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Affiliate Summit East 2011 Observations Day 3 #ASE11

  • Parties where there is a chick hanging from the ceiling pouring drinks are awkward.
  • Kim Ann Curtin (You’ve Probably Read Her Articles HERE) did an interesting session on “UnNetworking.”  I liked her interactive format and I liked that she breaks the mold over what most people do in their sessions.
  • I like being able to hook people up who can help each other, and NO, not so I can take a piece of the action like many of the scumbags i’ve met in this industry.  Pay it forward baby.
  • It almost seems like some of the affiliate networks are leaning towards BEING the “Super Affiliate” rather then trying to recruit/service tons of new affiliates.
  • I always like when a company “get’s it.”  There has been this law firm at the last few Affiliate Summits called Ifrah Law.  They had a big ad outside their booth that said “1 weird old tip to shrink your legal liability….” with a parody of the famous weight loss ad that it’s obviously based off of.  I’m sure that it’s rare that you are going to find a law firm or any company for that matter that actually GETS IT.  Seems like these guys (and gals) do.
  • Brian Hawkins should start his own ecommerce business for unusual pants.
  • I like hanging out with both CPA & CPS affiliates for different reasons.
  • It doesn’t seem promising when a website spent time trying to get me to run their offer and then when I go to the offer the domain is expired.
  • There was a gang of like 50 old people walking around the expo floor who were obviously sold some bizopp that takes them to Affiliate Summit.  I followed them around a bit to hear what was going on and feel kind of bad for them because I doubt many of them will ever make any money with this.  “What’s HTML?  Do you build websites?  I have $10 to spend.”
  • Shawn Collins and Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit are some of the most giving, generous & genuine people in the industry and i’m proud to be a part of their show.

Any observations about Affiliate Summit?  Comment!

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  1. It was great to hang out with you and we really appreciate your support.

    The thing with that group that came through bothered me – totally a bunch of victims there, and I want to try and figure out a way to prevent it in the future.

  2. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Shawn – I felt bad for them too. They were definitely being sold a whole load of hope. Catch you soon Shawn.

  3. Joey Bobo Joey Bobo

    It’s a shame, they get near retirement, realize they didn’t save enough or had bad investments, and scramble holding on to any program offering hope. The biz opportunity they bough was an affiliate program sold at a cheap price (I believe under $30) and lots of upsells. The info is basic and you can learn more for free visiting a affiliate blog aggregation site. Sad, but who’s going to complain when the program is cheaper than lunch or a book?

  4. Waiting for the affiliate offer to sell Brian’s unusual pants. +1

  5. I found my calling thanks to @AdHusler. I’m going to live full time on Nantucket and manage an offshore crazy pant making e-commerce business. Follow my beta launch at @BrianHawkins

  6. Joey – the group came from another event where they paid a pretty high price tag, plus the cost to register for Affiliate Summit just to get a one hour guided tour of the exhibit hall.

  7. Joey Bobo Joey Bobo

    Shawn, that’s even worse than I thought.

  8. LOL @ the old people… they be bankin.

  9. Thanks for the shout out for Ifrah Law. As one of the “gals” of Ifrah Law, I always appreciate when people realize the hard work we put into representing our clients, who all come to know that we do actually “get it,” and we appreciate the issues they may be facing.

    Keep reading our blog ( and let us know of any FTC-related topics you may want to write about.

    – Rachel

  10. Always great seeing you and it was so nice to meet your wife! Yeah, I just heard from someone else about that group being led around the show – heart breaking really. We’re going to figure out a way to stop that crap!

  11. Thanks for the shout out! Appreciate you coming to my session as well as participating! No one could have read that one of a kind Craig’s List Ad better than you.

  12. This really was a great conference – one of my favorites yet.

  13. Was great seeing you, thanks for coming to the Ball. This Summit was amazing, just like the last one


  14. I am shamed by the fact that I was not there, and unable to add to the “Awkward moment when you discover that the affiliate network that promised you …….

  15. Josh Brown Josh Brown

    Ad Hustler: It was great meeting you! Sorry I shook your hand after placing it in front of my mouth to thwart a massive onslaught of a coughing fit brought on by my inability to handle alcohol. 🙂

    Ads4Dough party rocked it! I ended up in the ER!

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