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Affiliate Summit West 2012 Observations Day 2

  • Affiliate Ball always throws the best Affiliate Summit parties. It’s been a total game changer since Darren & his crew came on the scene.
  • If you are going to speak at 2 consecutive Affiliate Summit’s how about you don’t do almost the exact same session twice?
  • Be cool with everyone and don’t act like your better than anyone because if you make someone feel small, they won’t forget and will be talking about you.
  • Live “New” as a way of life because if you don’t do new you’ll die in the marketplace ~Jon Spoelstra
  • When running marketing for the New Jersey Nets Jon Spoelstra knew how bad the team was and knew that local companies wanted nothing to do with the Nets. He decided to call on companies in Japan to buy the in stadium sponsorships and they did! So much so that you might think the arena was located in Japan. It’s an example of overcoming obstacles and making things happen despite advercity.
  • When everyone in basketball was doing trifolds to sell season tickets Jon Spoelstra decided to try doing catalogs. He sent 70,000 catalogs and got back $10 for every $1 spent. He even sent it again to the same list minus people who already bought and got the same return. The next season he ended up doing this profitably 6 times pre-season
  • The typical minor leagues back outfield wall is their biggest source of sponsorship money and consists of $450,000 worth of ads on average. ~Jon Spoelstra
  • When you ask people in an organization what’s holding their department back from being better they usually say money. By asking how much you make them put a figure on it and often times its less then you think, ~Jon Spoelstra
  • Retargeting standards are 15-20 impressions per person per month and a click through rate of 0.3%-1%
  • People don’t get the hint when I gently tell them i’m uninterested so they force me to be ruder.
  • The MGM Sky Suites are absolutely sick.
  • I’ve met some of the most socially awkward people ever this Affiliate Summit. They are raising it to a new bar.
  • That chick hugged me again and she still smells. I though i’d be smart and hold my breath when I saw that the situation was inevitable but then she asked me something and I had to breathe and smell her stink.

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  1. Let me know who that speaker was the repeat content. I don’t want that to happen again.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Shwan – Will do

  3. Wish my campaigns were returning 10 fold every time I ran them. I think I hit gold if I get x4 the return on ad placements.

  4. It was nice meeting you. Keep up the good work.

  5. Love these recaps. Great seeing you again – albeit short.

  6. Brian Brian

    “I’ve met some of the most socially awkward people ever this Affiliate Summit. They are raising it to a new bar.”

    Ha-ha! I love it!

  7. Love being a game changer, thanks for the props. Believe me when I tell you, you had a lot to do with the success of the Affiliate Ball and I’m very thankful for it

  8. WOW! And this is why I reminded everyone about DEODORANT before ASW!! 🙂

  9. Haha.. u must have a keen sense of smell. Ability to smell the profits must the same as the ability to smell BO.

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