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Affiliate Summit East 2011 Observations Day 1 #ASE11

  • Our 10am “How To Pitch Your Business” session went awesome.  So many people showed up that people were all standing in the back.  Seriously surprised me but was really cool.
  • We had a chick ask a question in what I think was Chinese during the session. It took all of my power not to completely bust out laughing.
  • A lot of people come up to me saying I should speak more.
  • Kim Rowley only looks at the most 35 to me.
  • There seem to be A LOT less affiliates around then there used to be.
  • Most affiliates are socially awkward.
  • Apparently if you want to check into a hotel early you need an intimidating black guy.  Me & Ian Fernando both tried to check in to the hotel early and they said no and were kind of rude to boot, Ian brought back a big black guy and it was a done deal, checked in with ease…
  • Prosperent is the most underrated affiliate network at Affiliate Summit.  Almost no one knows who they are yet I think they are going to blow up in the next couple of years.
  • Seems like most affiliate networks are diversifying beyond traditional niches into app and game development.
  • If an affiliate network takes you out don’t be obnoxious and order the most expensive bottle of wine on the menu.  I heard from an affiliate network that they took some loser $2/month affiliate out and he ordered a $4,000 bottle of wine.  Don’t be greedy, it’ll come back and bite you in the ass….I guarantee it!
  • Although i’ve heard people say that Shareasale parties are lame, they really do an great job putting them together and they are the only parties where you can actually talk to people.  They had 3 rooms, a quiet room where you could talk, a room with food, and the Dance/bull riding room.  Cool theme & Good Job.
  • I’m suggesting that in the Affiliate Summit welcome bags, they get a Deodorant sponsor because there are some people here with serious hygiene problems.
  • NDemand Affiliate Network knows how to sponsor a dinner (Ian Fernando’s Dinner to be exact).  First they aren’t pushy at all and they know how to socialize.  They are a family owned company and it’s hard NOT to like the people they brought.  They took us out to Del Friscos which was fantastic and everyone had a blast.  NDemand even bought us all Gucci mousepads as gifts which I thought was a funny/memorable gift.  They are having a Puerto Rico meetup for affiliates and based on the time I had last night i’m considering going. Info.
  • Of course my server has issues while I’m typing this so i’m off to deal with support!

Any observations you all care to share?  Leave a comment.

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  1. I just talked to Prosperent and seems interesting. Hardly saw yah yesterday.

    Brian @

  2. Thanks a lot for doing the session – you should speak more!

  3. Sorry i missed your session – if it was anything like your local SEO talk with Amanda in Vegas I know I missed out.

  4. Jay Kim Jay Kim

    2nd the deodorant sponsor lol

  5. Solid notes, as usual. I really wanted to chat with you at ASE, but time was very limited and I am already on a flight home.

    Prosperent – Agree, they definitely have a unique concept.

    Socially awkward – so very true.

  6. – “Most affiliates are socially awkward.”

    Probably why we all get along together so well lol

  7. I think you should def speak more. You have a lot of wise things to say and you always make me crack up!

  8. Great obvervations AdHustler. These are always spot-on

  9. wallace wallace

    Hey what up Hustler when are you going to do a crazy hair style.Everybody stop me on my dreads and wanted to take pictures.Other then that the summit is always great Shawn Collins is the king

  10. I enjoyed being on the panel with you – you should definitely speak more! And I thought I told you I was only 29….. 😉

  11. thanks for the plug man and it was great hanging out with you look forward to doing it more and hopefully you do come to puerto rico its gonna be awesome.

  12. h h

    Yes! Finally sommeone writes about f.

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