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Affiliate Summit West 2012 Observations Day 1 #ASW12

  • Meet Market was absolutely packed even though it was in a pretty big room. Affiliate Summit seems to be growing.
  • With the above said, there definitely seems to be a shift in who is attending Affiliate Summit. It seems to be becoming a more corporately “accepted show.” More suits and professional types are showing up.
  • Links aren’t just AHREF, they can be twitter activity, facebook activity or anything Google can find. ~Rob Adler
  • One reason that people dropped in rankings during Google’s Panda update is ads on page and the source of ads on the page. ~Rob Adler (I never heard anyone say this before but it’s an interesting claim)
  • Rob Adlers presentation style makes me feel like I’m in a Fight Club orientation meeting.
  • The fact that Affiliate Summit put up the video of the session I was on at the last conference RIGHT BEFORE this one started is great because it’s led to some really weird encounters. I had an old lady come up to me and say “I wanna let you know that I don’t judge a book by it’s cover…..Your very handsome”. Pretty weird! Was she hitting on me or implying that i’m ugly on the outside but handsome on the inside? Who the hell knows, but it was only one of many very awkward encounters relating to that video.
  • There were some creepy blue guys covered in spandex from head to toe running around the conference like hobbits with their junk hanging out. I’m not sure what their promoting, but i’m not buying.
  • I don’t understand parties that say that their at the “Hangover Suite” because this is the second time i’ve been to one and it looks nothing like the suite from the movie.
  • Just stop asking to pay me to write about your company, i’m not going to do it.
  • There are some affiliate networks popping up that are getting kind of creative with their incentives to run more volume. I had some network i’ve never heard of approach me and say that they offer a new service to publishers. If you do $10,000 per month in revenue with them for 6 consecutive months, they will train you how to be an affiliate network and give you the software and offers to do so. So they essentially private label their network full of rebrokered crappy offers down to you. I asked them if we really need more crappy affiliate networks in this industry that have no financial backing. They told me that competition is good and you don’t need financial backing because the advertiser pays you, and you pay the affiliate. WOW DUDE, you can’t POSSIBLY LOSE!
  • Hardcore drugs are rapidly becoming a part of the affiliate lifestyle. It’s never been as blatantly obvious to me before.
  • There’s always one girl who smells bad every time she hugs me at every single event. I can see smelling bad once but how can you smell bad conference after conference?
  • I overheard a great line last night. Someone was saying that Ryan Eagle is very Willy Wonka like and that everyone wants the golden ticket but no one wants to work for it.
  • I’m glad that affiliates are starting to get some balls. I saw affiliates throwing trash on one of the meet market tables of an affiliate network that stiffed a lot of people for money.

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  1. Hard core drugs = you hit the best parties. I am more in the Eric Nagel square camp. I didn’t see the trash on the booth either, but that is great.

  2. now this is the kind of insight I was wanting from Affiliate Summit.

    I think smelly girls are just part of the industry, man. You don’t want to know what that smell is.

  3. Hardcore drugs, is that Barman with his mushrooms?!

  4. Lot many people at the sessions too. Missed the trash table.

  5. Kyle Constantin Kyle Constantin

    yea i was confused by the hangover suite thing too but it was still a a fun party…you going to dough 4 hoes tonight?

  6. Tyrone Tyrone

    whats the deal with the copeac table did they really buy the space and didnt show up? or just a prankster printed off a copeac sign and placed it there

  7. groomez groomez

    Walking the strip is a lot like the Meet Market; a lot of strangers giving you their business cards using attractive women as a sales hook(er).

  8. so…I can’t pay you to write about my company? Jk. see you tonight bro

  9. eweezy eweezy

    Come on boys, this is YOUR biz after all! Hangover Suite = Marketing! The actual one in the movie was a movie set based off of the suite the event was at. 😉 At any rate, hope you enjoyed! Your recaps always make me laugh de la Hustle!

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