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Affiliate Summit West 2010 – Day 2

Affiliate Summit Day 2 was busy.  The exhibit hall opened so I spent a lot of time walking around, talking to vendors and networking.  Not too many booths really stood out.  One company who I think is really doing a great job with their booth is Convert2Media.  It’s not that their booth is super fancy but they create a good enviornment for affiliates to stick around and talk.  I find that affiliates (particularly wickedfire ones) tend to always gravitate back to the C2M booth.  It could be the beer or it could be the vibe.

I went out to lunch with Jason Rubacky from ShareaSale.  We were going to go to a nice seafood place at the Rio but it was closed, as were most of the other decent restaurants so we went to an asian place.  It was a good time, with good discussion.  Jason is a good guy so If you want to work with Shareasale, hit him up.

I spent some more time at the show then headed back up to the room to chill for a while before a busy night.

I met up with Brittany Bankston, Emily Thomson & Josh From Monetizeit in the lobby at the Rio and drove over to the Meetup202/Bloosky event at the Palms.  We hung out for a while and then I headed over to a dinner with Emily.

It’s Birdman Time

Dinner was with EWA Network.  If you dont already know they are a private affiliate network run by Ryan Eagle & Harrison Gervitz.  The dinner was at a nice french place in the Paris overlooking the fountains of The Bellagio.  I got to see the fountain go off many many times which was cool.  The people at this dinner were EWA Network employees, girlfriends & affiliates.  The discussion was good and I had a good time.  EWA knows how to do it up.  Thanks for having me.

I next head to the Mundo Media Party.  It was at the Kingpin Suite at The Palms.  The Kingpin Suite is the only suite that has a bowling alley in the hotel room.  I met some of my friends like Cousin Vinnie, CashTactics Kris, Ian Fernando and many more at the party.

After Mundo Media, I went to the CX Roll Like A Billionaire Party.  It was a few floors up at The Palms in a really nice suite.  They had a lot of cool things going on like acrobatics and dancers.  I spent some time talking to Chad from CDF Networks about local.  It was a good discussion and its always nice to know someone else who shares the same pains and problems within a certain niche.

That was it.  Today is the last day off Affiliate Summit.  Keep It Real.

Please Note: I do receive a Press Pass to Affiliate Summit which get’s me in for free however, all statements and thoughts are my own opinions.

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  1. Bill Hisley Bill Hisley

    Why do you think anyone cares where you eat everyday. Skip the meals and dining.

  2. What have you learned? 😉

  3. Got to see any Aff Chicks Around :p J/k .. Will be waiting for more updates

  4. pwebbiz pwebbiz

    You got to see the fountain go off many times?


  5. C2M booth was solid as always. Definitely the best on the exhibit floor. Very much appreciate how they approach these shows and want to do more business with them.

  6. It was great hanging out with you again man!

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