and shut them down!

  159. Nicola Haxby,

    You disgust me. You are the worse one of them all.

    You slate the Warrior Forum while at the same time plot to sell WSO products there.

    At least the others have the dignity to stcik to their guns and point blank refuse to use the Warrior Forum.

    You speak about pride. You have none. You do not know what it means.

    You’re using Ad Hustler only because it suits you now. When your ban is lifted you will return to the Warrior Forum to treat it like a marketplace and not a community.

    You are an example of everything that is wrong with both Ad Hustler and the Warrior Forum.

    Shame on you.

  160. @LOL True, I did initially consider using the WSO’s when the ban is lifted but quite frankly I’m not going to.

    The reason is that firstly I don’t go a whole bag on the IM niche, my blog is more of a personal journey and just there to give anyone who reads it a few tips that I have found to have helped me. Secondly, my strength is niche marketing, both tangible goods and info products (if they are good quality and work!) none of which have had links on Ad Hustler or Warrior Forum for that matter.

    If I created a quality IM product and wanted to market it then selling it amongst scammers probably wouldn’t be the right move!!

    “You’re using Ad Hustler only because it suits you now.”

    How am I using Ad Hustler? Am I selling anything?…..No.

    “When your ban is lifted you will return to the Warrior Forum to treat it like a marketplace and not a community.”


    Just as they took $37, have a bogus email address on their Paypal receipt and don’t issue refunds….now there’s community spirit!!!

    I can lurk around the War Room, contribute nothing and get access to the goods that I have PAID FOR!!!!

    P.S. If you find me selling WSO’s then feel free to stick your fingers down your throat….may be better than where they appear to be stuck at the moment – clearly in the anonymous room!

  161. @LOL oh, and by the way.

    I leave a link to my ‘personal’ blog merely to identify myself as it is common courtessy to do so, and, unlike yourself, am not a troll!

  162. Thank you Nicola. I have taken screen shots of your comments and will be passing them to Warrior Forum moderators once you’ve paid for your WSO.

    Thank you!

  163. @ LOL (Still no link? What a yellowbelly!)

    It’s a free country. Did I say anything about purchasing WSO’s?……eerrr no!

    And just to enlighten you, anyone can buy WSO’s whether they’re a member or not, they show up on basic Google search results.

    Are you really so dumb that you think the mods have not seen this website? Really? Are you?

    Personally, I think you are a mod – the anonymous post giving ‘all hail WF’ kinda gives it away matey.

    Run along now and squeal little piggy – obviously nothing better to do, just watch you don’t get banned though as I did when I questioned a scammer thinking I was helping honest ‘community’ members from being ripped off.

    Can’t really see what screen shots are going to do. There’s no law on reading and looking round and it’s not obligatory to post WSO’s, purchase them or reply to posts. Just a small factor you may have overlooked from way up there on your high horse!

    Many people visit Ad Hustler but do not post and many people visit Amazon and don’t buy……it’s called traffic LOL and by visiting alone it benefits the SERPS.

  164. You know what tickles me folks?

    Is the ignorance that some people have in thinking that you NEED a forum to make money. No one should need the WF. There are many ways to market.

    Being banned is no big deal. If forum marketing is your thing then there are plenty of other alternatives. If you really miss and pine for the WF in some masochistic way then all you do is simply unplug your modem overnight which will trigger your IP address to rotate or go to Google Chrome and go ‘incognito’ and you can surf round as much as you want to.

    To prove this claim I have just been on and successfully downloaded a fresh WSO entitled

    “How I earned £36,000/$50,000 in 6 days without a list, FREE instructions”

    Of course, if you log in then they capture your IP address and you will have to go through the process again.

    Just wanted to demonstrate what a farce and toothless dog this banning really is.

    Screen shot that LOL (oh linkless wonder)!!!!

  165. Haxby, go ahead and pay to post your WSO. Please.

    Because as soon as your $20 lands in Allens Paypal account I would put good money on you being banned again.

    Funny how you talk about traffic. Your blog doesn’t seem to have any. So I’m going back to talk to people who understand marketing now, bye bye :)

  166. The WF is not the be all and end all.. Oh please, who cares if you are banned. If you are that dependent upon WF then you need some serious help and medication. I made my living online for over 15 years before the WF and I will make it for another 15 years after.

    Facts :

    * The forum is full of wannabe self proclaimed experts
    * The forums WSO section is in violation of the law
    * The forums WSO section has more scams in it then 1,000 website conbined
    * The forum has favored people that can do anything they wish

    I could go on all night long… WF does not make you money .. News flash people “YOU MAKE YOU MONEY” and you can post a WSO on many other forums, why I have MSO’s for Free, why pay $20 to stay on a front page for 10 minutes.

    I just created another video, lets see how this one goes since my other one has top listings …lol

    @LOL – Please go find a corner to play with yourself or get some of your WF buddies to do it for you..

  167. @ James Stein – well said, exactly the point I was making.

    @ LOL What part of ‘Im not posting a WSO don’t you understand?

    What part of…..I’m not in the IM niche and that blog is nothing more than a few articles I put down for my personal thoughts and IF anyone reads it then it may help.

    For the last time (hopefully) IM NOT IN THE IM NICHE!!!!

    The WF is no loss to me! It can’t help in promoting HD tv’s, weight loss, dog training, childrens toys can it!! (rhetorical quetion)

    I toyed with the idea of posting a WSO at some point merely to raise some money for a local animal rescue to pay off their vets bill….that’s all! If I did go ahead WHICH I’M NOT of course it would be to treat it as a marketplace. How else can anyone possibly treat a place that penalises the good guys and backs scammers? The community’ spirit is of the WF’s making – Like attracts like – birds of a feather flock together etc.

    There are other places to post special offers, there are other ways of marketing. My personal blog that is not designed as a source of income is no measure of what I earn. Hence if you look closely through those narrow sighted peep holes you claim to be eyes, you will notice that it hasn’t been updated for ages and it hasn’t many posts.

    Honestly, it’s like drilling through granite!

    Quote : “Because as soon as your $20 lands in Allens Paypal account I would put good money on you being banned again.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all LOL….Says usually waits till he has a members money BEFORE he bans them and issues a bogus email so you can’t get a refund….that’s what scammers do!

    I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

    Why the fixation with me LOL? Are you the scammer who got me banned? Or are you just some misogynistic weido that likes to stalk and troll around?

    On the subject of traffic LOL… to show us your url so we can do a quick Quantcast?

    Your username on here is befitting to the BS you spout!

    Please, please, please go and talk to some other marketers, you’ll find some advice right up your street on the WSO section 😉

  168. My whole family has just been banned from the Warrior Forum!

    I only had 5 posts to my name and jumped to the defense of my partner after another member was repeatedly posting up remarks of a derogatory nature towards my partner behind his back who has a temporary ban placed upon him.

    The message I just received was:

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    posting from same ip as banned member

    Date the ban will be lifted: 05-29-2010, 06:00 PM

    So just because my partner was banned, now I’ve had the same punishment meted out to me simply because I live under the same roof :(

    Does this mean that our son will be banned too if he decides to join the Warrior Forum, simply because he lives with us?

    This is censorship gone stark staring mad, it’s completely bonkers.

  169. @ Robin Banks

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been banned. You can also get banned if you speak negatively on other forums about the WF…..fascism gone mad!!

    Take a look at James Stein’s test that he did on his blog.

    Also take a look at LOL’s posts on here to see what kind of mentality they have over there. The No1 trick is to get you to part with your money first and then ban you.

    My advice for what it’s worth is that if you have paid the WF using Paypal within the last 45 days then open a dispute. Don’t waste your time trying to correspond with Allen Says’ email that he gives on your Paypal receipt as it doesn’t work (surprise, surprise)

    Failing that, email the Better Business Bureau as that will be the only way you can get to correspond to the man himself.

    Good luck, take action and stand up for your rights.

    Unplug your modem overnight or download Google Chrome and use the incognito feature and you’ll be able to get back on WF although you can’t log in. Use it to take screen shots of the member flaming your partner as evidence, otherwise it’s just a ‘he said – she said’ scenario.

    Nicola x

  170. The claim made is that my partner made a post which in fact wasn’t made by my partner at all.

    They’re getting their facts mixed up – period.

    But to try and argue the point seems to be a fruitless exercise, here is the message just received from Thomas at Warrior Forum Support:

    “It is your right to have another opinion but please do not start a discussion with me. The ban can and will not be lifted. Our house, our rules. Accept it or leave! Period!”

    To which I just told him in no uncertain terms what he could go and do with himself.

    My personal business has depended on the Warrior Forum and frankly I couldn’t care less whether I’m banned or not.

    What I do care about is when they make up completely fabricated bullshit in order to get someone banned.

    My partner has just undergone life saving surgery and really doesn’t need this crap, his words when I asked him if he felt my own response to Warrior Support was out of place was, they can collectively all go and f*** themselves for all I care.”

    Personally, whoever these faceless and nameless moderators are, I find their behaviour mind bogglingly pathetic.

    They need to stop treating grown adults that have been in business for decades with a degree of respect and stop treating adults of senior years like kids. In essence they need to grow up and get a grip on life rather than thinking they can simply get away with ordering other people around and speaking to their paid for userbase, treating them in this most dispicable manner.

  171. Re: My mistake…

    My personal business has depended on the Warrior Forum and frankly I couldn’t care less whether I’m banned or not.


    My personal business has NEVER depended on the Warrior Forum and frankly I couldn’t care less whether I’m banned or not.

    Sorry about that.


  172. @ Robin Banks – Don’t waste your time with WF.. Millions got the same IP as you, they did not ban you because of the same IP because if they did then they would be banning more members than what they are now.

    The forum is useless and filled with useless information and useless people.. Not all of them are bad but the fact is the favored and the ones that really run WF are and you do not need to associate your business with them.

    Keep in mind your business success does reflect upon who you chose to associate with. If you associate with scammers and unethical 2 year old acting like children then that is how you and your business will be seen by some.

    There are other forums that have great members and great step by step plans 100% for free on how to make money online. You do not need the WF and their useless War Room or Scammy WSO’s …


  173. @Robin Banks – Not to do any self promotion on this blog but Robin go join my forum, if you need help, a step by step plan, or something.. Trust me you can get it on my forum 100% free… I have been online for over 25 years and I have some members that are very knowledgable and willing to help ….. James

  174. OK OK, I have been looking into some of the claims made here. Yes some of the most respected Warriors are scamming:

  175. @Warriors Do It Best – No offense meant dude but if this was my blog your comments would be removed. You “MAY” have legit information but the bad language is a serious turn-off..

    Again no offense meant but there are those of us in this industry that do not run around swearing left and right and honestly it looks bad for business.

  176. It ain’t my site dude. Tell the owner of the site.

  177. @Warriors Do It Best – Ok sorry thought it was yours.. as I said no offense meant..

  178. Re: James Stein said…

    @Robin Banks – Not to do any self promotion on this blog but Robin go join my forum, if you need help, a step by step plan, or something.. Trust me you can get it on my forum 100% free… I have been online for over 25 years and I have some members that are very knowledgable and willing to help ….. James

    Would you mind telling me your forum name please James?



