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Affiliate Summit East 2011 Observations Day 2 #ASE11

  • Tons of what I would consider large well known affiliates are completely gone from this industry.
  • Almost no one turned out for what I would consider one of the most important sessions of this whole conference “Testimonials in Social Media” yet no one misses a party.
  • “You are legally responsible for not just what you SAY in an ad but what the consumer takes away from that ad” ~Jeff Greenbaum
  • “A review is not necessarily an endorsement – it’s the relationship between the review and the advertiser that makes it an endorsement” ~Jeff Greenbaum
  • Typical results are what must be marketed not only the best of the best results.
  • People think “White Boarding” is code for smoking pot.
  • Multiple female affiliate managers have told me that they have been severely sexually harassed at networks.  Kind of pathetic if you ask me.
  • Sometimes you can’t judge someone or something right off the bat – I was about to blow someone off when they were pitching me and then realized what they were pitching had more value then i thought.
  • Affiliate Summit attendance is up year over year despite the economy.
  • I see bad things coming for a couple of affiliate networks…
  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

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  1. Compound Compound

    If fewer affiliates attending, but record attendance, what explains the difference?

    Have the CPA affiliates been replaced by CPS affiliates?

  2. It disappoints me, but doesn’t really surprise me that people focus more on parties than basically getting free consulting from top legal minds on matters that impact their business.

  3. I am sure there are a ton of guys who were there 2 years ago and are working “real” jobs now because they couldn’t figure out how to make a real long term campaign work.

    I didn’t attend ASE this time for many reasons, I am swamped this week with my birthday, anniversary and my house warming party all in the same weekend. That and I really am not a fan of NYC or any busy city, I moved to the country for a reason. However I always attend ASW Vegas, that place is just too fun too miss.

  4. Prasanth Kallay Prasanth Kallay

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