Affiliate Tip 2012

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Affiliate Tip: As soon as you start hearing a bunch of affiliates complaining about a network not paying, especially if they are affiliates you know, BEWARE!!!!  In this industry, history has a tendency of repeating itself.

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  1. Name names

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  3. ^^ they always make me laugh

  4. yes, and we all know or at least heard of the one that not only stop paying his affiliates, but has the nerve be suing all of his affiliates as well. so please beware.. and another trick I notice by another one, is to open the affiliate program for a month or two and then close it after you send them a few hundred leads, then open it again 8 – 10 months later.

  5. You raise a very good point. One cannot trust any company that offers an affiliate program. You have to do your research first.

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