  179. @Robin Banks – It is on my post with my name –

  180. @ Robin Banks – Put your cursor over my name on the post above …

    ==============This post============
    James Stein said…

    @Robin Banks – Not to do any self promotion on this blog but Robin go join my forum, if you need help, a step by step plan, or something.. Trust me you can get it on my forum 100% free… I have been online for over 25 years and I have some members that are very knowledgable and willing to help ….. James

  181. There are some other forums on the web that are even better than the WF. Do a little digging…and you can find all of the info you find in WF in the WSO section for free….not kidding.

  182. @Jo
    I forgot I’d posted here lol
    I’ve had my internet account shut down (two times) after arguing with Paul Myers. If anyone has his IP address Id like to report him!
    The man is an idiot of the highest order. If there was a pyramid of pricks he’d be sitting right at the top. He is the forums biggest bully and he is extremely abusive. But… if anyone is rude to him then they’re banned (permanently).
    He’s an arrgogant, pompous asshole that only posts on there to try and make himself look superior to everyone else. He adds no value whatsoever to the forum. And then there are the sheep that follow him around thanking him for practically every post he makes.

    It’s pathetic.

  183. @JG (another anonymous poster). I’m sorry you’ve had such unpleasant experiences with Paul Myers. However, I have no personal relationship with him and have no more access than you do.

    I am on his mailing list, read his blog, and buy (and recommend) his products…nothing more.

  184. I just got banned too…

    this website suxs! Just want to leave my two cents. These bastards don’t even have the courtesy to send me an email to my question why I was banned.

  185. They don’t give a damn Destiny. I bought a product from the WSO forum not long ago and informed the seller (nicely) that I had requested a refund and hadn’t had a reply from them and could they please look into it for me.

    About 10 minutes later I was banned for “spamming”.

    How that is “spamming” I do not know.

    What I find most alarming is that some members who have paid $37 or whatever it is to join the “war room” have been banned.

    Don’t know what you think but I call that theft.

  186. Yes, I too logged in one day and got the message that you have been banned. Date ban will be lifted:NEVER. Reason for Ban: NONE!
    Ha! I paid $37 for the supposed premium War Room Membership and now I have no way to even recover my money!!!!!

  187. Oh my God I’m sorry to hear about that. I think if enough people complain to Paypal then something will get done about this.

    How many people here have paid for access to the war room and have then been banned?

  188. Corruption is an understatement! Censorship & greed are just 2 ingredients. Corrupt loser “moderators” like Pearson Brown are in bed with certain marketers & if you aren’t one of his sluts or family members like George Brown, your posts will be deleted, modified or you’ll be banned because you are taking money out of their pockets. He’s only a “moderator” so he can control free speech & provide links to his own monetized sites. You’d think that a grumpy old man like Pearson who hails from the U.K., wouldn’t want to behave like Hitler, a tyrant my father helped save him from.
    Thanks for providing a place where the truth can be told here at !

  189. ???? ????? ????? ? ??????????, ???????? 20 ??? ??-?? ??????? ?????????, ????? ????? ?????? ?? ???????, 25 ???. ?? ???? ???????? “?????????” ?? ??????? ?? ????????? ??????????? ????????????? ??????? ???????? ??????.
    ?? ???????? ???? ?????? ????????? ??? ???????? ????????? ??????????. ????????? ???????? ??????????? ???????? ????????? ??? ????????? ?????, ???? ???????????? ???????? ?? ????? ???????????? ????????????.
    ?????????? ?????????, ??? ??? ???????? ??????????? ?? ????????? ????????? ??? ????? ???? ??????????? ????????????, ? ????? ?? ???? ???????? ??????? ?????????? “?????”, ??????????? ??????.
    ????????? ?????? ????????? ? ????????? ????? ?????????? ?? ????? ?????????? ?????, ????? ???????? ???????????? ??????????. ? ??????? ???????? ????? ????? ??????? ?????????????? ?????????? ??? ???????????. ? ?????? ?????????? ????????????? ?????????, ???????? ?? ????? ????? ?????????????.
    “?????????” ???? ? ?????????? ??? ???? ? ???????????? ????? ???????? ?????. ?? ??? ?????? ??? ???????? 20 ??? 2010 ???? ??-?? ??????? ????????? ???????????. ?? ???????? ??????, ???????? ???? ??????? ? ??????? ??????, ?????? ???????? ?????? ? ???????? ? ??????????? ??????????? ?????.
    ??????????? ????????? ???????? ??????? ????????? “??????????” ????? ??? ????????? ?????? ??????? ????????. ?????????????? ?? ??? ????????? ?????????? ???????????? ?????????? ??? ?????????? ?? ? ??????????????.

  190. I joined the war room and after a couple weeks thought better of it and asked for a refund. These assholes told me that the refund would “show up on my next credit card statement.” Of course that was a lie. Refunds are almost instant. I did a chargeback and bank of america botched it but were willing to credit me the money from their funds.

    I wasn’t having any of that. I wanted my money back from warriorforum.

    It was only after threatening to sue them in small claims court, report them to the FTC, and create anti-warriorforum website which would do far more than the $37 refund in damages that they refunded.

    They lied so many times and were the rudest assholes. I honestly think these people who run warriorforum deserve to be put in prison.

  191. I paid $37 for the lame ass “War Room” (that I could deal with).

    I try & login today & got the “You are banned message – forever”, they take your $37 give you 2 weeks a then ban you.

    “Warrior Forum Sucks”

    The shit heads don’t give you a warning or tell you why your banned – Nothing!

    Damn Basterds

    I’ll diss these assholes forever!

  192. Been a low activity warrior member since 07 and never bought into the War Room crap despite multiple threads praising it to high heaven.

    Whenever anyone complains about wsos being rip offs, the the thread would get deleted.

  193. rubbish forum. got banned for no reason. Just joined today and helped answer a few questions.

  194. I joined for 3 weeks.. the third week i got that message… WF is a big thief!

  195. I was about to make a purchase on the membership. After hearing these feedbacks.. i guess it would be better for me to stay away!

  196. Warrior Forum just a place rule by ass hole.

  197. I hate WF! They took my $37 and never give me anything!

  198. The WF is merely a “good ole boys (and girls) club.” If you don’t kiss the butts of the “forum elders,'” as they
    like to refer to themselves, you’re nothing in their eyes.

    One of their “seasoned” members is supposedly a ghost writer who, judging by her posts, isn’t much of a writer at all. Yet, they will go to the ends of the earth to worship this bonehead and kiss her ass from here to China.
    (I dropped a little hint there, so some of you may know who I’m referrring to.)

    I do get a kick out of Steven Wagenheim, though, for all his quirks.

    Basically, the WF (or WaFo as the WickedFire people like to call it) is one big circle jerk.

  199. Well, well, well. Seems like the WF is earning quite a reputation for itself.

    With all the people being banned there, pretty soon it’ll just be the sourpuss mods left. They can all sit around and commiserate with one another and cry in their beer (and continue to kiss the shiny metal arse of Sir Allen Says….lol!)

  200. @John – LOL …. Don’t they do enough of that as it is … Even some of the lame posers left and started their own forum. The cheating and lying posers that claim to be experts said they did not have freedom of speech anymore…lol Crybabies!!!

  201. I was banned for a couple of weeks for describing a product I was creating…It made me realize just how carefully you have to tread when writing posts. Let emotion drive you and you’ll be banned quickly, think about what you’re writing and you may be ok. It really influenced my online earnings, I didn’t realise how much I depended on WF for my online earnings.


  202. Did you have your website URL in your signature or was it some product that you were promoting?


    Brian M. Connole

  203. How about a song titled “Allen Says” sung to the tune of “Simon Says”?

    Just a thought …………….

  204. That Paul Myers really is one fucked up piece of shit. Someone made a sarcastic remark and Myers responded saying “My tolerance for sarcasm and argument on this subject is just about expended.”

    What a cheek!! Myers is the most sarcastic bastard on the WF. Almost every post of his contains sarcasm.

    I’d like to see Allen Says behind bars. I think if enough people complain to the FTC the WF could get shut down at the very least. Im glad I never paid $37 to join the War Room. What a scam!!

    Oh and Beverly Clement, you know that fat ugly bitch who thinks she’s Jessica Fletcher and calls herself a “writing coach”? I made a blog about her…


  205. Good points, JG. Paul enjoys being a prick, and Bev is NOT a writer…lol! Another WF buffoon is “Big Mike.” I have to admit it was kind of fun watching those two (Paul and Big Mike) going at it awhile back.

    What a circus the WF is!

  206. it’s ridiculous Ive been kicked out for no reason lol…

    I don’t even know why they just said I bumped some out threads Huh????

    what’s all that about…


  207. @Tess

    I remember that argument between them. lol
    Big Mike is a bloody idiot. I’ve had a few bannings as a result of arguing with him. Beverly Clement is a very nosey creature. I can’t stand the woman!

    No doubt it was Myers that banned you or another of the incompetent asshole moderators.

    Here are a few rules you’ll never see posted anywhere on the WF

    1. As long as you’re friends with Allen you’ll never get banned no matter what you do or say.

    2. If you disagree with anything Paul Myers posts you run the risk of being banned. Agree with him and you won’t have any problems.

    3. Although the Warrior Forum is member moderated anyone with “Moderator” under their username gets their WSO’s listed free.

  208. JG:

    Once again, your observations are spot on!

    Another uppity one, and good friends with Bev Clement, is Mary Murtha.

    And watch out when Big Mike gets a bug up his ass!

    And speaking of mods…..Les Gibbon can be a jerk too. Very moody, that guy. He’s the one that had it in for Steven Wagenheim when Wags started his posting-on-steroids frenzy a few years back.

    Now Steven Wagenheim…well, that’s a whole other story in itself, lol!

  209. Ah, let me correct myself.

    That should be Les Gibbons (with an “s”).

    And yeah, Bev Clement thinks she’s Lieutenant Columbo.
    Always trying to bust someone and snitch on them. What a buffoon and a colossal beyotch! Columbo? Actually, she’s more like a female Barney Fife.

  210. Check this out:

    He’s trying to project his best “tough guy” image, lol!
    What he doesn’t realize is that he’s suckin’ on one of Billy Clinton’s special “Monica” cigars.

  211. Check out “Mister Bigshot” himself:

    Oh yeah, the cigar gives him that “gansta” look (not!)

  212. don’t worry. I was banned 3 times before i eventually got banned for good. I still don’t even know why.

  213. Is Allen Says the second coming of Christ?

    Well, he sure gets treated that way by the moderators and forum regulars. I mean, what has he really done except to start a forum…has he published any books? Is he truly a world-renowned marketer? I think not. Yet, in the eyes of the Warriors, he walks on water!

    I think alot of them over at that forum have delusions of grandeur…to say the least!

  214. lol@ Columbo! I havent seen her around for a while, with any luck she’ll have eaten one too many pies and exploded.

    oh My God Steven Wagenheim…he’s so far up himself he’s in danger of turning inside out.

