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Affiliate Summit East 2012 Day 2 Observations #ASE12

  • I saw Will Reynolds speak about SEO. I’ll give him props for being a good speaker but I really didn’t like his message or what he had to say. Being squeaky clean is fine but real money in any niche is made in automation and scaling. Will doesn’t seem to like either of these concepts.
  • Shoemoney’s PAR program that he’s pushing right now seems like a cool concept. Here’s the gist. You pop his snippet on your site, it collects a prospects email address. It then uses that email address to find more info about the prospect such as name, address, social info etc and then starts marketing to this prospect through a drip email campaign. It can do some other cool things too like use the social info it obtains to contact the user through twitter. If they stick with this project, bring down the price and make it self serve I think this might be huge! I also think they have the potential to sell this product to a company like iContact or MailChimpfor big bucks.
  • SolarVPS is releasing something called the Solar System. It’s basically their new cloud offering and backend to provision and manage your VPS’ with them. I know they’ve been working on it a long time and I think they are going to give Rackspace & StormOnDemand a run for their money when it’s all done and released.
  • Big thanks to XRev Media, Kris Trujillo & Ian Fernando for an awesome gift they gave me yesterday. What was the gift. A pair of Beats Wireless headphones. That’s just awesome.
  • There is NO party like a Darren Blatt Marketers Ball party! Affiliate Ball was so much fun and had awesome surprise guests like Sugar Hill Gang & C&C Music Factory.
  • Last might was the first AFFY awards. I won one as did Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, Ian Fernando, NickyCakes, ShoeMoney & John Chow. Ice-T & CoCo presented the awards which was cool.
  • I saw 1 grown man affiliate spit his drink into another male affiliates mouth and then they spit it back and forth. Apparently this is called baby birding and it’s pretty damn gross.
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    1. You could left out that information about birding at the end. I just lost my breakfast.

    2. Please tell me the last part was the follow-up to John Chow’s “I’m going to suck his neck!”

    3. what what

      AFFY’s? LOL Please. Thank god I skipped this years summit… sounds like just another attempt for a bunch of has beens to pat themselves on the back for work they did in 2008.

    4. Affy Awards? Affy Awards?

      ROFL also. So Missy and Shawn gave themselves awards. Good job.

    5. Missy & Shawn have nothing to do with the Affy awards. Anyways, it was a fun thing, not like anybody was taking themselves to seriously over it.

    6. z00ted 0ut z00ted 0ut

      question is: did anyone pull the robbery and bang Coco’s juicy ass?

    7. I didn’t see Wil’s presentation, so I’m not sure what he said, but why would being squeaky clean and automation have to be mutually exclusive.

      And to the anonymous troll, Missy and I have never been eligible for our awards, which are the Pinnacle Awards.

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