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Wuzzup people?  I apologize for being somewhat quiet lately.  I’ve been busy as hell and uninspired to write.  I know it sucks not hearing me complain and rant as often as I used to but I plan on writing more in the near future.  The direction I’m looking to take the blog is as follows

  • Local, Local, Local: I’m doing A LOT in the local online marketing space.  Particularly results oriented local online marketing.  Think of it like affiliate marketing but just in the local space.
  • Things on my mind.  I think a lot, about business, about companies and about random stuff.  I want to share those thoughts, considering this IS my outlet online.
  • Feuds.  I may start writing more about my feuds with big companies.  If you follow me on Facebook & Twitter, you’ll see that I don’t back down to big companies and If I don’t get what I paid for, I become a thorn in their sides.
  • General Idiocy.  I seem to find every idiot in my day to day business dealings.  Maybe, I’ll start writing about them.
  • Clients.  I have some pretty bizarre client stories.

Just brainstorming here.  If you want to see more of something, mention it in the comments.  Booyahh.

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  1. I’m all about results oriented LOCAL marketing. I’d be interested to hear your stories about your client experiences. I’d like to see if you are coming up with the same kind of knuckleheads that I am finding. There are some really good clients out there, but you have to put up with a lot nonsense with many of them.

  2. Here’s some advice for the local marketers out there:
    * Don’t set up a deal with a local dentist who can’t afford decent chairs in the waiting room. Once you send them big traffic and leads they somehow can’t seem to pay for them. Lesson learned
    * Before you run hundreds of dollars of Facebook ads per day check the integrity of the plastic surgeon you’re in a deal with. Make sure they don’t have I hate Dr. XXXXXX Facebook groups all over Facebook. Makes for bad conversions.
    * Never rely on a clients website to hold up under heavy traffic loads. Nothing like sending $400 in a day to a website that can’t handle $4 per day of traffic.
    * Have a lawyer close by or on retainer with some nasty letters. If you’re doing local marketing in any way you’ll bound to run into clients who “just can’t pay for your web people this month”


  3. * Oh and no matter how rocksolid you think your contracts are review them constantly. Unexpected things always seem to pop up you didn’t think of.

  4. if you’re having problems with getting paid, you may want to think about do retainers.
    Make sure they money is there before doing work.

  5. I’d also like to hear more about your local marketing.
    Are you doing PPC, media buys, seo?


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