    Top 5 Wagenheim phrases

    “I’m done with this thread”
    “I’m a big boy”
    “It was five months before I made my first sale”
    “I’m a six figure marketer”
    “What do YOU think?”

    I forgot to post the 2010 Paul Myer’s Ass Kissing Contest results

    1st Steven Wagenheim
    2nd John Taylor
    3rd Kay King
    4th Jay Extreme

    Congratulations to Steven! No doubt you’ll win again next year.

  215. Listen, do you think it’s easy being Steve Wagenheim? Well, do you??? Let me tell ya, if it wasn’t for the WF and Allen Says, I’d be a mere shell of a man. I mean, hell, I’d be chopped freakin liver for cryin out loud. I owe everything to the WF.

    It was a hard climb to the top, but I made it. With over 14,000 posts under my belt, I made it dammit! If it wasn’t for Allen, I’d be living in a van down by the river!

    Go right ahead and make fun of the Wagster if you must, you and that evil bunch over there at Wickedfire.

    It’s OK, diss me all ya want. Hey, I’m a big boy and I can TAKE IT!

    Gotta run, I got at least another 100 posts to make today…

  216. I’m in the urbandictionary and I have my own fan club:

    Life is good!

  217. Was there ever any doubt that I’d take first place in the Paul Myers ass kissing contest? I think not…..

  218. And yes I DO have my own fan club!

  219. Alright, you pukes, check out my fan club NOW or die a horrible death!

    Oh, and I’m holding Beverly C. hostage in my basement…

  220. Lord Almighty, JG, I really don’t want to picture Beverly eating a pie–or anythihng else for that matter.

    I have to go gouge my eyes out now…

  221. Hey look, guys, I mean c’mon now…do you think I was born a successful marketer? Of course not. What I did was storm into the Warrior Forum like a frikkin bull in a china shop and started posting my bony arse off like there was no tomorrow. Was I well received? Not at firsst, but I stayed the course and kisedd a frikkin boatloat of ARSE! Ya see, that’s what ya to do become a success like me.

    You make yourself a presence in a forum and become a household term.

    Shucks, if I weren’t a successful IM dude, I’m pretty sure I’d be a pornstar. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Just call me Steven “Ron Jeremy” Wagenheim.

    Good day to one and all!

  222. Hey, did I mention that I’m a huge fan of Chuck Rosseel?

    Well, I am! It’s true! And if Chuck ever wants me to introduce him to any hot women, he just needs to say the word.

    I know Bev Clement, Kay King, and lots of other broads over at the WF, so I could set Chuck up in a New York minute!

  223. “The Stever is Retro-Cool”

    Yeah, I’ll admit it: I’m a retro-geek.

    Those of you who know me may have followed me to the off-topic forum over at the WF. And if you have, you’re probably aware that I’m kind of into old tunes and one-hit wonders. It should come as no surprise, for example, if you were to find me cleaning out my garage on a Saturday while singing (attempting to sing, that is) Tommy Tu-Tone’s “8675309/Jenny.”

    Yeah, I’m geeky that way.

    Now, check this out:

    Is that something right out the early 70’s or what?!
    That’s me with the little wifey Donna and my daughter, Christine.

    Hey, what can I tell ya…geeky is good. It’s part of the Wagster’s image.

    Hey, have a geeky and retro weekend, guys and gals. Dig out some old tunes or watch “Revenge of the Nerds” for the 150th time.

    Retro-cool is, well………..COOL!

    Yours in marketing,

    The Stever

  224. Bev Clement is one ugly broad . . . plus she’s got more chins than the Chinese phonebook.

    But all the sheeple over at the Warrior Forum sure do like to suck up to her!

  225. If Bev were the only woman left on earth, I’d rather have a date with Rosie Palm and her five sisters…know what I’m saying? I mean, fuhgettaboutit!

  226. Hey guys & gals….just to keep things kind of on-topic here…and I apologize for not having done so…

    The Stever WAS BANNED from the Warrior Forum!

    OK, so hopefully none of you went into cardiac arrest and are in immediate need of defribillation….and if I ever do, I hope to be defribrillated by Ming Na, but I digress…

    Yeah, it’s true, I was banned! Here’s the “skinny” on this situation as I explained it on one forum…


    Here is my 2 cents on all this for whatever they’re worth.

    I was banned from the Warrior Forum a while back for 7 days for calling a few members who were ragging on Michael Jackson some not so nice names. While they deserved my tongue lashing for throwing dirt on the guy’s grave, I also deserved what I got.

    The forum has rules and we need to obey them…like it or not. Either we accept those rules and contribute or go find some place else to play.

    As for whether anybody needs the Warrior Forum or not, I can only comment that since joining, my income has increased by 2.5 times. So for me, it’s been a positive experience…even with all the problems that I brought on myself.

    I have learned from them…and it’s made me a better marketer and person.

    Bottom line is simple. You can do anything you want to do in this world with or without any one particular person, site, program or whatever. You are in control of your own future. Nobody else.

    So Warrior Forum or not, what you do with YOUR life and your success in it is up to you and you alone.

    Wishing you nothing but the best.


    Steven Wagenheim

    So, no one is really immune from banning. I know it’s frustrating, but I guess ya got to think of it as some sort of “right of passage” or something, lol!

    Yours in marketing,

    The Stever

    P.S. Do I know how to kiss arse or what??? LOL!

  227. Not to toot my own horn, but I think this little ditty–sung by yours truly–is kind of sexy, even kind of bubble-gummy.

    What I do know is that it really turns the ladies on. I mean, jeepers, it’s like foreplay for cryin’ out loud!

    Tryt not to get too excited, ladies..LOL!

    Oh, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The Stever is working on a cover of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Cherub Rock.”

    Peace & Hair Grease..

    The Stever

  228. Forgot to post the link for my own song, lol …

  229. @Waggsy – You are getting annoying

  230. @Ad Hustler

    I know…sory about that. I’ll try to keep my posting Tourette’s confined to the Warrior Forum.

    Have a great week!

  231. @Joe Said…
    “if you paid for War Room – demand a refund from Paypal… youve paid for “Lifetime membership” which is now not being permitted… refund in order – worked for me! ”

    I cannot get a refund because it has been more than 45 days since I paid. I paid with PayPal. Is there another way around that, because as you said, this is for a LIFETIME membership.

  232. Looks like Mr. Paul Myers is a certifiable idiot and one who is very full of himelf.

    Get over yourself, Paul!

  233. He certainly is. Very patronising, incredibly pompous and a one of the forum’s biggest bullies.

    I mean seriously, he starts a thread (or should I say speech) saying don’t argue with moderators and has (as I type this) 79 thanks.

    79 thanks for basically saying don’t argue with moderators. *rollseyes*


  234. I swear the WF is the only thing in Paul Myers’s pathetic life.

    That dude is a narcissistic weenie!

    When they have a “roast” for the mods, I hope they don’t forget good ole’ Paul. He is, after all, one of their biggest weenies!

    A weenie roast for the WaFo mods…perfect! LOL!

  235. @JG Why are you surprised at 79 thanks for ‘don’t argue with moderators.’ Since every member is a moderator, I’m surprised that there aren’t thousands more.

    Making every member a moderator is, IMO, the cause of all the trouble. Elevate a nobody to a somebody, and it goes to his or her head. I don’t believe for one minute that every ban is run by a ‘qualified’ moderator.

    When I was banned, it was so fast after the post that it would have been impossible for review to have taken place. Others have commented about the incredible speed, as well, so I feel like that is truly the case.

  236. I just got banned like 10 minutes ago and it did not even give me a reason. It just said I was banned for not following the rules. It would be nice to know which rules I did not follow. One second I am on there waiting for a reply, I hit refresh and it said I was Banned. I guess it’s a good thing I hit refresh or I woulda still been sitting there waiting for a reply.

  237. LOL@ narcissistic weenie. That describes him very well!

    I’m not surprised he has so many thanks as many people on that forum can’t wait to kiss his ass at every available opportunity. Members like Kay Burger King, Kim Standinline, R Bagel and TMG Starship Enterprise. They’re always around when Paul posts.

    I agree having a member moderated forum is a bad idea. Allen Says really does come up with some damn ed stupid ideas but having seen a picture of him I can totally understand that.

    They never tell you why. And if you send a ticket to their “help desk” asking why you were banned you’ll never get a reply.

  238. I also have had bad experiences over there because of the mods.

    I have better things to do than to waste my time on such a board, and to let this get to me (afterall, it is just a message board), but, like the others here, I thought I would post this to help spread the word.

    If you don’t go along with the “club mentality,” you are either banned, your posts are deleted, and or your password is reset time after time after time.

    If your opinion of something and or someone they all like is different than theirs…oh, boy, look out!

    And if a mod doesn’t like it, you are indeed banned. I have heard from two of my clients on this one also.

    For example: It seems that everybody over there loooooves John Carlton. As a professional copywriter, I personaly feel he is mediocre, at best.

    A thread was started by a newbie asking for opinions about Carlton.

    I was civil, and gave him my opinion, like he asked for.

    It was short, to the point, not rude…

    Guess what? Yup, my posts were deleted.

    And…the mob went after me with torches. lol

    Funny thing is…I and maybe a couple of other posters were the only ones who participated in the thread with frank opinions. All others were acting like idiots, simply because I had a different opinion of their hero.

    *shrugs shoulders* Oh well.

  239. I know exactly what you mean by “the mob”.

    I’ve never mentioned this before but when I first joined the Warrior Forum in 2007 I posted a WSO which was a report on making money from press releases.

    This was on the old WF (not the new VBulletin forum they have now). I got nothing but positive comments and I don’t think I got a single refund.

    Not long after that I was posting some tips on the forum and I noticed every single thread and post I made was being deleted.

    I thought this was very strange and when I saw a post I made congratulating someone on their first Clickbank sale was deleted I got really annoyed and started a thread asking what was going on.

    Of course that thread was deleted almost immediately.
    Helpful posts of mine on the SEO board were also being deleted.

    I sent an email to moderator Leslie Gibbon as he seemed to be the only moderator online at the time so I assumed it was him that was deleting all my posts.

    I got no repsonse.

    Then I noticed the “WSO Moderator” was online.
    The WSO moderator then “took over” my account. He started to post using my account. Every time I started a thread the thread title would change to what he wanted it to be. He changed my signature to what he wanted it to read.

    He called me a scammer and posted all sorts of stupid things and all it got quite ridiculous.

    I could still log in so I started a thread saying that a moderator was posting as me but of course all the members thought I was crazy and no one believed me.

    It didn’t last long and after that my account was deleted.

    Totally unprofessional.

  240. JG:

    Paul Myers, in that thread you just referenced about arguing with a mod, referred to Les Gibbon as a “super mod.” Les is quite full of himself.

    The other mod (WSO) is Michael Tracey. I can tell just by what you’re describing, as I’ve seen it there many times. Michael T. thought it so clever to take over one’s account and then alter the post to make it sound as if the original poster was saying “Look at me, I’m a big dummy for getting banned…” or words to that effect.

