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9% Unemployment For a Reason

I posted an ad for a job we are hiring for which said “To apply please send an email explaining why you would be good for the job + your resume”

Applicant: hi, I am intersting in applying for this ad how can I go about it

Me: Sorry, we are looking for people who can read directions. You wouldn’t be a good fit.

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  1. Directions are overrated AdHustler! You should be proud of that dumbass for being able to operate Outlook Express, what more do you want?

    Couldn’t you just right them off as charity work on your taxes? Feel sorry for you and good luck on find someone.

    ~ Felony

  2. We have 9% unemployment because people are brainwashed that we are all worth $100k. I meet people all the time who are miserably because they were a receptionist making $80,000 a year 7 years ago and can’t find a job now paying over $30k and think the economy is to blame…

    The unemployment benefits are an absolute joke right now. Why work?

  3. Well said! The most simple & critical tip I give those looking for a job is to keep front of mind that it’s not “about you” it’s about the “prospective employer.” Remember that and you’ll be ahead of almost all of the applicants.

  4. Lol, had the same experiences this last week. It was for a sales agent position, talked a huge game, gonna blow it up, blah blah blah. Then, completely missed the very first day of training, excuse-list a mile long. No pity for fools.

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