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A Little Prosper202 Hack

One thing that bugs the heck out of me about Prosper202 is that it never got a really good offer rotator.  One thing that happens to me when I start new campaigns is I tend start a new “affiliate campaign” under an “affiliate network” with the intention of running that campaign with that affiliate network.  After some split testing I find that another affiliate network is getting much better epcs so I run the campaign at the new network.  The problem is that I forget about it for a while and then when something happens with the campaign and I need to make some link changes, I can’t find the campaign anymore in my prosper202 setup.

One way to solve this issue is to tweak the way you use Prosper202.  For instance rather then creating an “affiliate network” you can create a “campaign type instead” and then put campaigns underneath it to stay better organized and not tie campaigns to affiliate networks.  Here is an example:

Rather than having an affiliate network name as the top level of that campaign, you have a campaign type.

I just find this helps me stay better organized.

Do you do this or have any other hacks for Prosper202 that you use?  Let’s discuss in the comments.

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  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one forgetting about the rotating campaigns.

    I’ve come up with a pretty similar solution/hack. Here’s how I do it;

    I have all my affiliate networks setup as usual, but I have an extra network setup named: Rotate. I test all of my rotating campaigns under Rotate, and move them to the appropriate network after I’m done A/B testing.

    So, if there’s anything under Rotate, it means I need to analyze and make a decision on the rotating offers.

    Great tip, I’m sure it will be extremely helpful to beginners.

  2. Good suggestion.

    I was having something coded up like another section in prosper called rotators.

    It would allow you to choose what networks, then which offer to include in each rotator. Then when you create a link, where it lets you choose Direct Linking or LP, it adds another radio button for Rotators.

    The same thing could be applied to LPs, in theory. It would be editable like any other offer in campaign setup.

    Hell, if anyone wants to code this up, let me know. My coder crapped out on me.

  3. RogerRabbit RogerRabbit

    This is a pretty good idea when I’m running offers in ygr same vertical across different networks. Just put the niche name as the network and the network name and offer title as the offer. its simple and effective. I like it

  4. I’m always a little hesitant to do any code changes in prosper…never know what they will change in the updates and I’m usually too lazy to look to see if it effects what I’ve done.

  5. Ad Hustler Ad Hustler

    @Splinter – This isn’t a code change

  6. Oh yah dude I got that. Was replyin more to Justin than specifically your post. I’ve done some code changes and the last update screwed it up so I had to play with it awhile to fix it.

  7. Excellent idea. I do the same thing. then I have leads from a network but actually it’s the other one. pfft.

  8. yeah that happens to me all the time too when I am constantly split testing different networks or related offers. I usually remember which one it is and sometimes now when changing links I will just edit the network and campaign name to match the new one I am trying.

  9. This is one that thing that annoyed me too. I would sometimes end up just creating the setup all over again for the campaign when I couldn’t remember what went where. I finally started doing something similar to what you mention here, that is – naming the “networks” as niches or as tests.

  10. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one forgetting about the stupid rotating campaigns.

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