    Most of those mods seem to be cut from the same cloth. Although Bryan Kumar seemed OK as I recall.

  241. Has anyone here seen this thread, it’s a real eyeopener.

    Paul Myers responses wow!

  242. I remember Michael Tracey. He banned me after he demanded I remove my signature. I said I’d think about it (which really wound him up).

    I notice Leslie Gibbon seems to really have it in for Steven Wagenheim. Not sure what started their long running feud.

    Pity the thread about Jim Straw’s banning was deleted. It was good to see some members telling Paul Myers what they think of him.

    I applaud MarkAndrews IMCopywriting, Stede Troisi and David Jackson. It’s time that condescending creature got a taste of his own medicine!

  243. MarkAndrews has just been completely banned for life and I notice all of his threads and posts have been completely deleted.

  244. Guys, chill out.. dont need to be a member to browse the forum.. since we’ve all been banned we can take what little useful info there is on there without feeling guilty for not giving anything back!
    Bunch of lossers on there anyway… BTW i got my full refund for my War Room subscription :)

  245. Wait a second…MarkAndrews got banned?! lol

    Do you know why?

  246. Apparently in reply to Paul Myers insults publically on the forum whilst sticking up for Jim Straw saying the mods should unban him, he called Paul Myers a sanctimonious old windbag along with one or two other choice words.

    I don’t think it went down very well.

  247. Ah, now that’s refreshing to hear that at least there are a few that have the cojones to stand up to Paul!


    Paul and BigMike had quite a little donnybrook awhile back…it just never ceases to be interesting over there at that forum.

    BTW…I’ll just bet Paul lurks here. Methinks I feel the presence of that omnipresent cowboy hat! :)

  248. Oh here we go moderator John Taylor who seems to be doing a very bad Robert De Niro impersonation is congratulating himself on making 10,000 posts. *rollseyes*

  249. @JG,

    That’s “Doctor Taylor” to you, sir! Remember that he used to put the “PhD” behind his name….not sure if he’s doing that now. So, does the good doctor make house calls?! LOL!

  250. Stede Troisi who was also sticking up for super successful direct response marketer Jim Straw calling for his temporary ban to be lifted, questioning the moderators (Paul Myers) about the decision, has also now been banned from the Warrior Forum for disagreeing publically with their actions.

  251. Jim Straw (JF Straw) the enormously successful direct response marketer who in the past 50 years has made over $400 million, now in his mid 70’s, having recently lost his wife, has now been banned temporarily from the Warrior Forum.

    See this Happy Birthday thread posted up at the Warrior Forum, in particular pay attentioon to replies 14 and 15, reply #14 – Paul Myers wishes Jim Straw Happy Birthday and describes him as the perfect gentleman.

    Not withstanding this fact, Paul Myers still ultimately banned JF Straw (Jim Straw) in late July 2010 from the Warrior Forum, stating that he would not overturn another moderators decision no matter what.

    If you look at reply number 15 from Jim Straw (JF Straw), you can see that it states that he has been banned from the Warrior Forum.

    Since JF Straw (Jim Straw) was merely acting on the advice of another separate moderator when making a post on the Warrior Forum and subsequently another moderator took exception to the post created and banned him for 7 days – wouldn’t the right thing for Paul Myers to do, have been to simply reinstate JF Straw’s account immediately?

    You might want to get a screen capture of the above two posts.

    If proof was needed about the utterly ridiculous banning policies at the Warrior Forum, this situation clearly demonstrates the absurd decision making processes on the part of moderators and administrators on the Warrior Forum at times.

    Despite a few members requesting that the ban immediately be lifted, these posters who stood up for what they believed to be right, were first insulted publically and then subsequently themselves banned from the Warrior Forum for speaking out about this particular ban, levied against JF Straw (Jim Straw) direct response marketer.

    If proof was needed that there is indeed a rather silly, inane banning policy taking place at the Warrior Forum – this is it.

    Paul Myers, we are calling on you to do the right thing and to unban all of these affected Warrior Posters immediately who were merely acting in the best interests of an innocent party.

    It was your moderator who initially gave the bad advice to JF Straw (Jim Straw) which caused another separate moderator to act in said manner, banning the gentleman from your forum.

    Rather than sticking up, standing by your moderators awful decision we are calling on you Paul Myers to do the right thing here and immediately lift this ban against Jim Straw (JF Straw).

    The question also remains concerning a thread posted up by yet another moderator Ken Strong – Direct Response Marketing Legend Banned From WF – this thread has also now been completely removed from the Warrior Forum, despite it receiving in it’s first 2 days some 10,000 plus visitor / reader views and close to 500 replies.

    Why delete the thread Paul Myers when the topic is so popular?

    Could it be that you were trying to save face, saving yourself the embarrassment of appearing extraordinarily stupid in the search engine results, by locking down this thread?

    If anyone can get a cached history view of this entire thread, post it up here for everyone else to see.

    The exact thread title was – Direct Response Marketing Legend Banned From WF

    Why is there such a hard line attitude on the part of forum moderators and administrators towards posters, who were essentially trying to do the right thing, is the question which needs answering.

    Why ban posters forever for the positive ‘criticism’ of Warrior Forum moderators?

    And why further, delete every single one of their contributions to the forum, threads created and posts made trying to help other posters out?

    How can you charge a full membership fee for your forum, entitling your customers to a lifetime membership only later to ban these customer accounts for life with no refund offered?

    Wouldn’t this under normal circumstances be considered stealing Paul Myers?

    Would this not be considered under normal circumstances a scam Paul Myers?

    Are you going to address these issues and the concerns of all banned former members of the Warrior Forum or are you going to address these issues sometime soon?

    This arbitrary banning of Warrior Forum members without any real due cause or reason, for the most silly pedantic reasons, MUST STOP!

    What is your reply Paul Myers, John Taylor and Allen Says?

    Are you going to carry on stealing other peoples money from them, to line your own greedy scam artist pockets?

    Which is it to be?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

    Many people are now disgusted with the practices taking place at the Warrior Forum.

  252. Aren’t we beginning to get into this whole banning thing a little deeper than we should be doing? I can’t see that members of this forum have the right to demand that WF moderators be accountable to us.

    How would we respond if they demanded that we stop complaining and making accusations about their behavior on this forum?

    Commenting about what they do is one thing, but telling them what to do is something entirely different…and, IMO, it’s clearly out of order.

  253. Because if you act like an asshole in society you are usually held accountable for your actions perhaps?

    Welcome to the real world.

  254. Jo,

    Why don’t you sashay on over to the WaFo and join the brown-nosers? Sounds like you’re quite adequately qualified.

    Bannng someone like Jim Straw speaks volumes about their indescretion.

  255. @Anon
    Totally agree with everything you said. It’s a disgrace that Jim Straw was banned. I hope he never goes back to post on there. I know I wouldn’t, not after being treated like naughty 5 year old.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  256. Typing this into Google… jim straw banned

    brings up a few cached posts.

  257. @Jimmy. LOL, Jimmy. You didn’t do your homework. I was banned…permanently.

  258. @Jo

    I’ve read this entire thread. I know you were banned, so you’re wrong.

    Think what you will…most would agree that Mr. Straw was unfairly treated.

    Case closed.

  259. Paul Myers is an anagram for lumpy arse

    Maybe someone will buy you some pile cream for your next birthday, eh Paul?

  260. I just wrote an expose on Warrior Forum Brown Shirt Mod Paul Myers. Let me know what you think.

  261. lol that’s a great post!!

  262. This is ridiculous. Myers has just banned someone who is complaining about being scammed.

    What is wrong with that man??

  263. ‘Anthony Blake Online’ at has a ‘Name and Shame’ forum where Sal could post the entire story. This is a pretty busy forum, and the post would get a lot of exposure.

    However, there are rules there, too, and you must keep your cool. Since Sal made a reasonable initial post on WF, I assume he would do the same on that forum.

  264. @JG and Jo and all,

    I’m aware of what Paul Myers did to sal64 on the Warrior Forum. I wrote a lengthy article revealing all the sordid details. I hope Sal and all Warrior Forum victims get to read it.

    Chuck Rosseel

  265. I was banned from the WF this afternoon, and have found this blog fascinating. Here’s what happened to me:

    I was (and remain) interested in a particular WSO. The sales page includes a video review, available on YouTube. Out of curiosity, I went over to YouTube to see what else that reviewer had to offer. Well, it turns out that he made an almost identical review video for another product in the exact same niche. I had the temerity to point this fact out on the WF, and ask the seller to offer some sort of explanation for why I should buy his product and not the other one recommended by his main cheerleader! When I refreshed the page to check on any response, I found I had been permanently banned for violating the forum’s rules.

    Using in-private browsing (as recommended by an earlier poster) I was able to get back into the WF and confirm that my post had disappeared. (I wonder how many people had an opportunity to be ‘corrupted’ by my free speech.) I then reviewed the WSO rules. One of them allows product creators to report any attempts to deliberately sabotage their WSO. Now, what I did was not sabotage; it was a perfectly legitimate question that is in the interests of the consumer. Caveat emptor never had greater meaning!

    The rules go on to say that if you have a problem with a product you should take it up with the creator through a PM. I don’t think I had enough posts under my belt to be able to use the PM system. And apparently you have no right to criticize a product if you haven’t bought it. This all looks heavily weighted in favor of the seller and those who profit indirectly by the sale of WSOs on the WF.

    I recognize a legitimate need for moderation of any forum, but to permanently ban members without giving them any warning or avenue for redress is ludicrous. The forum could be a fine place if discussions were allowed to get a little heated. Wouldn’t you have more confidence in a product if you could see the creator handle genuine issues?

    There is a theory in America called the marketplace of ideas, in which the truth is supposed to emerge victorious from the chaos of competing voices. It appears that this theory does not hold water – or is not valued – over at the Warrior Forum.

  266. Good to see Paul Myers exposed for the arrogant TOOL he is!

  267. Richard, you were banned because WarriorForum doesn’t like people messing with WSO creators in any way since they help to monetize the forum. Any alarming negativity posted to a WSO thread will probably be met with post deletion and/or banning unless the creator did something horrendous on WarriorForum itself. They can’t have negative replies in these threads since it would turn people off from buying the WSO, and if people are not buying WSOs then WSO ad spots are not being sold anymore. Their WSO area is that fragile because of the abundance of weak offers.

    Generally speaking, the people selling WSOs can’t defend their offerings against negativity since they are so inexperienced in what they are somehow claiming will make you successful. They don’t even understand the dynamics of their own offering and thus can’t provide solid rebuttals to negativity. So, again, WarriorForum relieves them from having to deal with many forms of negativity in the name of keeping the sales flowing.

  268. @Chuck Really enjoyed that article. I’m addicted to Warrior Forum Sucks!

    @Richard sorry to hear you’ve been banned. Their rule that you need 50 posts in order to send a PM to a member is one of the most stupid rules I’ve ever seen on any forum.
    Makes it very easy for scammers but since Allen & Co are scammers themselves it shouldn’t be all that surprising.

