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Ad Hustler Speaks At Affiliate Summit West 2011

I’ve been a long time Affiliate Summit attendee.  When Shawn mentioned that I should speak at the last Affiliate Summit I kind of thought he was kidding.  To be honest, before he said that I never really thought about speaking at a conference.  Well, the time has come and I will be speaking alongside the lovely & intelligent Amanda Orson.  The name of the session is “Local Lead Gen: Heaven & Hell” and will be on Sunday of Affiliate Summit West 2010.  I’ve been writing about local online advertising for quite some time now so if you have any questions about my local online advertising series, bring them and i’ll do my best to answer any of your questions.  I hope to see some of this blogs long time followers there.

In anticipation of this speaking gig I will be doing some more local online advertising/lead gen posts leading up to the event.

For those of you who have made it this far, Affiliate Summit has provided some passes for to give away.  I will give away 1 gold pass this week.  To enter simply leave a comment on this post.  Friday 12/10/2010 I will put the names of everyone who left a comment in a bowl and draw a random winner of the pass.

Good Luck and start commenting.

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  1. Dan Dan

    Congrats on the gig. Looking forward to your local lead gen posts.

  2. lol at being “lovely and intelligent”. Clearly you’ve never been subjected to one of my Sunday tirades about Donovan McNabb and the Redskins.

    I’m looking forward to this panel and, specifically, getting more people talking about the local lead gen space. It amazes me how many more people are involved in it through one iteration or another who aren’t talking about it.

    Maybe because, relative to rebills, it’s the low-hanging fruit at the intersection of SEO and affiliate marketing?

  3. ImOnly19 ImOnly19

    Please record this in 1080p for the non attendees of the ASW since its a 21 year old age limit … same limit as a strip club, bar or night club lol

  4. Nice work. Looking forward to checking it out.

  5. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @imonly19 – the reason for the 21 year old age limit is because i will be doing the entire session with no pants on.

  6. @Ad Hustler uhm, can we talk about this before we go on stage?

  7. Local Lead Gen rocks! Behold the power of SEO / CL. I’m looking forward to sitting in on this one.

  8. Congrats Ad Hustler! I enjoy the blog and look forward to enjoying your presentation as well. Local leadgen is something i’ve tried myself and utterly failed. Setting proper client expectations is important, but picking the right local company that knows how to properly work the leads is critical…

  9. Hey Thanks for the chance for the free pass, my partner and I plan to focus alot of our efforts towards outsourcing LocalLeadGen to our clients.

  10. Compound Compound

    Congrats AH!

    Going to be very interested to hear strategies for dealing with competition from the daily deals sites.

  11. Will your speech be focusing on specific local niches (e.g.restaurants, dentists, etc) or just how to sign up any local client in general?

  12. Congrats Ad Hustler!! I’m really looking forward to check it out. 🙂

  13. Hey man, while your up on the podium, be sure to give a shout out to the metalheads of marketing. were’ out there!

  14. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Mont – It won’t be so much how to sign clients up as it will be info about local lead gen, some examples of successful campaigns & positives/negatives.

    @Wes – Metal for life 😉

  15. looking forward be a regular visitor to this blog… loved the language of communication.

  16. Thanks for the info and I am hoping to make it. I have been helping some local small businesses and could certainly use any info you share at Summit and in these pages…..THANKS!

  17. I’m sure your going to do great speaking. As you say it as it is and will bring some case study ammo for what you’ve actually achieved vs. smoke and mirror SEO & social media guru’s

    Put me down for a ticket.

  18. Jason Jason

    Congrats man. Local lead gen is not easy!

  19. Congrats! I’ll definitely try to catch your session at the show!

  20. Looking forward to hear more about local lead gen.
    <– RANDOM winner lol

  21. newjersey newjersey

    I look forward to this! glad i got the pass to attend the sunday sessions this time around.

    Kind of pissed the Wynn seems to be sold out.. trying to figure out where people are staying who are not at the Wynn. I’m thinking paris or caesars.

  22. @NewJersey – Treasure Island seems to be the overflow hotel.

  23. JG JG

    Congrats! Speaking is fun. Aff Summit watch out…

  24. I’m so glad you’re going to speak! You have so much to share and are so articulate! If the stars align and I can make ASW11 – then I’ll be right there in the front row!

  25. I’ve enjoyed reading your site. I came across it when Dina Riccobono had posted that she was a guest writer some time back. I think the local opportunities still have room to be capitalized on and any insight should be helpful in developing the strategies to accomplish it.


  26. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler


    NewJersey wins the Affiliate Summit Gold Pass giveaway. Email me at brandon at this domain to get your ticket.

    Just to show it was fair, I recorded the drawing:

    More ticket giveaways are coming so stay tuned.

  27. Elmer Elmer

    Congrats!! It will be a nice experience as a speaker!

  28. gbmack gbmack

    Good stuff.

    Local lead gen advertising = low competition and high $$$.

  29. Congrats on the speaking dealio man! (dont enter me in the drawing, I already have my blogger pass.)

  30. Amanda Amanda

    Sweet! Glad to hear you are speaking and even better about the free tickets. Are you going to be at Affiliate Summit West too?

  31. Looking forward to seeing you speak. I spoke last year and it’s always good fun.

    BTW, it’s ASW 2011 and not 2010, another year gone by in the blink of an eye.

    Local lead gen is where it is at, Hustler FTW!!

  32. @Jim Banks – Good call on the year, lemme change that

  33. Human Human

    I have no way of getting to this sumit. I live in Canada. Even if I did get there, I have no money for a place to stay.

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