  269. Me too! In fact I have been banned 3 times!

  270. I just want to vent my anger with Warrior Forum. I am back on after being banned. But the rules on there. Suck.

    This is the response, I got, Asking why my dating article was deleted.

    They told me it was against the rules.
    I had in Off Topic Subjects. It was a dating articles. So why did they delete my post.

    I asked again. This is the response!!!

    Hello Ray,

    I will not explain this further. Just accept the decision of the moderator! Your thread was against the rules otherwise it would not have been deleted.

    I think this is a crappy response! What is your opinion of the response. This people are not very nice!

  271. Ray….

    Probably that jag-bag Paul Myers with another
    bug up his arse.

  272. If you’ve been Warrior Forum banned – check out this forum instead…

    Here, you’ve got a lot of the old time posters from the Warrior Forum imparting and giving away excellent Internet Marketing advice.

    I’ve little doubt given time, this forum could well be a match for the Warrior Forum – it’s already shaping up to one hell of a good positive posting environment.

    Check it out NOW!…;referredby=1671

    It’s only a referral link, I get nothing from you clicking on the link or copying and pasting it into your browser window – it is NOT an affiliate link.

    I hope this helps a few of you out.


    Mark Andrews

  273. So I got this great idea this morning and wanted to test it out. So I messaged about 15 people today, and got a HUGE response back.

    Now tonight when I sit down am reply to the FIRST ONE… I get banned for a week for being “SPAMMY.” But look at the CONTEXT! It was relevant information to the user… and they happily responded BACK! Now I can’t talk to most of them because I can’t even get into the site!


  274. I will never do business with Warrior Forum Again. They should treat people better. Their reputation is tarnished that is for sure.

    If you want to check out my Forum, I just got started with.

    Check it out, I need members…..

    See ya,
    Ray Gollis

  275. I got banned at some point overnight and it’s just plain goofy. Said “persistently promoted my sig.” When in fact, as part of two VERY LONG, detailed, helpful posts I suggested someone watch a 40+ minute training video on that topic that I offer for FREE at

    I’m blown away.

    I used to be a mod on Michel Fortin’s copywritersboard back in the day, so I can appreciate “rules.” However, a simple PM asking me to be more careful would have been much more respectful and appropriate. I assume the mods at WF are volunteers too. It puzzles me why they would react so recklessly. Oh, well.

    @MarkAndrews — I check out and registered in that forum you suggested. Looks like it’s still getting off the ground. But, I made a few posts/comments.

    JP Maroney
    aka Mr. Monetizer

  276. @JP Maroney

    I’m sorry to hear that you too received a ban from the Warrior Forum.

    I completely agree with you that it does seem a little ‘goofy’ to say the very least, banning a respectable businessman and well respected copywriter and friend of Michel Fortin.

    Some moderator decisions on that forum simply don’t make any real sense, in today’s business world.

    Whilst out and out scammers and fraudsters can get away with blue murder on that forum, other respectable and honest business folks are being banned – what can one say? It’s just about as stupid as it gets in that place at times.

    It’s a crying shame that one or two trigger happy moderators are playing God like this.

    The downside is the very real reflection this can have on your business model. Time and effort spent helping countless others (perhaps for many years) only to have your entire forum history wiped out in an instant, with no recourse to appeal against the judgement handed down to you.

    Paul Myers says that they take the decision to ban someone very, very seriously and will only do it as a last resort.

    Poppycock I say.

    They obviously don’t give a flying stuff about anyone but themselves. As long as they are lining their pockets with more cash from Internet marketing newbies – they couldn’t really care less about anyone else at all, except the greedy desire and need to serve their own self interests.

    One has to wonder sometimes just how seriously they take this responsibility to moderate the forum when willy nilly, they are handing down lately so many bannings on the quiet.

    With the latest price hike of WSO’s from $20 each to $40 each plus rebumping of WSO’s, one does wonder just how long they can keep this all up, before the Warrior Forum starts it’s sure and steady decline as a good resource for Internet marketers online.

    I look forward to seeing you posting more at –;referredby=1671

    Kindest regards and best wishes,

    Mark Andrews – Copywriter

  277. @Mark Andrews

    Ya, pretty crazy.

    Full disclosure … my “ban” notice said it would be lifted at 12:00 PM on Sept 15th. So, that should be up tonight. I am a little gun shy now, and plan to ask exactly how am I supposed to avoid getting banned in the future. Hey, I might get banned for asking … that’s sorta like questioning authority. ROFL.

    Crazy …

    BTW: What other forums do you (any others reading) suggest for the marketing world?)


  278. Try

    Hope this helps.

  279. I wouldnt bother joining Market Crush forum. I was banned asking why so many people from India are into internet marketing.

    Perfectly good question but no Lisa Ferrets Gerrets or whatever her name is banned me.

  280. You were banned from for posting up racial remarks which could have caused great offence to other people.

    And further for your attitude towards the moderators and administrators on that forum, namely, 2 communications received telling the mods to go **** themselves.

    Your overall attitude got you banned, no-one else asked you to be so rude and revolting with your comments.

  281. “Racist remarks” and “revolting comments?” That’s ridiculous!! LOL

    So I said “those bloody indians are everywhere”

    If an Australian said “those bloody brits are winning at cricket” would anyone think that was a racist comment?

    No, of course not.

    But heaven forbid I mention “Indians instead of “Brits” then that automatically makes me a racist doesn’t it?

    I bet any Indians on the forum aren’t remotely offended as Brits wouldn’t be offended, as what is there to be offended about?

    It’s the stupid politically correct obsessed people that THINK others might be offended and so they label me a “racist”.

    And there’s no point in arguing about this as I’m right.

  282. Much as you might try and defend your remarks, making comments such as this makes you unwelcome…

    You said by private communication…

    “where the hell was i racist? banning the best poster on the forum was a really stupid idea. none of tnhe other posters offer as much valuable posts as what i do. big asshole mike adn lisa fucking gerets can go adn sove the forum up their fucking assholes”


    “Oh you want to know “my precise point”?? ok ok I’ll tell you my precise point. I was asking why so many indians are involved in IM? How is that racist? You people so full of your stupid political correctness make me sick. Lisa fucking gerets and the rest of you fucking assholes can go to hell.”

    Take some responsibility for your own actions. If we’re all so “****ing stupid” in your esteemed view, not posting on the forum will be of no great loss to you and will benefit everybody else.

    End of discussion.

  283. @MarkAndrews

    will check out v7n — thx!

  284. It’s laughable how no one has explained why anything I’ve said is racist.

    Like I said you can stick your forum up your ass!

  285. What is Allen up to? Just recently he makes it so you don’t have to confirm your registration and now he charges $40 to post a WSO.

  286. @MarkAndrews

    I’ve just read your comment on Market Crush. I see you and ObeseMike and one or two others are still talking about me.

    When I said that Digital Point attracts Indians like flies I meant theres a lot of them on there. How is that racist in any way? If there were a lot of Birtish members and I said it attracts the British like flies would that be racist? You don’t have talk some rot.

    And as for ObeseMike’s comment about me being the worst poster that’s BS!! Look at all the threads I’ve started, all the useful tips I’ve posted. I’ve given away niches most people keep to themselves. Of course those threads don’t get a single thank you do they?

    Anyway I’ve had enough. Carry on with your little discussion about me. I’m off to burn a few copies of the Koran.

  287. An Alternative To The Warrior Forum,
    I have created a Forum and need new members,
    If you join, I will gladly send you a Free Gift in your email.
    Whatever you want, Videos, Articles, Software,
    Let me know….
    To Sign Up Ctrl C To Copy and Ctrl V to Paste
    If you don’t already know that…

    Just send me an email to the Admin, when you join and say
    Ray, I want my gift, and state what you would like,
    I will kindly response ASAP.

    Take care,
    Ray Gollis-Official Internet Marketing Expert

  288. guys what should WE do about this forum, i think we must report this “warriorforum” website on international web regulations, seriously something MUST be done about it

  289. Okay, some of you REALLY need to get a life.

    It’s just a message board. … A piss-poor one, at that.


  290. I think many of the lame WF need to get a life so your point is what PerryRose… Sure glad I created a 100% better forum with real members and not posers and fakes..

    It is great to know that newbies actually get real help on my forum and they have went from being ripped off at WF to making money on mine.

    This is their own words also and not mine… One newbie has a wife and 5 children and he was ripped off to the point of losing his house. Now he is looking for a place to rent and my forum is helping him to start to actually earn an income now… So who needs to get a life..

    Losers, Posers, Fakes, and Wannabe Marketers need to get a life…


  291. MarketCrush ….LOL Loser forum .. Many of the losers and posers from WF just ran to another forum that’s all … Still ripping off newbies and giving out their bad advice and acting like experts when they are not…


  292. True. Theres one or two good members who helped me out but the vast majority are losers.
    Im actually glad I’m banned from WF and now MC as I waste far too much time on forums. Getting so much more work done now.

  293. Hey look what I found


    I think I’ll join.

  294. @JG …LOL It was setup Aug 27th … Almost a month ago, what happened ????

    “Real Marketers” Purchase Real Forum Software like VB … SMF is for losers….


  295. lol I dont know. MarkAndrews your forum is offline!

    There seem to be SMF forums popping up constantly most of them run by simpletons.

  296. @JG – Your url is missing the .com his forum is there but it’s dead… a month old and nobody posted but him ….lol

    SMF is for loser marketers, the script is junky, non-seo’ed properly, no marketing abilities at all.. A “Real Marketer” will go spend $300 for VB 4.0 Suite…

    A Real Forum – – No posers allowed! Any wannabe join, they get banned real quick. The forum is 100% ad free and even has FREE MSO’s (Marketing Special Offer).


  297. What an idiot I am missing the .com off the end lol Looks like a decent forum that. Lots of good stuff on there!!

    @markandrews I saw your post on MC saying Id joined your forum, that I was creating “countless usernames” and was spamming it. Well considering Ive only just seen your forum about 5 minutes ago I think that would be pretty damn impressive don’t you? They’re spambots!

    Here’s some advice. I know you’re into positivity in a big way and that’s great. Problem is basing an entire forum around positive thinking isn’t going to work. I mean how much can you say about positive thinking? You’re simply not going to get many members joining and posting. You’d probably get a few more members if you changed to Vbulletin, had a unique theme created with a good logo, created a lot more boards and hired some forum posters to populate the forum and made it look “busy”. That’s just for starters. But even then a forum about positivity I just don’t see it being all that popular. What I would do is start a forum on a subject with a broader appeal and have the positivity forum as one of the boards on there. There’s your free advice, you can thank me later.

    Now about Market Crush. Jeremy, Zerobrains your forum could do with some improvements. Firstly look at all the members you have with 0 posts. There are a lot of them. If you want some of them back then as I suggested more than once you should have a forum newsletter. Keep in touch with your non posting members, remind them of competitions etc. Some will have completely forgotten they joined so by sending out a short newsletter once a month this will remind them. Oh and make the newsletter funny. When I had a forum in 2004 I created crazy newsletters and got members with 0 posts coming back. If you need any help I’ll write them for you.

    Create more competitions but not impossible ones like you have now. Smaller competitions with smaller prize money would be better, different competitions that would appeal to a wider audience. Remember all your members aren’t knowlegable about SEO. Again this will bring back members that have 0 posts. You as admin also need to get more involved. Instead of pissing around on the WF you ought to be contributing more by starting new threads. I was your top thread starter adding useful content to your forum for free. Instead of banning your top posters you should be rewarding them or at the very least thanking them for their valuable contributions. Don’t forget without members you don’t have a forum.

  298. hey , how to ban someone? on warrior forum

  299. @Aniee – Go over there and contribute very useful and helpful information ….. Prove a few posers wrong and you will be banned in no time at all..

    They seem to not like people that actually contribute to this industry …


  300. To ban someone you need to be a WF admin or moderator and have an IQ equivalent to that of an Orangutan.

  301. Look at this

    Nauseating self promotion.

    What are the odds that Myers paid Hancox to post that?
    Anyone else doing that on the main discussion forum would be banned immediately.

  302. They pick and choose who to ban … Normally it is someone that is a threat to their little group. Personally I have no problems with Paul it is many of the other self proclaimed guru idiots…

    Speaking of reputation though, I do not think WF will ever recover from the people that they have alienated ….

  303. Tried joining the articlesproductions forum but was banned with a postcount of 0. That has to be a record lol

    anyone know any other IM forums?

  304. @JG Did you register with a Fake Name ????

  305. I dont remember being asked to enter my actual name, just a username. Got a message saying I was banned permanently as I wasnt using my real name. Looking now I see someone called “breakdance”, another called “DeeLight”, “LilBlackDress” all of which dont appear to be real names so am somewhat confused.

    Not having the bst of weeks when it comes to posting on forums LOL

  306. @JG – Those are actual paying members of – I keep posers and losers out of my forums because it will not end up like WF, DP, or the new loser forum MC …

    With that said, tell me your username and I will unblock it but note I do not go for people using their domain name as their username, I have a 100% ad free forum that allows you to post a Free MSO and there is no need to try any sneaky marketing tricks.

    I am not sure if that was you that registered with a domain name username but I know I banned the person before they could do anything…


  307. Yes so you did.

  308. If its ok I’ll join using JG instead of one of my domain names. :)

  309. @James I just read that thread on MC about you. They ban me for saying “bloody indians” yet theres Mark Andrews, ObeseMike, TMG Starship Enterprise and the rest of them calling you every name under the sun!! Why the hell aren’t they banned from MC? Oh wait because Jeremy agrees with them. Makes me glad Im no longer a part of that place.

  310. Exactly … They are losers … All MC did was pull the losers from WF and put them on another forum … Its the same thing only a different name. They all angry because I actually know how to make money, I have created 6 figure income sites, my members make money, and I do not do none of that foul mouth nasty filthy talking and drinking…

    Some an angry at me because I showed their so called expert article marketer up … I thrashed his listings in google with a site that was only 1 year old. This so called expert can not even touch my site because he is a poser.

    True, honest, real marketers will always win …


  311. They’re making themselves look very stupid over there. Bloody idiots the lot of them!

    Not long ago I made the mistake of buying one of Kelsall’s CPA products. I didn’t think it was much good (understatement) so I politely requested a refund. I got back a load of abuse. Never seen anyone react so strongly to a refund request which makes me think he doesn’t make anywhere close to what he claims to makes. He obviously needs the money really bad lol

  312. @JG – Exactly … What money is made is made unethically by abusing site terms… They are a bunch of losers.. Like Mr. Platipuss over there.. 10 Years in article marketing and a total waste of human life… He claims I am such a loser and all this but I have members that can back me up .. he did not talk like that when I was helping him.

    Funny thing is one of my members a complete NEWBIE made more money from her MSO in 24 hours than what Mr. Plattipuss made all last year …

    Now how about that … Guess who helped train this NEWBIE … Yep, Yours truly .. So I must not be as much as a loser as they claim … lol

  313. LOL@ Mr. Platipuss!

  314. @JG – Glad you liked it and got a good laugh ….lol Someone needs to laugh at these posers because they are so lame and the bad thing is they don’t realize how lame they are.

    They are the inside joke of many websites and blogs and many that did follow them a year ago learned and no longer waste their life following the losers – They have went on to build real businesses and a real income because they took out the “trash” and left it there.


  315. Well, just been banned for the third time. I’ve yet to understand what it is that I do wrong. I never get an explanation and all I do is contribute. What a difficult forum to belong to. That’s such a shame. It used to be a great forum. Time for another forum to move up and take it’s place I think.

  316. @Chris I was banned 5 or 6 times due to jealous posers because I showed them up… The thing is they all talk about how worthless I am but yet they frantically search google and bing both for my listings..

    I watch my stats and just laugh… If I am such a loser then why do all you losers follow me around and try to figure out my marketing strategies …lol!!!!

    Trust me Chris you are better off, it is a worthless forum. There are some good people there but the losers ruin it for everyone..


  317. I think one of the reasons why so many members are getting banned is because of that one man, Paul Myers.

    A few years ago when I was arguing with him he told me that he enjoys being abusive, that making fun of members amused him. So based on what he said I can only imagine he gets a “kick” out of banning people.

    It would explain why so many members are getting lifetime bans for the most minor things. Theres one or two other mods that are pretty fucked up too.

  318. @Content Syndication – I really think that’s what happened to me, too. I would lay out a great strategy that had been making me money and the the so-called “Warrior Forum Gurus” would just crap all over it.

    Even after I provided them payment proofs they just said that I Photoshopped them. Real jealous people in that forum. I’ve been spending a lot of time over at Market Crush forum an it’s turning out to be a nice little forum. Loaded with people who have banned from WF, too.

  319. @Chris – Market Crush has the same losers … It was started and run by the same losers and many of the “special group” are a member of that lame forum. You picked the wrong forum dude … is a real internet marketing forum with real people.. I put up with no posers, losers, wannabes, or anything on my forum.

  320. Im going to get Myers banned from his ISP.

  321. JG aka Profit Devil here. I know you read this page.

    I couldn’t help noticing that you’re losing your members one by one on MC. You two clowns haven’t a clue how to moderate a forum.

    You delete a thread about members complaining about the WF and the reason you give? I quote

    “We are just trying to keep the forum clean, and on target…that’s it.”

    Clean and on target? Who are you trying to fool?

    Why then did you start the thread “I swear some forum owners are nuts”?

    Was that thread “clean” and “on target”?

    BTW your website really bad name sounds like a gay porn site.

  322. JG – That thread on Lame MC was started all in my honor … lol!! What a bunch of losers. The blind are so darkened that they will never see the light of day until it is too late.

    It’s amazing how much of a loser I am but yet people keep on talking about me. They only wish they had the genius smarts I have …lol


  323. That freak Steve over at WF is a real life nut case!

    If you get banned all you have to do is;

    1- Unplug your modem
    2- Reset your modem
    3- Clear your browser history
    4- Signup again at WF

    Your never banned for life

    At least go back & tell those nazi bastards to F off!

  324. @Stevie – Ummm we already know that dude, you do not have to unplug your modem – all you have to do is delete your cookies for that site and that is all.

    Point is who wants to be apart of a lame forum that is full of posers and losers ? Hey if they do not want me there then fine by me, I do not need an account.

  325. The WF seems to attract a lot of freaks. A couple of years ago I wanted to see what would happen if I registered an account and put up an avatar of a sexy girl (not pornographic but not far off).

    It caused a hell of a row. Most of the women were offended and I was getting PMs and infractions from them.

    At one point I said “Jesus Christ it’s only an avatar of a sexy girl!!” and this idiot (can’t remember his name) starts on with this religious crap.

    I think I managed to piss off several hundred members before I eventually got deleted.

    Damn it was funny!

  326. JG – That is why controversy sells .. you can get morons stirred up easy … Get them stirred up thread becomes hot, thread hot gets high rankings. If you sig matches the controversy – you make sales.

    The entire time the lame morons do not realize their anger is making you money.

  327. I got banned for being a forum troll. What the hell is that?

    All I dids was tell the truth.

  328. @Terry – They do not like the truth, it hurts many of the scammers and lairs business like LittleBoyMike who has scammed thousands with his junk software.

    If you challenge their little special group or the see you as a thread to their scam business they get you banned.

    I would not worry about it, most of the information posted on WF is useless trash that is 100% wrong. It will hurt your business more than help it if you follow half the advice on there…


  329. They won’t allow you to tell the truth. I tried that once and it got me banned very quickly. You aren’t allowed to criticize anything about the forum either.

    For example, their “thanks” button for useful threads is a joke.

    Heres’s what I mean..

    This member starts a thread saying he has nothing for sale. As I type this 12 members have thanked him for that “useful post”. I expect many more will thank him.


    I think some members need to look up the word useful in a dictionary.

  330. Of course you can not tell the truth because if you do it will hurt many of their lame junky sales. Many of those losers make their money by “SELLING” junky software, junky ebooks, junky products..

    They DO NOT make their money from real marketing but by selling junk. So if you tell the truth and the newbies see it, they lose money. So to shut you up they ban you so they can continue to rip off newbies.

    Another reason why I created my own forum and I protect that forum from losers, posers, fakes, wannabes, and etc. I teach and train newbies they do not need all that junk to make money online. Course another reason why they all talk about me and hate me .. Do I care ? Nope not one bit.. talk away.

    While they talk about me I am helping others and making money…

  331. That would explain why when people post negative reviews of WSO’s many of the posts get deleted and only positive reviews are left.

  332. Of course JG – This is why losers like LittleMike ripped off so many people with his junk software. The liar has scammed so many people and WF protects him because his part of the “special group”. I know many including me that he blocked the use of our license with his software because we spoke out about his lame bad support. Because we created something better that actually works. The good thing is some of us actually have our own forum that can post screenshots of the truth.

    When I posted on the forum about his lame support because my email was still never answered after 30 days he got angry and cursed me. He promptly blocked my license because I posted proof and then he had the thread removed.

    Sorry for the idiot! I already got screenshots of the thread before he removed it.

    I have copies of about 20 threads that complain about the loser. Guess where all those threads are now … You’re right – deleted but I do have copies of them with time stamps that can not be changed.

    So the loser can run to other forums and talk about me and lie all he wants because many has seen the truth.


  333. Jesus Christ what a piece of shit that man is. I almost bought one of his poructs a while back, good job I didn’t.

  334. Yep he is a loser and a poser that proclaims to be a programmer but he is not. He runs around and talks about me left and right like it makes him look good…lol Loser..

    He preys on newbies and scams them like most lame marketers do ….

  335. Ok, ok, we get it.


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  338. Nuke the loser Spammers …..

  339. Why do they even allow signatures that contain links then? Don’t make much sense.

  340. Jane don’t knock my boy JG …. lol

    He might want to put links in his own blog thus blocking them would not make sense…

    JG let’s have a nuke the spammers party ….

  341. LOL!! Should be fun

  342. I think Squidoo Sucks,
    I went on there and You have to read a List Of Lenses
    You can post on.

    In Squidoo, eyes, everything is Spam…

    Dating, Weight Loss, etc…

    Well that leave me out.
    As far as the Warrior Forum, I have stopped going there
    I was banned once and that was enough for me…

    Go To My Forum, And Sign Up
    I am trying to get new members.
    Click On My Name..

    Take care,
    Ray Gollis

  343. If loser marketers would stop spamming web 2.0 sites then they would not have to crack down … This is why in 2011 Private Networks will be all the rage… This has already started I own a private network of 180+ sites – Someone else I know owns 100+ sites. These private networks block those loser spammers that call themselves marketers..

  344. why mess with WaFo when you got Wickedfire?


  345. Because WickedFire is a loser forum filled with nasty filthy people … They think more about nasty crap then they do making money and building a real business.

    You asked so I answered.

    I personally rather deal with a real forum with real marketers that are all like minded and want to share, learn, and grow together. No filth, No Losers, No Posers, No Hype, No Gurus..

  346. That may be true of the WF (although there are not that many good marketers and copywrites over there. It’s mainly just hype bullshit), but unfortunately the mob mentality (“You are either in our group and think like we do, or you’re out!”) zealous mods and the owner who doesn’t care ruins it. So….

  347. I have to hold the record on getting banned in one day. In the main forum they were discussing cleaning things up and I wrote “I’ve been banned 3 times for spamming and have never spammed anyone”!! Paul wrote back “Four”.
    At ban number 7 for the day he threatened to write my ISP and get me banned, but since I’m on a wireless 3G I could just buy a new chip. I gave him a nice answer of “Thank you Warrior forum for teaching me how to handle forum bullies like Paul Meyers” . Banned again. I re-registered with the name “Banned for Life”. And next I was “Number 9”. I’m untouchable, posting from a third world country on a wireless network. I now post as a hot chick and I’m a major re-hash troll in the WSO section. I already have several new names in mind for my next life. Bite me Paul, you’re an ASS.

  348. The bastard got me banned from my ISP in 2008. He’s the biggest troll on the entire forum. If he was an ordinary member he’d have been banned long ago.

  349. Dont be stupid – how could this guy get you banned from your ISP? he doest have and jurisdiction to do that.
    Given the number of annoyed people here though, im quite tempted to organise some kind of mass forum riot! we all register and go on there causing havoc at a pre determined time and date. could be fun!

  350. @Joe – Why worry about it.. The forum is worthless and is filled with scam WSO’s and filled with seriously bad advice about marketing.

    Bombarding it will only keep it “popular” and that will only cause more newbies that do not know better to join. Then the newbies get ripped off by the loser WSO’s and they get mislead by the bad advice.


  351. @Joe
    Myers got me banned twice with the help of the interfering Beverly Clement. I’m on my 3rd ISP. I use proxies now. Should have done to start with.


    I qI’m in. I’m sure i could find a few that would

  352. @Joe
    Myers got me banned twice with the help of the interfering Beverly Clement. I’m on my 3rd ISP. I use proxies now. Should have done to start with.


    I quite like that idea. If enough post at the same time it could be fucking hilarious!

  353. “Why worry about it.. The forum is worthless and is filled with scam WSO’s and filled with seriously bad advice about marketing.

    Bombarding it will only keep it “popular” and that will only cause more newbies that do not know better to join. Then the newbies get ripped off by the loser WSO’s and they get mislead by the bad advice.



    This should have been locked already, with many of the posts deleted.

    I guess whoever started this is clueless.

    Now, hell, it looks like a page full of whiners, that, I am sure, has put a smile on WF’s faces.

  354. If your website Perry is a result of being a member of WF then would get a refund. You claim to be a website designer ??? Dude I done website development for over 15 years, you are no web designer. Copywriter ? I think you need to join a real forum and start learning real marketing.

    If you do not like this page of whiners, then don’t visit. I do not see anyone twisting your arm to post here. Run back to WF now little boy, the real marketers around here want to have a grown up discussion…


  355. lol Looks like poor James got his toes stepped on.

    Welcome to grade school, everybody.

  356. Nope .. did not step on my poor toes … Hey its your rep that looks bad for calling yourself something your not.. No skin off my back. I retired from website development. Instead of building 6 figure business for others from the ground up, I decided to build my own 6 figure business from the ground up.

    Keep following that WF loser forum though, your doing great by following their bad advice, unproven advice, loser moron self proclaimed experts, so-called marketers that could not do true marketing if their life depended upon it..

    Hey here’s to you buddy! Sure glad I am 100% debt free by NOT following losers … :)

  357. Oh, lookie, everybody, he built 6 figure businesses for others from the ground up. … Wow! lol

    (Why the little boy is saying that is beyond me, folks.)

    Same BS we all hear over at the stupid Warrior Forum.

    Nobody cares, there, um, Tool.

    Now go have some milk and cookies, little one.

  358. anyone got Paul myers phone number I want to have some fun.

  359. Paul’s phone:

    (814) ***-****

  360. You can’t post personal information about people here (like phone numbers) Comment has been edited

  361. Hint: PM has a popular site…go to the bottom of the page and you shall find your answer :)

  362. Aha Thanks!!

  363. JG – What are you upto …

  364. lol you know on fiverr you can pay people to make prank calls and they record them?

    well Paul is first on my list

  365. LOL!!! Ok well I did ask …..

  366. I’ve just gone to great lengths to inform members of the WF about a couple of scams currently running on the WSO board and how does the admin thank me? They ban me after I provide them with tons of evidence. How ungreatful can you get?!!

    Well for anyone reading this the two scams I tried to warn Warriors about are by “Red sQuaD`” who is one half of “RossandJames” who I exposed a few weeks ago for posing as an “Emma”, ex hairdresser from London. All Moreniche and Clickbank earnings were faked as I proved. I got him to admit he was posting as “Emma” before the thread was closed and then deleted by that asshole Ken Strong.

    Also avoid any WSO run by “Tommy Perez” who no one seems to have noticed is “Simon Cruz” who was previously banned for faking Clickbank earnings videos. I suspected it was him after noticing his sales copy was similar, (case studies) and after a bit of digging my suspicions were confirmed when I discovered both “Tommy Perez” and “Simon Cruz” have the same business address. So if anyone here has bought “Tommy’s” WSO about building a list of 100,000 in 7 days I wouldn’t trust that screenshot. Nor would I trust any of his other WSO screenshots.

    I’ve also learned that it’s a waste of time reporting scams there to Bryan Kumar. He doesn’t seem to have a clue (about anything)

  367. you left out the biggest scam of all ….


    Sorry no link love given to the loser forum.

  368. Oh look the WF is sending their spammers over here …. So free tattooed dude – tell us exactly what have you learned ??

  369. Damn website

  370. @JG – I guess tatoo dude did not learn anything, he did not answer me …. Kind of hard for bots to answer someone though.. When will idiots learn spamming blogs do not work … ??? WF should stop teaching such lame tactics …

  371. pathetic isnt it?

  372. I’ve started a website listing WSO scams. If anyone knows of any more I can add please let me know and I’ll add them. Contact me at

    @New Marketing Technology: that get to the top of Google software looks very much like a scam thanks for posting that! I’ll be adding that one shortly

  373. Oh JG we get another site to go talk about the WF .. Cool .. I need to go take a look when I get a minute.

    Hey any idea how to report that loser WSO to google (the one about top rankings) … Know how to report it let me know because I will be the first on the bandwagon to report the living ^&%$# out of it …

  374. I’m gonna try emailing I reckon thats the place to report stuff like this

    That seems to be the place to report stuff like that. Im going to add that scam to my blog right now

  375. JG – Thing is it is abuse against google’s search engine TOS – If you registered on their blog maybe slap a url in there and tell them about the scam.

    I can not find noplace on google to report an actual TOS violation. Why are these big companies so dumb ?? Facebook has no way to report copyright violations of their own name, google has no report of search violations..

    Whats wrong with these people ….

  376. They’re unbelievable. I can’t find a place to report a TOS violation either. I spent about 20 minutes searching yesterday but couldnt find anything.

    I spotted another scammer today on the WSO board (reno-x) Im posting as Dan32 (if you’re reading this Myers yes it’s me deleted me I dont care anymore!)

    I might include a section on terrible customer service (or non existant customer service) from WSO creators, eg Big Mike, Jeremy Kelsall and a few others.

  377. @JG – Yeah Google and a few other big names have no way that I have found to report crap … It’s amazing. They say “don’t steal our copyright” “don’t manipulate the search results” and etc .. but yet no way to tell them when someone is.

    Facebook the same way with many loser marketers pushing spamming facebook with their junk products they register names like facebookformulas (which is a scam) but yet you can not report the copyright violation …

    Go figure ….

    Losers like BigMike and Jeremy deserve to have sections dedicated to them only ..

  378. thank you for saving me from signing up from this crap. I thought about it..and was like naah..seems too good to be true. yeah it was. I’d rather teach piano like I’m doing and though things are hard, keep trying to work and make connections, and know what? if i’m meant to live a modest life, it’s better than this. why are people such aholes?

  379. thank you for saving me from signing up from this crap. I thought about it..and was like naah..seems too good to be true. yeah it was. I’d rather teach piano like I’m doing and though things are hard, keep trying to work and make connections, and know what? if i’m meant to live a modest life, it’s better than this. why are people such aholes?

  380. wow facebook is the same? its mind boggling how these huge websites don’t have a way to report these things.

    Hey paul myers if you’re reading this.. want to see how unpopular you are? Use Google instant and type in: warrior forum followed by various letters and you’ll see hundreds of WF member name searches but YOUR name doesn’t come up LMAO!!

    the WF is full of assholes, so much BS going on over there. Admin/mods let the scammers scam and delete the ones that try and inform members. Occasionally someone will post something useful but many like to post in order to get “thanked” and are obssessed with having a high post count. Its all BS!!

  381. JG, yuou pickin’ on that Redneck Cowboy again? Yes, Paul has become very popular–NOT!

    Wagenheim was fawning all over Paul, telling him that he figures he (Paul) probably makes around 800K a year.
    Then the picture of Paul’s “shack” gets published.

    It’s all too funny…

  382. LOL!! what a dump

  383. Paul M has got to be one of the biggest weenies on the Warrior Forum, without a doubt. He should trade that tired old pickup truck of his in for a Wienermobile.

    I wonder if he receives any (monetary) compensation from Allen Says?

  384. I doubt it Alen Says is too greedy. Myers gets free WSO’s and is allowed to break every forum rule I know that much.

  385. Even though I haven’t been banned from the Warrior Forum, I am getting fed up with their bullshit. I’m getting fed up with their censorship, their favoritism, and a lot more. I’ve learned enough from there to say fuck them and move on.

  386. @L.D. Carter: I dont blame you

  387. lol Wagenheim has started a thread on the WF complaining about the fact that I requested a refund after 60 days. If he hadn’t massively exaggerated income claims in his ebook I wouldn’t have requested one.

    I quote..

    “Yes folks, it’s him. And I have now received
    not one, but about 5 emails from this lunatic for a refund. And I have no doubt that I will now how to deal with this crackpot, probably for the rest of my life online if I don’t refund him.”

    No doubt myers will be loving this

  388. Hi

    I am from india. I was about to take service from this WS but fortunately i saw these many reviews before i fall for it. There internet marketers, SEO are really confusing for me. They charge as they wish and i dono whom to trust or not. Here in india, now they are doing it in expensive way, still not worth. So am getting service from other country who do at lessor cost and reliable. Am still confused do you guys have any specific website which is cheap and best for SEO. I am really looking for companies or experts from USA. As they are the only people who understands the google behaviour. Obviously for the reason, they are netizens long back. I need experts to improve my website visibility. Please post if you guys know someone.


  389. Just worked out that Allen Says averages around $10,000 a day off the WSO board. Thats $3.6 million a year + money from banning members and stealing their $37 War Room membership. Im going to put a stop to this.

  390. I was a victim of WF. I pre paid via PayPal for link building services with an Australian guy and they were never done. When I complained he told me it was his brother and nothing to do with him.
    WF is a total rip off.

  391. @Ogden – if you used Paypal, simply ask PayPal for a refund! failing that get your credit card company to do a chargeback – this will cost the Australian guy a fee… you win either way :)
    Same with War Room Fees. if you dont get “life membership” because you have been banned, get paypal to refund you – worked for me :)

  392. i face some problems with warrior forum…

  393. sorry to hear that ashish

  394. I cant believe how Warrior Forujm member “Alexa Smith” has managed to fool thousands of warriors. “Alexa” is not a 20 yr old girl and the hot looking girl in her avatar isnt her.

    Took me a minute to find out who she really is.

    So gullible..

  395. anyone have a site or link to a site that is a legitimate forum for marketers, one not full of spam and buy this offers and garbage, but decent honest conversations

  396. forums like that are hard to find, the spammers are everywhere

    a selection of the latest wf liars

    Reno X
    Stephen Courtney
    Beep Beep

  397. that was a very informative post

  398. Well i believe you can tell whether or not an online company is legit by doing a Whois on the domain. If the registration is private then the owner has something to hide IMHO. The warriorforum domain whois information is private so you cannot see who the owner is or contact them, that should be making bells and whistles go off.

  399. Just how stupid is Celeb Spilchen?

    I quote:

    “But, I believe that the forum does actually allow the person to respond before they ban them”

    No they don’t Celeb!

  400. Caleb I mean. Bloody stupid name too.

  401. @Alex you’re abslutely right.

  402. @ James, JG….and anyone else from the ArticlesProductions forum.

    Give it a rest already. This was almost a year ago that you were banned, and you’re still harping on it. How many times are you going to play the same chords?

    You’re just as bad as the people you complain about, sitting here constantly whining, bashing, even insulting as though you are better than others somehow.

    If you were better, you wouldn’t bother spending your time on this still. Clearly your head is in the wrong direction, because it’s up your ass, when it should be level on your shoulders.

    I’m unsubscribe from this too, because man it’s annoying to get update, after update, from the same people who have nothing new to say; the same people who clearly hold a grudge and can’t move on.

    SHADDUP already!

  403. How do you know when anyone was banned?

    I created another WF account just recently to try and warn members about a faked screenshot. I was banned for posting the evidence and the seller continues to deceive others.

    Everyone here that’s complaining is doing so for a very good reason.

  404. I think Myers will be in jail soon. His home has been searched by Erie police after I tipped them off.

  405. Did you know the WF reads private messages?

    I just did an experiment to test this as I’ve suspected for some time that private messages are being read by admin/mods. They can do it by viewing pmtext via the MYSQL database.

    I wont go into detail unless you wnat all the details but I have 100% proof now that PM’s are read by admin.

  406. Love links wanted?

  407. i have just been banned from warrior forum after a courtship of less than a week

    banned for life and no reason given

    true democracy

    does anyone know of a contact email for wf, i suspect the t is missing

  408. wouldn’t it have made more sense to have “credit card bankruptcy” as your username anchor text? no one searches for kellybi

  409. Be careful of the Help Kim scam

  410. Tune into the WF main discussion board at exactly 8 PM EDT Monday 5th June. I have something big planned.

  411. What’s wrong with warrior’s forum?? I got banned the third time now though I did nothing wrong. The first ime I have no idea why I was banned, the second time it was for a signature that have my affiliate links which I put after seeing some high ranking thread in Google. The third time which is now believe me I did nothing wrong. I do not even have signature but was asking and answering some questions with no intention of marketing whatsoever.
    I signed up different accounts because I was banned forever. But what is wrong with these people?? I have long been in digitalpoint forum and am doing okay there. But I couldn’t move an inch here. I was intending to upgrade there but I now know that they don’t deserve it. Bad words were just at the door of my mouth but I better not say it. I know there are lots of great people there. I check their reviews on some products often and I even bought some products from the WSO. Now I remember one thing. Though I am banned the WSO’s keep on coming in my email. What kind of dishonest People are they?I will go now and unsubscribe. I will be fine without them!! Good bye warrior forum for Good.

  412. @Dess71

    You’re better off without the WF. Trust me you are.


  413. Someone over at Wickedfire raised the question today as to why the FTC hasn’t gone after the warriorforum, esp. the WSO section, for outrageous earnings claims.

  414. Jame Stein of the article productions forum here bleating on incessantly about being banned from the Warrior Forum is himself a scammer. He diddled me out of $8,000 and never delivered the work as promised. James Stein is a fraud and a thief.

  415. I joined forum today and got banned
    ONly 31 posts. . . at normal speed not much faster,,,….

  416. After reading these comments i’m sure glad i’ve never wasted my time with that forum.

  417. The FTC will shutting the forum down soon hopefully.


  418. I have just paid the $37 today and been banned with this message.
    You have been banned for the following reason:

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    I had one post that basically said hello to another newbie. How can this be a banning offence? I feel like they have stolen my money under false pretenses.

  419. Longs Drug Cvs [url=]cheap diflucan no prescription[/url] It is also used to treat cyptococcal meningitis, onychomycosis, and histoplasmosis. – diflucan yeast infection

  420. Just after few weeks on WF and purchasing few WSOs, I realized that those craps which I had bought are already offered free by professionals on the internet.

  421. Warrior Forums is just full of scammers trying to make a quick buck from people who dont understand how to market thier sites. Just from reading a couple of threads it is very clear that the forum owners them selves are making a lot of money from new webmasters. You would be better off using the backlinks forum. Have a look at WF classified threads, its full of get rich quick schemes which never work. There were only a few good posts like the guy doing logos but apart form that, most of the people on that forum are scam artists tying to scrape a living from innocent people. They are what I call bottom feeders trying to make it to the top.

  422. Hello everyone! I am a newly registered member. Well I have been reading for the last 5-6 weeks but I decided to create an account to ask a question. My question is, in like a week I will be traveling and I might have limited internet access. I want to be able to still browse the website. Just wanted to ask does the site allow download all of its pages on a virtual drive? So that I can read and learn while I have no internet? Are we allowed to do this? I tried checking out the rules but could not find anything relating to this matter.

  423. When i attempted to login, it says I have been banned for breaking the rules. I hardly did something in the forum and its weird to know i didn’t follow the rules.

    They didnt even send me an email stating i have been banned for so and so reason. It really sucks.

    I posted a job after paying $5 there but i didn’t get a single person to get the job done. Not even i received some kind of replies for the job post. Its totally crap. Waste of money.

  424. I cannot understand how to post a thread there..

  425. I am new to this place. Just wanted to drop by and say the way I like your views on this. 😉

  426. What happened toward the end of this damned thread?!? Where the fuhk did all these gotdammed inbred, foreign SPAMMERS come from!!!?

  427. I have been on the warrior forum for years. I am one of the best-known Internet marketers in the world (Have been making a full-time living online for 12 years)

    I just logged on and discovered all my posts and threads were deleted!

    The reason? I had posted about NOT promoting anything sight-unseen because no matter how big the commission, it is always a matter of integrity to see and understand the worth of a product BEFORE you promote it.

    Obviously free speech has gone to the dogs on the Warrior Forum.

    A sad day for Internet Marketing.

  428. I was banned for tell people not to buy WSOs and gave real advice in ONE thread about how they should learn for themsevles. PEOPLE were backing ME up. Got a TON of PMs asking me for advice.

    Mods Banned me for trolling? It was a serious thread and a long write-up. Warrior forum sucks, the mods suck, the users are all idiots.

    Point blank, no one on there knows anything, it’s the worst place to learn anything. Everything there is spit out by people who have no idea what their doing.

    Stop and be real for a second and give good advice, and the mods freak out. lol, screw em. Way better forums, glad they banned me I was just wasting time helping people. More time to focus on my projects, enough people were helped.

  429. I was banned and I still don’t know the reason why. It was my very first post and I have no idea what was wrong with it, maybe an over zealous mod.
    Anyway, apparently the ban will be lifted never. I couldn’t gvie a toss their are 100’s more similar forums.

  430. OK , that forum i hate, TODAY i went there as a new fake member and posted a last post and written all truth in that,
    tell them how fuck they are . they RIP YOU OFF

    so just go else where web iis a much bigger thing then them

  431. Hey EVERYBODY,

    Please report this website to the google –> go here official page of google and enter url of

    REPORT them to google

    if we all do it then maybe google might ban it


  432. I hate that anytime i try to add info about how to do anything write my thread gets closed, most recent i started a threat about how to make a private network…. got closed after explain how to find them… didnt even get a chance to explain bidding and how link juice works…. fuck warrior forum!

  433. What a waste of beeg time on WF!
    i just got banned for no reason!
    WF! you suck and your craappy, stinky working team sucks!
    damn you WF!

  434. Want to know what a fraud Paul Myers of the warrior forum really is? Want to know that he’s not what he says he really is? Read all about the REAL Paul myers at

  435. jordan\24-9.txt

  436. jordan\17-9.txt

  437. jordan\3-7.txt

  438. […] out this revealing post on the Ad Hustler blog to get a sense how Warrior Forum treats their members. Although Ad Hustler is a great […]

  439. Getting banned from the Warrior Forum is almost a badge of honor. Recently honest internet marketer Tiffany Dow was banned for two weeks!

  440. I just went on to wf after three years, and i posted five comments on five diffrent subjects,and all five of my posts have been deleted. I have not been banned as of yet but all my posts have been deleted.

    I am already sick of my post being deleted for no reason,it seems like they don’t like the truth,and are only intrested in scamming people.

  441. I got banned 3 times from wf, created a new accout just so i can put a backlink to my site on there. Thats it!

    But yeah the wf is a good place to get newbies to buy your stuff but don’t put all your eggs into that forum, grt traffic from everywhere! When i got banned, i had to start driving traffic from 0 to my offers xd

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  444. I was considering buying membership lol lucky i review every purchase i make if it’s about SEO. I don’t like communists.

  445. I’ve been banned too.. why? I just suggest a good dating site

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